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Three Things That Should be in The Green Lantern Sequels

The movie might not have been perfect but what should happen in sequels to bring back the idea of what we'd want to see in a Green Lantern movie?

So what if the GREEN LANTERN movie has only been out for a weekend? You know you’re already thinking about what you’d like to see in those sequels whose development has been announced. Hey - - the movie ends with an epilogue that might as well have lower-third titles reading “To Be Continued…?” The seeds of possibility have been planted into all our imaginations, so let’s get them sprouting.

SPOILER WARNING: If you read this before seeing the movie and subsequently complain about getting spoiled, you absolutely deserve to be imprisoned in the tightest, most cramped Science Cell imaginable.

Here's some things we'd really like to see happen with Ryan Reynolds and his big screen Green Lantern buddies in future films to make the franchise shine as brightly as it should.

== TEASER ==


Well, obviously.

Sinestro may not have made his “heel turn” but, even before the aforementioned epilogue, he was but a small joint twitch away from putting the fearful ring on and marshaling a new Corps from the ranks of the GLC. Now that he’s already disagreed with the Guardians about how astral affairs should be handled, I’m sure he’ll get to thinking that he has even better ideas after only a couple instances of hearing those fear-mongering whispers that drove Hector Hammond so crazy.

The Fearsome Sinestro Corps

Instead of spending years as the solo yellow ringslinger, I’m sure Sinestro will assemble his own renegade corps by appealing to all the lanterns who share in his disagreement with the Guardians. Now that the ring’s forged, I wouldn’t expect the Weaponers of Qward to be involved in any of this. I wouldn’t expect Parallax to return, either, as the movie reveals a battery of fear (with a Parallax symbol) existed even before that one Gaurdian went rogue. A war between Corps is plenty to cover in a movie, so I honestly can’t picture there being much else to be stacked onto a second movie’s plot. Obviously, you aren’t going to see the big gun fear-instillers of the SINESTRO CORPS WAR like Hank Henshaw, Superboy Prime and the Anti-Monitor, but you could easily see bad guys like Arkillo, Lyssa Drak, Fatality and maybe even Mongul joining up.


The movie’s seemingly reconceived the Guardians as being the engineers of all the colors in the emotional spectrum. Considering how tight-lipped they are to even talk about Parallax when his threat's pressing, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were other power batteries lurking in the deepest bowels of Oa.

If there are plans to deal with more Corps, I doubt they’d be dealt with until a third movie, though I can easily picture a few teasing scenes in a second one that’d play like the Odin’s vault scenes in THOR. Perhaps the Sinestro Corps will only lose a key battle by the end of movie #2, but they’ll persist into a third movie where they’ll have to unite with the GLC to combat the Gaurdian’s other dirty secret: the Star Sapphires and the Red and Orange Lanterns. I wouldn’t expect something approaching the sheer of complexity of BLACKEST NIGHT, but I could still see third movie dealing with a streamlined War of Light that didn’t involve any entities or re-animated corpses.

Even if the Star Sapphires (or some equivalent) get involved, I don’t ever see Blake Lively putting on a pink, cut-off space suit to enable Carol Ferris join this outerspace oeuvre.


Now that Hector Hammond’s been taken care of, I don’t see any Earthbound villains popping up who don’t directly factor into the cosmology of the Emotional Spectrum. So, yeah, fans of Dr. Polaris, Sonar, Major Damage, Nero, Effigy, Tattooed Man or the Sportsmaster shouldn’t get their hopes up. Even though Alan Scott and John Stewart were reportedly in early drafts of this movie’s script, I also can't see any of Hal’s fellow human Lanterns ever showing up outside of maaaaaaybe a couple cute cameos on Earth. Hal’s relationship talk with Carol at the end makes it sound like he’ll spending most of his time off-planet from here on out, for one. Also, including any of those guys would be just be too complicated to fit into even two movies.

Though it wouldn’t work at all, my decade would be made if Sodam Yat showed up in these.

Alright, that’s my take. What’s yours?

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Posted by Grim

 im looking for Hal vs. Sinestro powered by Paralax, with the end result being Hal as the baddie and John getting a ring to neutralize him.
 Thats movies 2 and 3, but it involves John being introduced as an old friend in 2, and having a friend or frienemy role.

Posted by SoA

i also feel the sinestro corps war should happen . maybe sinestro can convince a few of his fellow green lanterns to join him or just flat out  be exiled and build his corps some other way . i also envision if they have a narration to bring you up to speed on whats been happening since the last movie , that way you actually can have stewart and guy join in even if its cameos or small parts (i just wanna see guy gardner lol) , also a opening narration can put you right in the action instead of having to build towards it .

Posted by Transmetal

I'd really want to see Sodam and Arisia...that would be awesome
Posted by GLCorps2814

Perhaps the chance for the other Lanterns to be allowed in on the films would come from the fact that Hal is off in space, and something could occur on earth that the Guardians see as reason to have more rings sent to earth. I for some reason feel as though they'd skip right past Guy Gardner, Ignore Kyle Rayner and ONLY allow John Stewart as another Green Lantern to add some diversity of character to the films. 

Posted by Golden Cod

Good points.   You're forgetting that the second movie will also have to setup the plot for its own sequel, which means we'll see hints of what's to come in movie #3.   Movie #3 most likely will not be Blackest Night.   That whole zombies-feeding-off-emotions thing will be way too bizarre for the big screen.   Blackest Night's preceding arc, The War of Light, is unlikely as well because it doesn't cement the Green Lanterns as the de facto space cops. 
Most likely, the third movie's villains will be the Guardians' other failure, the Manhunters.   Perhaps they will be reactivated by Sinestro as revenge for his defeat.

Posted by Kairan1979

Cut the time on Earth and concentrate on Green Lantern Corps. Give more screen time to Kilowog, Tomar-Re and the others (Sodam and Arisia, for example).

Posted by The Mighty Monarch

Even if we don't see Carol being Star Sapphire, I can see them using the original version of The Predator. That could work really well for this movie series. 
Or Atrocitus. 3 movies in would be a good time to see Hal start to uncover the darker secrets of the Guardians. We don't necessarily need the Manhunters, but having Hal dig into their secrets and uncover the truth about the massacre of Sector 666 would make for an interesting third movie.

Posted by cattlebattle

John Stewart FTW

Posted by They Killed Cap!
I think it would be cool to see Mogo and I would love to see Larfleeze
Posted by King Quisling

Good Article.... Although why no William Hand?

Posted by Krakatua

i think movie two should be about The Sinestro Corps war, and movie three about Blackest Night (not the whole deal, they should exclude any character who is not part of the GL mythology). That would do, at least in theory, a hell of a trilogy.

Posted by caesarsghost

I saw Sinestro Corps War as the 2nd movie, and if that happens.... PRAISE BE THE GAURDIANS! I love the Sinestro Corps War, one of my favorite arcs of all time! Oooh man, Mark Strong would be perfect in that film, give him a bigger role than he had in the first one, he deserves it.

Posted by Emperormeister734

The Three things I hope to see in the Sequel 
1. Definitely see Sinestro rockin that yellow ring and hopefully scouting for fear-bearers for his corps 
2. more recruits for the Lanterns especially Guy Gardner,John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, Arisia, I wanna see all the characters including Mogo
3. another hint of other Lantern corps at the end of the movie

Posted by Exile-616

Major Damage? Never heard of him.
Maybe you meant Major Force?

Posted by Batmarcus

I want one of these sequels to feature the Emerald Twilight story line but you would have to set up alot of people for that to work. (Mostly all the other Earth Lanterns).

Posted by brc2000

All I want there to be is actual proper character interactions.

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

somehting I would like to see in the sequel is Star Sapphire, the other corps, and some other green lanterns even if they just show up as a cameo

Posted by MrMazz

I want a freaking Sinestro Corp Movie either make it animated (which probably would be better if they give it a longer running time)

Edited by Jordanstine
Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Atrocitus and the Red Lanterns I would love to see, obviously...

Posted by leokearon
@Grim said:
 im looking for Hal vs. Sinestro powered by Paralax, with the end result being Hal as the baddie and John getting a ring to neutralize him.
 Thats movies 2 and 3, but it involves John being introduced as an old friend in 2, and having a friend or frienemy role.

Yes Mogo should be in the next movie
Posted by Doctor!!!!!

They need to have more colored lanterns and John Stewart.
Posted by nolelantern

I'd like to see Katma or Arisia show up. It would be nice to have a hot female GL get flirty with Hal, Carol get jealous, and then Carol becomes Star Sapphire. It would be cool to see a Sinestro Corp, with a bloody war with the GL Corp. I'd like to see a fight between Kilowog and Arkillo. I'd like to see the Guardians say, "Hey, this human guy Hal - he's an above average Lantern. Let's select three more humans." It would be neat to have a villain start collecting the spectrum entities. It would be neat to see Hal go Darph Vader. And I wouldn't mind seeing Itty again.          

Posted by The Stegman

i haven't seen the movie yet, so i don't know if the Manhunters were in it or not..but if not..BRING ON THE MANHUNTERS!!

Posted by goldenkey

I have a feeling it's going to be handled somewhat like Pirates of the Carribbean or Matrix.  The first movie is an introduction with and ending and second sequel will have an unfinished ending that leads into the third.  Fight Sinestro in the second, fight the S. Corp in the third.  You know Sinestro is going to be placed in the Anti-verse in the second one. 
Posted by Sydpart2

wait wait wait...Blake Lively is totally down for them to put her in a sapphire costume, she's been teasing about it for months man...

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

in my humble opinion Hal should deal with Star Sapphire and Sinestro in the second movie and then have the GLC face the Sinestro Corps in an epic finale
Posted by plutonium_239


In my opinion, three things should be done to give the Green Lantern sequels any chance of being a success,


1. Change the director to someone else.  
2. Have the sequels enemies be a single Sinestro and Carol Ferris as Star Sapphire (but she turns good in the end and helps Hal out with fighting Sinestro)

3. Make the third movie the Sinestro Corps war storyline. And possibly, introduce Guy Gardner (who I'd recommend Chris Pine from Star Trek to play).

Posted by JonesDeini

We only need to see one thing a good script...

Posted by blueninjapanther

I want to see kyle rayner or the blue lanterns.
Posted by The Mighty Monarch

I love how people want the movies to be exactly like the comics. *Rolls Eyes* 
They took the core elements of the Green Lantern mythos, and sewed something new and original from it. Why do you want to see a rehashing of the same stories you already know? Take bits and pieces of those old stories and make something new. Movies 2 and 3 should NOT be Sinestro Corps War and Blackest Night respectively. Don't shoehorn in the Antimatter Universe or the Blackest Night prophecy or the entire emotional spectrum. Star Sapphire and the original Predator could work. Atrocitus could work, but the Blue Lantern Corps, most of the Red Lantern Corps, and ESPECIALLY the Indigo Tribe could NOT fit into a movie, even if there's more than a trilogy. 
By all means, have Sinestro recruit a few more lanterns for his coup, but keep him as the only one with an actual Yellow Ring! That's why he would be a credible villain. Keep the focus in space, give more screen time to Kilowog and Tomar-Re, maybe a select few others and have them participate in the final battle with Sinestro's Squad. Put some emphasis on Hal's distance from Carol while he's in space. Set up Star Sapphire for the third movie. 
Have Star Sapphire in the third movie, maybe don't let Hal know it's Carol at first. Put in The Predator. Free Carol. 
THEN for a fourth OR instead for the third would be when Hal could start getting into the darker side of the corps. Bring in Atrocitus. He's just broken free from the Sciencells. Who is this mysterious baddie? What's that he's saying about the Guardians? Hal investigates. Hal uncovers the secrets of the Manhunters and the massacre of Sector 666. 3 or 4 movies in, now that Hal is in tune with the corps is the right time to have him gain doubts, not from the very beginning. 
ALTERNATIVELY Larfleeze could be used. Greedy being from the forbidden sectors storms across the universe to satiate his hunger. Although actually since he has an army of his constructs he could be the biggest of the movie villains yet, and potential for a 5th film if the others all go through. Or even just an alternative idea for the 3rd or 4th. The point is, Sinestro Corps is just too big for the second movie. Sinestro and a potential coup? That works. Even the Red Lantern Corps wouldn't be great for a movie. Atrocitus would be more credible mostly solo, especially if it worked out the way I suggested. But they should try to set him up on his own, try not to go too Red Lantern or else people will say it's too much like Sinestro, just another color to fight. The Predator works differently, and Larfleeze technically does too, so it works better. And out of all of those, Larfleeze would be the biggest threat. 
Finally, NO NO NO NO NO to Emerald Twilight. Yes, Emerald Twilight was epic and awesome. But this movie is trying to appeal to a mainstream audience to bring them in. Mainstream would not accept their big commendable superhero doing such a huge 180…. 
Scratch that, it MIGHT work. ONLY if Atrocitus AND Larfleeze get movies, because THEN Hal would have sufficient enough disgust for the Guardians for such a path to be even conceivable for him. That would be a good way to introduce a new lantern of Earth, probably Kyle. But A LOT of the story would have to be changed, but it MIGHT work.

Posted by The Mast

I'd go with a plot that doesn't reek and acting that doesn't suck. Those things are paramount for me.
-The Mast

Posted by TheMess1428

Have you guys seen what Blake Lively dresses herself in for her character in Gossip Girl? They're pretty close to how crazy the Star Sapphire costume looks. I could see it happening if they keep her.

Posted by Dracade102


Posted by Icon

Um, I think the movie has to make money before there can be a sequel.

Just because WB/DC said there were developing a sequel months ago doesn't mean that will continue unless they get their money back.

Posted by Mbecks14

Great article! The next GL movie will be awesome! They'll fix what didn't work and be able to amp up everything that did!

Posted by Bergquist

RED RING at the end of the 2nd 
make it a 3 hours moive  
and have a Batman getting a yellow ring cameo 
and make it like  year later after the first film and have ION 
and more lantern close ups and fight less earth crap

Posted by Emperormeister734
@bergquist: I like that idea
Posted by ntb1124

Already excited for a sequel that doesn't even exist yet, damn you comicvine!

Posted by mrtrickster
@JonesDeini said:
We only need to see one thing a good script...
Posted by Eyz

The movie was a bit convulted, too much in so little time. Trying to get all the GL mythos right away....
Which should at least clear the way for much better sequels!

I'm guessing the Sinestro Corps should be contained enough and perfectly epic for a 2nd installment.

Posted by Feliciano2040

Colored lanterns suck, enough of this Dragon Ball nonsense.

Posted by Grandmaster_Fro

Sinestro has to put on the yellow ring for the next Green Lantern movie to even exist

Posted by GothamRed

personally, I want evil star, but it's unlikely

Posted by RichyRich

I so want THOR's director for the next GL films, considering he left THOR