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Top Cow Revises Pilot Season Line Up

So is this good news or bad news.  It's too bad that Aphrodite IX won't get a chance to enter the running.  But then, it could make choosing one easier.  I've been impressed with the Pilot Season issues so far.  I would assume this issue has already been completed...maybe.  Wonder when it'll get a chance to see the light?

Top Cow Productions announced today a change in their line up for the Pilot Season promotion. Pilot Season puts fans in control of Top Cow's 2008 publishing plans by allowing them to vote on which two pilot issues receive their own series.

Pilot Season now consists of five self-contained pilot issues starring Ripclaw, Cyblade, Velocity, The Necromancer, and The Angelus. Aphrodite IX, originally slated to be the final book in November, has been pulled from the line up by the publisher. The publisher has future plans for the property but stated it will not appear in this year's Pilot Season promotion. Fans can sign up at to receive regular updates and in December will be able to vote on their favorite Pilot Season property. The top two vote getters will receive their own series in 2008. Ripclaw Pilot Season #1 and Cyblade Pilot Season #1 are currently in stores.

"The decision to cancel Aphrodite IX Pilot Season was a tough one," explained Matt Hawkins, President of Top Cow, "The issue wasn't coming together in a way that would work for Pilot Season. We didn't want to risk delaying the voting process for Pilot Season or releasing a pilot issue we weren't completely happy with, so the responsible thing to do was to remove it from the promotion. Fans haven't seen the last of Aphrodite IX though."

Additional information regarding Pilot Season can be found at the official website - .

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