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This Week's Essential Comics: 11/21/2012

There's a lot of comics coming out this week. Here's some of our top picks.

Each week we take a look at the huge list of comics that are coming out and try to narrow it down to some of books we have a pretty good idea will be worth your money. We used to select ten comics but have been trying to narrow it down to five or so. We're not trying to tell you what to buy, just pointing out what we feel will be really great so you won't overlook them when you visit your local comic shop.

We’re also going to provide preview pages for each title (when available) to give you an idea how the book reads and looks. You can click each image to enlarge.


This is the big one. Dan Slott has made it clear that something big is going to happen here. He's also made it clear that he will forever shun anyone that spoils what happens here (as some were able to read this last week).

We know the end of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN is coming but what could that have to do with Doc Ock and events going as far back as issue 600?

This is going to be an issue everyone will be talking about.

No preview available.

== TEASER ==


What's on THE TAPE? You'll have to read this week's HAWKEYE #4 to find out.

According to the solicit, we won't believe what's on there. It's pretty important that Hawkeye gets this tape otherwise he's going to become the most wanted man in the world...and not in a good way.

Sadly, David Aja will not be doing the interiors on this issue but Javier Pulido will be jumping on this one. You can check out a super brief preview over at CBR.


Judge Dredd is coming to the U.S. courtesy of IDW Publishing and writer Duane Swierczynski.

It might sound crazy, the idea of JUDGE DREDD put out by an American publishing company may seem unnecessary and an insult to the original source material but having read the first story, it's looking good. Even though 2000 A.D. is available in the United States, weekly anthologies can be a tougher sell to US readers. Having it available in this format could be what some readers and those that watched and enjoyed Dredd 3D want.

Just be warned there are a lot of variant covers for this issue. You can check out an exclusive preview over at CBR.


It's part two of "The Secret of the Cheetah."

Last issue we saw some great characterization as we're finally seeing the team come together. We're starting to see the team actually want to be there for each other and not just during the big major attacks against the world.

We also had some more on the famous 'kiss' between Superman and Wonder Woman. To make it worse, Superman has been infected by Cheetah and it's now up to the entire team to stop him and try to save him as well. Tony Daniel continues his guest stint on art AND we also get more on Shazam!

Marvel NOW! Titles

This week we have three new #1s...sort of. CAPTAIN AMERICA and INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK debut but we're also seeing Sif's first issue in JOUNEY INTO MYSTERY #646.

Along with those issues, we're also getting the second issues for DEADPOOL and IRON MAN. They've all been good jumping on points. If you haven't yet, you might want to check them out.

You can find reviews for CAPTAIN AMERICA, INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK and JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY on the reviews page.


If you've been reading MIND THE GAP, you know it's a book full of mysteries. The lead character is in a bit of a coma except she's in a sort of in between state and is trying to figure out what happened to her. She can see her body and her supposed loved ones yet one of them is responsible. For every answer we get from writer Jim McCann, new ones arise.

Issue #6 is the beginning of a new arc as well as a good jumping on point. You can find a trade of the first issues but you should be able to come into this issue and pick up on what's been going on. Each issue gives a nice recap and summary.


It's been a fun ride Rick Remender. We have one more issue to go and then it's all over. Chances are you've been reading the Final Execution story arc. This is what it's all been leading up to. X-Force hasn't been doing too well against this new Brotherhood. With Genesis creeping closer to the dark side, it could mean even worse things for the entire Marvel Universe.

What will Remender do to wrap all this story arc up? What sort of crazy things is he going to throw at us. You'll want to check out what happens here.

So many good titles this week!

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Posted by kennybaese

So are all of the Marvel Now titles bi-weekly? Or just a couple (like Deadpool, for example).

Justice League for me, and my copy of Fable: Warewolves of the Heartland should be showing up from Amazon tomorrow as well. Everything else I'm reading (like Deadpool again) I'm planning on reading in trade.

Posted by Stormbox

Justice league, captain america and hawkeye from this list

Posted by VictorVonDoom_1

@Reignmaker said:

@VictorVonDoom_1 said:

Hulk and Deadpool for me. Debating whether picking up Hawkeye.

Been reading the back issues of Hawkeye. Very fun. Definitely worth it imo.

I'll give it a try, thanks.

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