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'Thor' Movie Sequel To Begin Filming This Summer

Actor Tom Hiddleston reveals that production on the film will soon be underway.

Following director Patty Jenkins' departure from the Thor film sequel, the status of the film was a bit up in the air -- that is until director Alan Taylor (Game of Thrones) got on board. Yet, for a little while there some questioned whether production on the film would actually get off the ground. Earlier today we received some further reassurance that everything is alright when actor Tom Hiddleston revealed in an interview with EMPIRE that the sequel to Thor would begin shooting this Summer and that the film will indeed be directed by Alan Taylor.

...All I know about Thor 2 is that we're supposed to film it in London in the summer and that it's being directed by Alan Taylor.

Those who have been following Marvel movie news may already be aware that Hiddleston -- who plays Loki -- will also be appearing as a villain in Marvel's upcoming Avengers film. So, what does this have to do with the Thor movie sequel? If Loki will be appearing in the upcoming Avengers movie as an adversary, then it is likely that he will survive since, well, the Thor sequel is being filmed after the release of The Avengers. So will Loki survive The Avengers movie, or will the sequel to the Thor film be set following the events of the first film? After all -- spoiler! -- the ending of the first Thor film made it very difficult for anyone to leave Asgard. Could the 'Thor' movie sequel be set following the events of the first film, or will The Avengers movie explain how both Thor and Loki managed to get off of Asgard and return to Earth? Regardless of what happens it's clear that Hiddleston will continue to play with fire in the upcoming movie.

I don't want to spoil anything here. Loki's eternal predilection is to dance on the fault lines of villainy and redemption. I think whatever happens to him, he'll always keep people guessing.

After all, Loki simply wouldn't be Loki if he couldn't keep people guessing. What do you think of the news? Are you looking forward to the Thor sequel? Will you be catching Marvel's upcoming The Avengers in theaters on May 4th, 2012?

Source: EMPIRE

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Posted by cobra88king8

YES. Can't wait

Posted by BlackArmor

And so it begins....let the waiting game commence

Posted by moywar700

This seems plausible

Posted by cmaprice

Loki is pretty much the only thing that worked in the first film. Here's hoping they keep him fresh, and try to bring all of the other characters and story up to the same level.

Posted by papad1992

Would this continuity be before or after the Avengers movie!?

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Well I definitely look forward to the sequel one way or another. Hiddleston as Loki was one of the great strong-points of the movie, just as I hope he will be in the next!

Posted by feargalr

@papad1992: Could be before.... explain how Thor got back to earth maybe, though Im sure it will become apparent enough based on Thor's interaction with Loki in the Avengers

Posted by BatClaw89

I am loving the marvel movies continuity. Hulk, Iron-man, Thor and Captain America. All leading to The Avengers. I'm looking forward to the movies than the garbage their printing in the comics.

Posted by papad1992

@feargalr said:

@papad1992: Could be before.... explain how Thor got back to earth maybe, though Im sure it will become apparent enough based on Thor's interaction with Loki in the Avengers

Ooohh even maybe some foreshadowing in the Avengers movie for Thor 2 between Thor and Loki!!

Posted by DazzHardy

Loki was great in Thor, a movie that I didn't expect to enjoy nearly half as much as I did. As a result, more Loki can only be a good thing.

Posted by GamerGeek360

Thor's Coming.....

Posted by thorwhore


Posted by Uncanny_Doom

I'm kind of worried that they will exhaust Loki as a villain in The Avengers to a point where people will be tired of him in Thor 2. Regardless, I'm excited to see where this will go, especially with Alan Taylor directing.

Posted by Gambit1024

Looking forward to it. I liked the first one.

Posted by The Stegman

the first one was "meh" for me...just get rid of Jane Foster..she was so unnecessary... 
and can we PLEASE call Loki something other than the god of Mischief?? makes him sound like Dennis the about the god of chaos??

Posted by FoxxFireArt

I enjoyed the first THOR movie, but my only complaint is that the humans were just 'there'. They planed no real role in anything. They were just a bunch of people who just happened to get caught up in the crossfire of this bigger event.

Seems sort of odd how much they are using Loki. He was perfect for the first film, and I think it did an excellent job of crafting that brotherly relationship. Having his as the antagonist once more of the Avengers seems fine. Using him a third time feels like overkill. Not that Iron Man movies do too much better. Stark's always fighting Iron Man clones. Just the delivery is different.

Posted by goldenkey

Please not Loki again. This is the mistake the X-men movies keep having. there are more villains then them and they should be used.

Posted by sora_thekey

Loki as the villain for a third time... I think that's fine! I mean he's a god, he can't just stand idle as Thor triumphantly gets his way. I just hope Enchantress is introduced in the movie!

Posted by Pounder_McJones


Posted by Sideslash

Hmm...I am expecting another villain next time. I'll give this a shot.

Posted by Izaiah

Here's hoping Enchantress, Balder and Hela show up in this movie...

Posted by BritishMonkey


either way, we'll find out soon what will go on in avengers and thor 2

Posted by LubeMan

@The Stegman said:

the first one was "meh" for me...just get rid of Jane Foster..she was so unnecessary... and can we PLEASE call Loki something other than the god of Mischief?? makes him sound like Dennis the about the god of chaos??

He's always been known or referred to as the God of Mischief, even in the comics.

Posted by deskp

I usualy dont like using the same villain over and over in movie but this Loki is really cool in my opinion.

Posted by Decept-O

I enjoyed the Thor movie but I don't think a sequel is necessary if The Avengers movie is getting made. Still I am not complaining about another Thor movie. Yet one thing, Loki as the villain again is a bit old already but he is part of Thor's canon so it stands to reason. I just wonder if movie goers will get tired of Loki if he is to be the main villain ( supposedly ) of the Avengers movie? Would love to have more villains than just Loki pop up for either The Avengers or Thor sequel, but that is just me.

Posted by kartron

Definitely looking forward. I was a little disappointed with the first. Hope the second will make it up!

Posted by Eyz

Great news everyone!

Posted by Larkin1388

Can't wait for the sequel.

Posted by kadosho_16bit

I actually loved Thor, the dynamics, characters, and a spin on his origin. But Loki definitely stood out all on his own, plus making him a head villain versus the Avengers. Oh this will be good... (and a sequel = more fun!) Whatever format they make the Thor sequel, whether its part 2, or the aftermath of the Avengers. It will be a great ride

Posted by The Impersonator

@GamerGeek360 said:

Thor's Coming.....

Loki's Coming.....too. =P

Posted by Dernman

I hope there is a better fully powered Thor fight scene because Thor vs Destroyer was bad. Loki should be a side character not main antagonist.

Posted by girl_from_the_future

The Rainbow Bridge has been shattered more often than Spider-Man continuity. 'Hard to reach Earth' is pretty much meaningless, like Ragnarok it is a weekly occurrence in the Nine Realms.

And, please, no more Loki. Give Thor an enemy he can punch in the face a lot.

Why do superhero movies skimp on the grand-scale fights? An average of 1/3rd to 1/2 of every issue of every Marvel/DC is big knock-ups and brawls, why do we have to witness a few 45 second CG battles in dark lighting and call it good? Come on, Hollytard.

Posted by TheWitchingHour

I'm calling it right now, Loki is gonna be a good guy in Thor 2. And it's going to be amazing.

Posted by WildStyle

Can't wait.

Hope The Enchantress or Skurge The Executioner makes the film.

Posted by SpidermanWins

Enchantress needs to be in this

Posted by krilling

Liked the first one. Would be nice if the Wrecking Crew would take place.

Posted by Ferro Vida

Anyone else think that poster looks like a cover for TIME magazine?

Posted by Assassin_Elektra

Looking forward to it, enjoyed the first Thor movie (Aside from Natalie Portman being a part of it). It would be interesting to see what the sequel will have in store.

The Wrecking Crew would be good to see in the film. Although I disagree with everybody's desire for Enchantress to be in the film, I think Emma Frost was enough in the X-Men: First Class movie for onscreen villain trash to last a few years.

I personally would rather see a quality story of warriors and battles in the next Thor movie.

Posted by TheMess1428

I thought Loki fell to Earth at the end of THOR and then impersonated that doctor guy to talk about the Cosmic Cube with Nick Fury.

Posted by atdt

superb .... waiting

Posted by fodigg

In the first film he seemed more like the god of racism.