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Toy Fair 2014: DC Collectibles - Statues, Batman: The Animated Series, Li'l Gotham and More

Get ready to see what DC is planning to release.

DC Collectibles had a lot to show in a small space. Everything was so incredibly cool but as you would see each one, you'd let out a little groan thinking about how much you'll be spending.

Batman: The Animated Series

They only had these two figures on display and they are just prototypes. The figures are bigger than the original line, which is pretty cool. There will be figures based on both series. These are due in November and there will also be some from The New Batman Adventures from 1997. These figures will include Mr. Freeze and Two-Face.

Batman: Li'l Gotham

Due in September.

Son of Batman

6" figures due in November. Retail of $19.95. Deathstroke wasn't shown.

Designer Series - Greg Capullo

There's a line of figures based off of Greg Capullo's art.

Check out the Thrasher Suit Batman. Guess how many points of articulation he has. Even his fingers can move. He comes with 52 points of articulation. They're due in October. They'll cost $24.95. The Batman will retail for $49.95.

New 52

More New 52 and Super-Villains are coming. They're coming in September for $24.95.

Justice League: War

These 6" figures are due in May and will cost $19.95. There will also be a Cyborg figure that wasn't shown.

Infinite Crisis - 1:9 Figures

These figures are around 8". They're based on the video game and will cost you $39.95. Atomic Green Lantern and Pajama Harley Quinn are due in August. In October, there will be a Mecha Wonder Woman (not shown) and Renaissance Batman. In December, there'll be an Atomic Poison Ivy and Atomic Wonder Woman (not shown).

Arkham City Clayface

This is HUGE. It's coming in July and will cost $99.95. There's also an inter-changeable head.

Arrow Two-Pack

Plush Deadman

Wood Figures

Figures made out of actual wood? These are about 4" and will cost about $19.95. They come with interchangeable parts and are due in September.


Other Items

Start saving up. There's a lot here you'll want to buy.

Posted by dagmar_merrill

Plush Deadman and Lil gotham Batman are mine.

Posted by Samuel_Simmons

That utility belt.

Posted by Dr_Harlequin

How come Lil' Harley doesn't have any eyes?

Edited by TheMantisShrimp

The Superman TAS statue is really cool, I've been waiting for a supes statue to catch my eye.

Posted by ColaNicole

I thought Bizzaro and the CS arrived between this month and April?

Posted by RulerOfThisUniverse

I want them all!!!

(except the Neal Adams zombie Batman B&W statue, that story was boring, confusing, and a failed attempt to be philosophical all at the same time, if I remember correctly)

Posted by lifeboy

That 'atomic poison ivy' is a work of art.

Posted by LyraFay

Plush Deadman (never thought I would write that) but they are cute! I still need to get the Hush Batman/Catwomam kiss figurine though!

Posted by MartianManhunterIsBetterThanCyborg

I'm getting that Deadman plushie (wish it was smiling though).

Posted by AlwaysTheBigSpoon

Batman: The Animated Series line. I had loads of the toys/action figures but never The New Batman Adventures.

Even though those are prototypes, I'm pretty sure they are of higher quality and at a higher price range. Plus, that Batman figure has The New Batman Adventure design and the Catwoman figure is still the original design in Batman: The Animated Series. (I still like blonde Selina Kyle).

They are very stylized in Timm's design/art. I would love to have those!

Capullo's designs to life! I love his designs on The Riddler and Red Hood. Especially the Red Hood with his chin coming out under the helmet.

I'm definitely going to pre-order Bruce Timm's Black and White Harley Quinn when I'm able to. I've had my eye on it for forever!

Posted by Tombola237

The DC Bombshells line look fantastic.

Posted by DylanOfEarth2

the talon is a must buy for me

Posted by Ostyo

Phew, was worried they might not have much Batman stuff.

Posted by Mxyzptlk_CV

I want them all!!!

(except the Neal Adams zombie Batman B&W statue, that story was boring, confusing, and a failed attempt to be philosophical all at the same time, if I remember correctly)

I haven't read all the recent black and white issues...But I have read the one you mentioned...Why was it confusing??...I think it was a good story in the context of this series...

Posted by NICKXH

Want the Lil Gotham Batman, Batman Animated Series statue and the Thrasher Suit Batman.

Posted by mak13131313

The Greg Capullo line looks sweet! So much awesome stuff, I'm going to be so broke.

Posted by Ninjablade09

Can anyone tell if the Capullo Batman has batarangs in his left hand? It looks like it but I'm not positive.

Edited by VSG413

Ohhhhhh my pocket.

Posted by patrat18

Deadman's a must.

Posted by viin

Stuff looks pretty waiting on a Sorrentino Green Arrow statue..

Edited by G_Money_Christmas

I think the Justice League: War action figures, especially Superman are just horrible looking

Posted by ArturoCalaKayVee

Batman TAS is just beautiful. That utility belt…I would wear that every day. And the Thrasher Suit Batman + Talon are just needs.

Posted by Mandrewgora

The Capullo Batman figs are such a smart idea. I also really want those Li'l Gotham figs too.

Edited by Decept-O

Wow, all the DC statues are incredible.

Posted by ravisher

look like im gonna be working an extra day

Posted by Crimsonlord53

Garage catwoman. Awesome.

Posted by VoodooPenguin
Edited by The_Titan_Lord


Posted by Dud317

@rulerofthisuniverse: if you listen to Fatman on Batman, Neal Adams has been on for 3 weeks now and the latest episode, out today, he talks about this. Basically when Batman becomes Zombie Batman it's because he can't help that particular person. All parts of that story are based off of real life helpless people. QFT from Neal Adams.

Posted by RulerOfThisUniverse

@dud317: Eh, I might try re-reading it with that knowledge to see if I get it, but it just remember really hating it the first time.

Posted by JakeN7

Greg Capullo's Talon, both of the New 52 Nightwings, Li'l Gotham Damian, and the Jae Lee Batman Black and White Statue are "gimme, gimme!" level wants for me.