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Thor Gets A Second Monthly Title

Are you ready for the Mighty Avenger?

Character studies straight from Valhalla.

Wow… when it’s looking like every major Marvel character is getting more than one title, you know times are good.   Seriously, Wolverine, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America and, now… Thor? That’s right, Roger Langridge and Chris Samnee are behind THOR: THE MIGHTY AVENGER, a new series starting in July.  

The description of the series sounds a bit like the Kurt Busiek/ Pat Olliffe UNTOLD TALES OF SPIDER-MAN series from the 90s, but with less of a hard continuity framework. The premise of this series is to show Thor’s early years as a superhero in modern day New York. Langridge says that, in addition to ol’ goldilocks’ usual cadre of gods, demons and giants, the series will also see him running around with the original Avengers line-up (why, the preview art on Marvel’s site shows sketches of Iron Man in his golden Mark II suit). Also, nurse Jane Foster will, once again, be the center of Thor’s life.

Given the timing of this, I’m sure that THE MIGHTY AVENGER’s inception is meant to coincidence with the fun and sun that HEROIC AGE is intended to embody (Langridge even says as much). I think it’s also meant to provide a more accessible monthly comic to any new fans won over by the movie next year; something more reflective of his situation on film without necessarily going Ultimate (so to speak). It’s interesting to note the parallels this sub-titling has to the CAPTAIN AMERICA movie’s “FIRST AVENGER” tagline; that is, to clearly brand this as a title directly associated with the Avengers.

Anyway… enough of my stabs in the dark, my fumbling in the mist, oh sure-seeing Comic Vine community. What do you think of this new title?

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Posted by Man of Lengend

might be cool am still prob just going to get and be reading the regular series
Posted by Erik

Hell yes!

Posted by bingbangboom

I think it is weird that now every major character "needs" two books, with typically one being the main book and the other never matching the quality. I really don't understand it unless they figure that people that like Thor will pick up a whole other series? It is said this is supposed to be more friendly to younger audiences but really... wouldn't it make sense to just make a Thor Marvel Adventures book?

Edited by ArtisticNeedham

It was bound to happen.  Not that its a bad thing at all.  But when Spider-Man 1 came out in theaters there were tons of Spider-Man books out, and most had Norman as the bad guy.  When X-Men came out same thing, when Octavius was the bad guy in SpiderMan2 he was in the comics.  When Venom was in the movie Peter put back on the black costume.  The comics try to promote the movie, and since Thor is on its way out he will be a bigger player in the Marvel universe.
Still, not a bad thing.  Especially if you like Thor.
Love the character studies posted above.

Posted by Red L.A.M.P.

Makes sense.  It's all in preparation for the movies.  Synergy!

Posted by skaarason

i just started reading the new thor series , but please no tiger stripe boots !!!!

Posted by xerox_kitty

What LAMP said.  It's the same tactic they've had with Iron Man & Black Widow for the last 6 months ;p    
Posted by d0npierre

Brick, brick, I smell a gimm...

Posted by FoxxFireArt
@Red L.A.M.P.: 
I agree that this might be a good move since they are working on the movie. This just feels like it will only really appeal to the more hardcore Thor fans who might want to "fill in the blanks" they may have.
I would think that it would probably be better to try and make some sort of animation to cover the origin and past. A sort of Thor Primer.  While production could be a lot longer then making a comic. I would think you would also get better exposure for the property. That would get fans and the more curious alike. I feel like by going with the comic version. They are taking the "cheaper" way out. 

Iron Man and Captain America already have a much more easy to grasp concept for the wider audience. In many ways the plight we see Wonder Woman suffer is similar with Thor. You switch their last chromosome and the stories aren't too dissimilar. Just Wonder Woman deals with ancient Greek culture. Thor deals with Norse mythology.
Posted by ceniza

Is it a retelling? Thor's early years and origin story needs no retelling, i think his early stories are timeless and there's plenty of new stuff for him to do. I mean, right NOW i wouldn't have a clue, but if we sit down we can come up with 3 or 4 monthly tor titles, in continuity. 

I agree that a animation might be a best idea, i even think there are two coming our way, i could be wrong by a margin of one. se there may be one, or even three...

Anyway i'm probably gonna get it, you know "Go thunder!"


Posted by Dro
@bingbangboom:  "younger audiences" doesn't have to mean little kids. Teenagers are younger than adults as well. I figure they gotta play to each age group, rather than just having comics for older men and women and comics for little kids, or even just comics for kids.
Posted by bingbangboom
@Dro: The Marvel Adventures line up is not just geared toward "little kids", they are actually very well made comics, very classic story telling and that sort of thing. I recommend picking up some of the digest for some nice reads. With the new Thor movie coming out, it would just make more sense to have a Thor Marvel Adventures title vs. two Thor titles. If someone is new, they are going to pick up Thor... not this new book. Also I have always found that teenagers tend to like and want to read stuff that is more mature. I mean I have read Thor and I never found anything in there too mature, it isn't a MAX title.