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Top Cow Announces First Ever Witchblade Annual

This has been long overdue.

I can't believe there's never been a Witchblade Annual.  I never really thought about it before.  Why shouldn't there be one.  Maybe with this, new readers will check it out and see what they've been missing for some time now.  You should definitely check it out.
Top Cow Productions, Inc. announced today that fan favorite Witchblade will get a long deserved, first-ever, annual issue in Witchblade Annual 2009, something diehard fans have been waiting for since the series debut in 1995

"I had a great time working with all the guys at Top Cow during Pilot Season, so when they asked me to pitch ideas for the Witchblade Annual, I jumped at the chance. I love what Ron Marz is doing with the book, so I tried to remain true to the tone he set," commented writer Jay Faerber.

This 40-page epic will include a supernatural detective story, featuring everyone's favorite Witchblade bearer, Sara Pezzini and her partner, Patrick Gleason. The talented Jay Faerber, writer of Noble Causes and Pilot Season: Urban Myths, delivers this first tale, alongside Top Cow's very own Eric Basaluda, the innovative artist behind Magdalena and Witchblade/Devi.

"I think Eric's one of the best guys working in the Top Cow stable and I was thrilled when I found out he was going to be illustrating this story," explained Faerber, "I think it really plays to his strengths, and Witchblade fans are going to love what he brings to the table."

Upcoming writers Joshua Cozine and Joe Henderson bring back fan favorite character Ian Nottingham in a second tale. Accompanied by Sheldon Mitchell, the artist of Freshmen: Summer Vacation Special, who puts pencil to paper to show what happens to cellmates who have the misfortune to be incarcerated with the dangerous Nottingham.

"Witchblade has been around for almost 15 years and we've never done an Annual," commented Filip Sablik, Publisher of Top Cow, "We had a great story from Jay Faerber and this seemed like the ideal way to present it. Add in some stunning artwork by Eric and it's sure to leave an impression with fans."

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Um, why was there no mentioning of Dani?

Quite saddening. 
Posted by King Saturn
Hmmm... sounds pretty good
Posted by pixelized

Could be

Why do they make annuals anyway??? I always thought they would be like, Year end review issues, but majority of the time it's a whole new story... so why not just call it Witchblade 125 or whatever?
Posted by G-Man

It's a way to bring in a bigger self contained story that could interrupt the flow of the regular series.  Also they can bring in other random creators that would make it feel like a filler issue if just thrown into the series.  And it would also interrupt Marz and Sejic's run.

Posted by pixelized

Oooh Sejic isn't drawing.... I may have to skip 

Posted by G-Man

Eric Basaluda, artist behind Magdalena and Witchblade/Devi for the main story and Sheldon Mitchell, the artist of Freshmen: Summer Vacation Special for the Ian story.

Of course you saw that since it was in the first post, right?

Posted by inferiorego

After 123 issues, we finally get an annual? The book has been out for a decade, hasn't it?

Posted by KillerZ

Yeah, soon they hit 15 year anniversary. Annual is a good idea, anything that has more witchblade in it is a good idea.

Posted by Qoheed

Definitely looking forward to Basaldua's art and Jay's debut.

Glad to see the series get the annual treatment. :)