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Thor, Chun Li and...MODOK Fight Their Way to a Store Near You

Now you can continue to play out your Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 matches anywhere you'd like.

If you've walked down the toy aisle lately, you've probably seen the Minimates figures from Diamond Select Toys. We recently did a photoshoot with the X-Men First Class set. There's something about the Minimates figures that make you want to play with them and position to create different scenarios. If you're a Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 fan (who isn't?) then you should also be aware of the Minimates based off the video game.

The first wave is in stores now with exclusive fiures at both Toys "R" Us and comic shops/specialty stores. Wave 2 is set to arrive next month. If that wasn't enough, you can now get ready to pre-order Wave 3!

== TEASER ==

Who can we look forward to?

- Captain America vs. Ryu (modern)

- Doctor Doom vs. Wesker

- She-Hulk vs. Chun Li (specialty exclusive)

- X-23 vs. Felicia (specialty exclusive)

Toys "R" Us will also carry two of those packs, but they'll also get two sets all to themselves, made up of two gods and two monsters:

- Captain America vs. Ryu

- Doctor Doom vs. Wesker

- Thor vs. Amaterasu (TRU exclusive)

- MODOK vs. Akuma (TRU exclusive)

Oh, I'm really going to need to find that MODOK set.

Each figure stands 2 inches tall and comes with interchangeable parts and weapons. Collect them all!

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Posted by The Impersonator

Cool-looking minimates!

Posted by Gambit1024

I want MODOK lol

Posted by Despair
HEY!!! They stole Icarusflies's idea!!! Those copyists!!!
Posted by G-Man

@Despair : Minimates started in 2002.



Posted by Queso6p4

I like Akuma a lot.

Posted by RainEffect

Mental Organism Designed Only for Trolling.

Posted by fabe1089

I like the Modok one.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Wesker looks awesome as well as Doom

Posted by Deadcool

AHHAHAHAH, I like Ryu's face

Posted by jeanroygrant

@Deadcool said:

AHHAHAHAH, I like Ryu's face

lol me too

Posted by TheMess1428

I want Amaterasu!

Posted by Artificity


The hours of fun I'll have with me having him scream out CHRIIIIIIISSSSS in that hilariously nasal voice of his will be worth every cent.

Posted by Eyz


I kinda like those minimates! I don't think I'll ever buy one of those... but I dig their look!

Posted by Outside_85

Went looking for the Lego name when i saw those.