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Thunderbolts #138 Early Review

G-Man wonders how long this current team can stay together.

What are your thoughts on the Thunderbolts.  I've always been fascinated by the concept.  They were the Dark Avengers before the Dark Avengers were formed.  What made them different is they actually started becoming heroes.  They ended up wanting to fight the good fight.  The other importance of the Thunderbolts is with Norman leading them during Secret Invasion, that position is what gave him access to 'winning' the Skrull war.  Currently there seems to be a divide among the team.  How long can this team survive?

The hardest part for me with this current team is the fact that I don't really care or like these guys.  When the current Ant-Man is my favorite member of a team, that's not a good sign.  I will admit I'm curious about Scourge Paladin has had some interesting moments in the past.  As for Ghost, Headsman and Mister X, I'm not too interested.  Although I guess I do want to see what Ghost's overall plan is.  
Jeff Parker does a great job jumping in and taking over the writing duties.  As I mentioned, if you read issue #137 and then 138 right away, you don't really feel a difference.  I can't put the blame on him over the fact that I'm not interested in some members of the team.  He does show some signs of delving into Scourge's character.  Miguel Sepulveda's art and Frank Martin's colors fit nicely.  In my opinion, it's not always easy drawing a battle scene in the jungle.  Often the art and color are too much and it comes across as too cartoony.  The battle is pretty sweet here.
The way I'm looking at this team is anyone is 'killable.'  Besides Ant-Man, I'd be okay with any of them getting killed if it was done well and made a good story.  I'm not usually a fan of killing for killing's sake.  In issue #139 we will see the beginning of the Thunderbolts vs the Agents of Atlas.  I'm sure people will dig that.  While I did like this issue, a small part of it just felt like a set up for the Agents of Atlas story.  Either way, it's worth getting.
Posted by King Quisling

Oh man, guess it's time to drop T-Bolts. The last arc was and Remenders Iron Fist & Power Man issue were fantastic but this team fails to compare to any former Thunderbolts team and I really don't care for the Agents of Atlas. Z-Listers vs. Z-Listers.....Who even cares? :P 

Posted by Mr. Dead Pool

Scourge looks like Jason with guns

Posted by Agent Buttons
I stopped reading Thunderbolts after issue 134. Lamest....ending....ever.
Edited by Archetype

Oh Zemo won't you come back and relcaim what was yours?
Tbolts should be like Marvel's version of Secret Six ...kinda.

Edited by DMC

My T-Bolts run started with issue #122 and ended last month.   
This book wasn't as vital to Dark Reign as I thought it would be, compared to Secret Invasion. After Songbirds return (^_^) and the Secret Warriors arc, there's nothing left to keep me hooked...........even the fate of the real Yelena Belova.  

Posted by PrinceIMC

I started getting this again when I saw the cover with Black Widow, Songbird, Fixer and Mach-IV (or is it V now?) They should be the Thunderbolts. They could maybe keep Ant-Man and Paladin but the others don't do anything for me. Imagine Fixer and Ant-Man working together though, and hilarity ensues.

Posted by G-Man

I do have to say that I want to know where Scourge is coming from.  Mostly due to my nostalgia from the original.  "Justice Is Served!"

Posted by rpaolasso

i'm begining to wonder if I'll ever see a negative review. . . . I want to like the Thunderbolts, but I just can't and this positive review makes me want to like them less now
Posted by PrinceIMC
@G-Man: I liked Nomad Scourge from the Thunderbolts with all the weapons stored in his gauntlets with Pym Particles. He killed Jolt, Zemo, Techno and Atlas.
Posted by G-Man
@PrinceIMC: That was pretty cool.  Unexpected, but cool.
Posted by chris thompson
Thanks for the review G-man.
Posted by HaloKing343
seems like a lot of people are dropping it
Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau

Nice review G. I just haven't been able to get into the Thunderbolts once they dropped all the original members. Radioactive Man, Moonstone, Songbird, and Swordsmen were badass. I cant wait for Zemo to eventually return (if he ever does). Scourge looks like a beast now a days.

Posted by Media_Master

Sounds good but the last arc sounded better.

Posted by G-Man
@Gambler: Hopefully after Dark Reign we'll see the return of some of those characters.  I agree it hasn't been the same.
Posted by victorvndoom

or we see a complete new team, seeing the avengers are to change aswell
all teams are changing i think
read somewhere of the paladin entering in T-Bolts or is he already there ?

Posted by Legacy_

I miss the Thunderbolts from the Initiative V_V 
Still keeping this book until the end of Dark Reign.  T-Bolts are my favorite team, never going to give up lol

Posted by Meteorite
Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau
@G-Man said:
" @Gambler: Hopefully after Dark Reign we'll see the return of some of those characters.  I agree it hasn't been the same. "
Is Dark Reign ever going to end? It doesn't feel like it.
Posted by G-Man
@Gambler: Let's hope that Siege puts an end to it or at least starts it down that road.
Posted by Argantyr

Wow, people are touchy aren't they, dropping the book for almost nonexistent reasons? Why? Would you like to see the old Cast of Thunderbolts as Thunderbolts for the next 50 years? I don't. I actually love the current team, I love the fact that Ghost is keeping the group together and so what if he's tugging the strings in the background - if he didn't, 137 would conform that the whole team would get killed off. I'm looking forward to the Thunderbolts Vs. Agents of Atlas story, and imo Ghost is just being written awesometastically.

Posted by MichaeltheFly

When are they gonna make  Agents of Atlas vs. JLA, or maybe  Agents of Atlas vs Black Lantern Corps.

Edited by The Sanguine Psychotic

I think that the reason that everyone on the team may be ' killable' is that they'll be wiped out and replaced by some of the members of the Dark Avengers when Dark Reign is over.  That would be okay in my opinion.  Heck, most of the DAs were TBs before dark reign anywho.
I am digging this run they've got going though.  Love the cover art.

Posted by InnerVenom123

Does anyone else think Scourge is basically Jason Vorhees if he knew how to use guns? :D
Posted by G-Man
@The Sanguine Psychotic: I've wondered from the beginning, how long can Dark Avengers last?  Once Dark Reign is over, I can't see them trying to still be "Avengers."
Posted by InnerVenom123
Here's what'll happen to each of them (hypothetically speaking anyways, all IMO) 
Gargan - Goes to a "Gentlemen's club" and stays there, after eating the previous manager. He gets all the hookers he wants... and all the free meals. Which are the hookers, by the way. (and then eventually gets dumped by the symbiote - which goes to Brock (Who for some reason lost Anti-Venom... what? A fan can dream!!))
Moonstone - Gets herpes. 
Bullseye - Slinks into the shadows and takes on time as a mercenary (Occasionally meeting up with Deadpool for fights, for fun) 
Daken - Goes back to making daddy angry (Or whatever it is he does) 
Ares - Beats the crap out of thousands of nameless thugs. 
Osborn - Holds a press conference as the Iron Patriot, takes off the helmet, and it has a goblin outfit underneath, then he flies out on a glider and kills as many press people as he can before being arrested and/or killed.
I think I forgot some of 'em... oh well.
Posted by victorvndoom

siege ends dark reign after that is doomwar

Posted by The Sanguine Psychotic
@G-Man said:
" @The Sanguine Psychotic: I've wondered from the beginning, how long can Dark Avengers last?  Once Dark Reign is over, I can't see them trying to still be "Avengers." "
I completely agree.  I guess we'll find out.  Maybe Doom or Loki has some use for them before/after/during Siege and Doom Wars.  That'd be neat-o.
Posted by victorvndoom

if the dark avengers arent killed yet