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Tony Stark And Pepper Potts Share A Special Moment

Check out the latest promotional image for 'Iron Man 3.'

The latest Iron Man 3 promotional photograph doesn't highlight the action and the adventure that the film is guaranteed to bring audiences on May 3rd, 2013, but it instead focuses on the romance that has flourished between Pepper and Tony since the first Iron Man film.

What we want to know is, how much of this movie will focus on the romance between these two characters? If you believe the previously released trailer, it seems these two are going to have to deal with a whole heck of a lot in this next film. Are you looking forward to Iron Man 3?

Source: Marvel

Posted by Phaedrusgr

Of course, I'm looking forward to Iron Man 3!!!! Tony's in serious trouble!

Edited by GothamRed

Ah Gwenneth and an extra in an iron man suit...true love

Posted by Vortex13

@GothamRed: You don't know if it's an extra. Besides it would be called a stand in, not an extra lol.

Posted by CptPanda29

Still not digging the gold rush...

Posted by JonSmith

Then again, from what we've seen of the trailers, Tony Stark might not even be IN that suit. Perhaps she's trying to talk to him, and hasn't realized the armor is self aware yet.

Posted by c2thaj

Anyone else think Pepper was nude from the thumbnail?

Posted by GothamRed

@Vortex13: Well you took that joke behind the shed and shot didn't ya?

Posted by StMichalofWilson

@c2thaj said:

Anyone else think Pepper was nude from the thumbnail?


Posted by Mercy_

I really wanna see Pepper come into her own (moreso) as Rescue in this.

Edited by wr3h

As much as I like this pic I can't help but comparing it...

Posted by Vortex13

@GothamRed: It had foam around it's mouth, what else was I going to do?

Posted by GothamRed

@Vortex13: It was just eating whipped cream. :(

Posted by DH69

as long as they dont go overboard with the annoying back and forth they had in the 2nd i'll have no problem with this sequal...i just have to figure out how to blind myself to colors so i can tolerate that armor color scheme, Its been what 4 months since the trailer hit the web, and i still despise that gaudy looking suit

Posted by TheKnifeRose

Taking a darker, more serious turn will be a welcomed respite from what Iron Man 2 was. Far too many people quipping and laughing it up and Tony's poisoning/drinking wasn't taken seriously at all. A slightly darker Iron Man 1 is what I'm hoping for.

Edited by fica990

Oh man, I don't like this yellow Iron Man

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I think we are going to get a lot of these moments in Iron Man 3

Posted by dondave

@wr3h: how does that look remotely the same?

Edited by DH69

@dondave: a grim dark addition to a series thats had ups and downs with the main character wearing a god afwul new take on a classic suit with a blond chick wearing her hair in a ponytail whilst wearing a white overcoat...nope nothin similair at all...

update: forgot what a d-bag they made peter into in the reboot so add arrogent genius inventor'

Posted by X9

Oh, I love this couple

Posted by NICKXH

@wr3h said:

As much as I like this pic I can't help but comparing it...

Uh-Oh! :/

Posted by Smurfboy

I cannot wait to see the third movie!! I love the relationship between Pepper and Ironman. So awesome!

Posted by Miss_Garrick

@NICKXH said:

@wr3h said:

As much as I like this pic I can't help but comparing it...

Uh-Oh! :/

It's never good when you are reminded of Spider-Man.

Posted by lifeboy

Pepper looks good ironman looks like a fat turd

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Saw this on FB yesterday. Awesome ^_^

Posted by NICKXH

@Miss_Garrick: Nope. Never lol

Posted by kartron

Yep definitely looking forward to it. There was also a hint at the end of avengers movie about pepper n Tony ;)

Posted by Novemberx2

This one reason i think the Ironman movies are bad! She should marry Happy hogan first,

It makes ironman look like the sterotype hero that needs a damsel in distress

Posted by wr3h

@dondave said:

@wr3h: how does that look remotely the same?

I didn't.

I just said I couldn't help but compare.

There is a difference.

Posted by Pyrogram