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Top Cow: Pilot Season 'Demonic #1'

Will you be picking up the first issue?

Will you be picking up the first issue?

Have you been keeping up with ' Top Cow: Pilot Season'? If you are then be sure to catch Robert Kirkman's latest book, Demonic #1 which is due to hit store shelves on December 16th, 2009! The book will consist of 32-pages of a story developed by both Kirkman and long time Image partner and Top Cow founder Marc Silvestri. Demonic #1 is illustrated by Soulfire and The Darkness artist Joe Benitez.

The story of Demonic #1 focuses on Scott Graves, who struggles with his inner demon  that occasionally manifests itself in Graves' every-day life- posing to be a pretty big problem. In order to satisfy his inner demon, Graves is forced to kill. If Graves wants to keep his wife and daughter alive, he must acquiesce to the demands of the demon.

Are you going to pick up your copy of Demonic #1 and vote for your favorite Top Cow: Pilot Season book? The two books with the highest number of votes will be published Top Cow series.
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Posted by rpaolasso

of course, anything from Kirkman should at least be checked out!
Posted by EisforExtinction

Kirkman? Sold!

Posted by chaos-soul

topcow? sold

Posted by Obsurity

Not too sure I'm reading his current Haunt (?) the character that kinda looks like a spiderman clone. It's not too good so far
Posted by dc-kid21

im there

Posted by Sparda

It's got Kirkman, so I'm sold.

Posted by 1eyejoker

HELL YEAH I'm picking this up! Kirkman's Walking Dead is brilliant and  Benitez is one of the best Darkness artists. This pilot season issue is the one I'm most looking forward to.
Posted by Clara Mass

Sold lol

Posted by pixelized

Sounds like the Hood's shtick.

Edited by crazed_h3ro

looks good i'll pick it up...i love image that much, plus i've learned to give pilots a shot you might like what you read   ^_^
Posted by SFX87

am sold  i love the name Demonic
Posted by Media_Master

Liking the theme so far.

Posted by WickedWays

Actually, the premise sounds kinda like Dexter. I'm sure it will be more over the top than Dexter, being a comic book and all...

Posted by dmh3000

Damn it, now I have to change the name of my comic and its main character. Oh well, I guess great minds think alike. Will probably take a look at this when it comes out. I liked Walking Dead and Invincible, so this should be good.    

Edited by Sinister Blood

After reading this i was both excited and disappointed.  This is once again a mix of shit, like haunt.  This is very similar to haunt, ghost rider, spawn, that type of thing with a little bit of death note.  Nothing is very original about it, but I'd still read it because it looks pretty sweet. Like, a guy possessed by a demon that has to kill people to satisfy the demon, a couple gory confrontations and the guy goes to back to work and gets promoted to the job of

So yeah, basically it makes me think about how haunt is a copy of shit, and this next issue better be good or I'm not buying anymore.