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"Twilight" Writer Gets A Comic Book

Writer Stephanie Meyer is getting a comic book about herself...


The consensus amongst many comic book fans during the San Diego Comic Convention was that author Stephanie Meyers' "Twilight" movie "ruined" comic con. Is "ruined" too harsh a term? Comic Con is, after all, first and foremost a well oiled money making machine, and ever since the premier of the hit television series "LOST" Comic Con has slowly become more about pop-culture, and less about comic books themselves. So it should be of no surprise to anyone that when "Twilight" hit Comic Con, it was a huge success as far as fans of the film were concerned; but concurrently left a bad taste in the mouths of most comic book fans. If you were among some of the people that would have rather not seen Stephanie Meyers' venture into comic books, then maybe you should stop reading this article.
Blue Water Comics has as of late released a somewhat popularized comic book series entitled "Female Force," which has highlighted popular women in pop culture and told the story of their rise to fame through a biographical perspective. Many of which include Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, and Sarah Palin. It seems they will be adding the author of Twilight, Stephanie Meyer, to their successful series. The book will be a one shot, highlighting Ms. Meyer's subsequent rise to popularity and success and will be written by Ryan Burton with art work by Dave Macneil. The upcoming comic will be published in a 22 page format as well as a double sized collector's edition, and will be narrated by a "a very recognizable and iconic vampire;" somehow I don't think it's going to be Count Chocula
So now that we have concluded that the author is officially branching out into comics; first with a Manga series and now with her own biographical story told in pictures; we will be seeing plenty more of Ms. Meyers on Comic Vine. Did "Twilight" really 'ruin' Comic Con? I don't think so. Comic Con was already about pop culture long before "Twilight" sunk it's teeth in. Was it obnoxious to see "Twilight" fans running around the convention floor screaming about Robert Pattinson at SDCC? I'm sure that for some people it was an aggravating experience; but hey, maybe it was a good way to get more girls to Comic Con, right?
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Great, she's doing a manga?
gag. romantic vampire mangas...
...also don't care for Blue Water productions...

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@RaptorFratBoy:  Well in my opinion it really is a sad thing when geeks have to bash other geeks for what they like. Once upon a time in a mystical realm known now as the 80s- we were all grouped into one big loserish ball. If you geeked about one fictional property, you were just as bad as the rest of the damn nerds and you got swirlied or wedgied accordingly. Now it seems like so many people have found an identity in being a geek of comics or movies or games that they end up forgetting who they were when they first stumbled on to the damn things. And after a while it becomes more about ranting and more or less discriminating or sizing up someone else based on their tastes, than it is just having fun with the godforsaken crap.
Now dont get me wrong, I really dont like Twilight. But Comic Con is a place of fun and of hype. They've embraced the TV/Movie world and so they're bombarding comic conventions  just like comics are bombarding movie theaters.
Posted by RaptorFratBoy
@Jamiracles: Hey, you have a good point...but at the same time, this is the modern age of geek, where you're more-or-less REQUIRED to piss and moan about things you don't like, while simultaneously supporting the medium. Trust me, I've been reading comics for close to 30 years...I know how it works. But the purpose of message boards like this is discussion, and there wouldn't be a whole lot of meat to them if everything was "Hey! We're all geeks! Can't we just pat each other on the back and stand united against the oppressors? Can't we just love anything and everything that some people may-or-may-not consider a geek thing, so we're not all fighting amongst ourselves?"
A perfect world, maybe yes. Now, though? C'mon...we all have the freedom to piss and moan, and to celebrate as well. The "Twilight" fans are saying whatever the hell THEY damn well please, are we supposed to kick back and allow their vampire glitter-party without ridicule? Please. They parade it out in public, they can take a good ribbin'. It's a silly fantasy book, not a Civl Rights movement. RELAX.
Posted by Jamiracles

Oh well its not a big deal to me. I know what I like. And I dont really feel compelled and especially not required to do anything that isn't eat, drink, sleep and the unspeakables in between. But the fact of the matter is is that people jaw on about Twilight being this terribly written work when its obviously catering to an audience that other media properties may have looked over or not capitalized on yet- so its an exciting thing to me that some people love something as much as I love something and sad when people spend a lot of their time and energy to denounce something someone else likes. Its actually just that simple. I'm not bored enough to be mad, I just think there are better ways to spend your time than beating a dead horse.

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I had never even heard of the book series prior to the movie trailers that were shown on TV. Watching the trailers. I honestly thought they were promos for the next WB(CW now) Tween drama.
Never saw it. Never will. Though, I'm hardly their target audience. I did hear that Kevin Smith was asked about Twilight and had a rather profound response.
I liked Underworld, Blade, and to a lesser degree Interview.
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Twilight, to me, makes more sense as some sappy anime TV show (more than likely a hentai series) then am live action movie or book. Every time I see a commercial for it I want to slit my wrists.

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 Stephanie Meyer is kind of hot. I mean I don't like her work at all but she's alright on the eyes.

Posted by Vindellavon
@Akwa said:
"I would say that this is conclusive proof that God hates us all. "

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Let's see -    Lost, Heroes, 24, Iron Man - and just about every other breaking movie due out, like, say Transformers  - and Star Wars has always had a heavy presence at every comic convention. If you don't like Twilight or Stephanie Meyer, fine - I get that. (Wait for it, here it comes) But...My wife has been into vampires since the beginning of forever. Lost Boys, Interview With A Vampire (movie, not the books), Blade (the original movie, not the sequels or the comic) Underworld. She didn't like Van Helsing. But Stoker's Dracula and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen are a couple favorites. She's become a "geek" over Twilight. She's found other vampire/fantasy series and she gets me "geeking" out over Blackest Night and comics. So far, I haven't really seen a downside...   
Posted by RaptorFratBoy
@AirDave817: That's awesome. You're in a unique position, though, so you've found a partner that enhances your own Geekism, which is also something to share between each other. 
HOWEVER...those of us WITHOUT a girlfriend/wife/whatever that's into such things, "Twilight" remains an unwanted piece of garbage that further gives strength to the "It's OK for vampires to cry" movement. Eff that, man. If only glitter burned the skin of the undead...
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still haven't seen twilight
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Well, between Werewolves and Vampires warring in America, to a gay kid on a broomstick, to schoolgirls being raped by giant gay octopi, I'm still waiting for that big Captain Crunch movie. 
Robin Williams IS Captain Crunch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8O 

Posted by TheSavageAssasin