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This Week's Essential Comics: 4/7/14

These are the comics you're looking for.

Wednesday is almost here and that can mean only one thing: a flood of brand new comics will soon go on sale. Sticking to a budget can be a major challenge as so many tempting issues become available, but luckily for you, the Comic Vine staff has your back. We've reviewed the latest list of new comics that are heading our way and we've each picked a couple or so that we can't wait to check out. Once you've seen what we recommend, you're totally welcome to share your own list of "essential" comics below.

Tony "G-Man" Guerrero's picks

Batman Eternal #1

The first issue of a new weekly Batman series. If you’re reading any Bat-related books, there’s no way you can miss this. To say this is going to be a big story is an understatement. This is a story so big it needs to be told in weekly installments. The creative team involved has shown they know a thing or two about the Bat-Universe.

There’s also the fact that this book won’t focus just on Batman. There are so many incredible great characters in the Bat-Universe and the idea of being able to see different stories focus on them as the overall; story builds is pretty enticing.

If that wasn’t enough, we shouldn’t forget about the “spoiler” issue, BATMAN #28. The events in that issue may not happen for a few months but it’s a good indication of the craziness we can expect and won’t want to miss.


Deadpool and wedding seem like two words you would never hear in the same sentence. The idea of Deadpool’s wedding is a little scary. The idea of Deadpool’s wedding night is unthinkable. The wedding is happening and a big old celebration is coming. This is going to be a huge issue, thematically and by the page count.

If you’ve been reading the digital Infinite Comic, DEADPOOL: THE GAUNTLET, you have an idea who the lucky (or unlucky) lady is. Chances are you’ll still be able to jump into this issue and figure out what’s going on. It’s safe to say that Deadpool’s wedding day isn’t something that will come along often. In a time where most Marvel comics are being re-numbered and relaunched, there’s a lot to celebrate here.


Iron Fist has been missing for too long. He was an active member of the New Avengers and lately, we haven’t seen very much of him. That’s just not right.

Iron Fist is back and it looks like Kaare Andrews is ready to help Danny Rand make up for lost time. Andrews is giving this new series a nice raw look that looks to deliver plenty of Iron Fist action.

Marvel has been doing a great job with their All-New Marvel Now comics and have been mixing things up with the different levels of characters. This will likely be yet another new favorite to add to your pull list.

Honorable Mention: NIGHTCRAWLER #1

Mat "Inferiorego" Elfring's picks


This is the moment a lot of fans have been waiting for. Cataclysm is over and it's the new age for Ultimates comics. It's also a completely new team of Ultimates, which has much more of a street feel than anything else. Grounding this team and series is going to give it a whole new feel and direction, which may be something this series needs because of the past couple years of events. I love this team, and it feels like a great continuation from the last volume of ULTIMATE COMICS SPIDER-MAN. This is, above everything else, what I'm most excited about this week.


The last issue had so many things I love, and one of those things was M.O.D.O.K. Yes, I'm excited about this series primarily because it has one of Marvel's cheesiest villains in it. It's new and fun, and I'm simply loving the direction writer Ales Kot and artist Michael Walsh are taking this new series. Sure, it may be soon to say that, but this book features characters I'm interested in by a writer and artist team I adore. Try this one out. You'll love it too.

Gregg "k4tz" Katzman's picks


Valiant's team-up book continues to be full of win, so it's reasonable to have pretty high expectations for this next chapter. Month after month, Matt Kindt makes sure these issues are action-packed, loaded with epic moments, and written in a way that allows both new and old fans to appreciate every character on the roster. Given the fact this latest story is putting Ninjak and one of his foes, Dr. Silk, in the spotlight, you can bet that has my interest piqued even more than before. Valiant is releasing some great books, but this is absolutely a must read title for anyone interested in the publisher's universe.


Ladies and gentlemen, this is the penultimate issue of Mark Millar and John Romita Jr's KICK-ASS franchise. Who will live? Who will die? Will it end with anyone still wearing a costume?! Considering this book's history and Millar's interviews about this final volume, we all know it's very unlikely to end on the happiest note around. Millar, you can give Dave a noble death, but let Mindy make it out of this in one piece, okay? Please? Needless to say, it's safe to assume this will be quite an issue and a must read for fans of the series.

CBR has one more preview page.


I know this has been a pretty polarizing series for the CV community, but I'm having a legitimate blast with it. Writer Charles Soule is essentially giving us popcorn entertainment with each chapter. The fights are fun, the book tends to look great, and his handling of this power couple's relationship has captured my interest. Plus, I'm very anxious to see the follow-up to the last cliffhanger. Not in terms of their physical well-being (we all know they'll both be perfectly fine sooner or later), but how those actions will impact their relationship as they move forward.

CBR has an additional preview page.

Corey "Undeadpool" Schroeder's picks


Last issue introduced us to a few seismic shakeups in the always amazing Carol Danvers' life. From where she's at in the universe to who she's dating (Rhodey is one of those forehead slapping "how did this not happen sooner?!" choices) to where her living situation is. We still don't know exactly how she got where she is at the start of the issue, but I'm 100% onboard for Kelly Sue DeConnick to bridge the gap. David Lopez was a surprisingly understated choice that wound up completely working last issue and I can't wait to see what else he has in store for us this time around. Carol Danvers in space is ALWAYS a good time.


SPEAKING of good times: this book has NONE of those! A superhero book that borders on nihilism at times, I cannot stop reading it. I actually reflected on my feelings toward this as an ongoing series and realized that, THANK YOU, Robert Kirkman: you've made me terrified of what comes next because I cannot even begin to predict what that will be. Invincible is returning home, but we don't know how long has past, we don't know what has changed, but I guarantee you it'll be heart-wrenching! ESPECIALLY based on that cover! Whatever horrors await, I have no doubt that Ryan Ottley and Cliff Rathburn will be more than up to illustrating them in all their glorious, horrifying detail.


My favorite of the two books dealing with the war against the Corps, and this one purports to explain more about the enigmatic, and often baffling Durlans. Vaaaaaaan Jensen continues to work with series regular artist Bernard Chang to fill in the gaps of the more enigmatic side of the Green Lantern/Khund War. We continue to get glimpses of incredible new characters, many of whom, I feel like, could carry their own book, but I am excited for an opportunity to, hopefully, answer some questions about the Durlans, even if ti's just to fill in their backstory.


The conclusion of Chris Dingess and Matthew Roberts' first arc of this alternate-history horror story! This has been incredibly well built-up with a credible threat and TWISTED new take on the zombie formula (just when I think I'm sick of 'em, someone comes along with something novel and weird to PULL me back in) that I hope won't be the last of the mythical beasts Lewis and Clark encounter. The moss-zombies have taken over as central antagonists, but it's clear that the field is still wide open and I honestly have no idea how this'll wrap up or who'll be left by issue's end, but this book seems more and more like it was tailor-made for me, so I'm along for the ride.

Honorable Mention: ALL-NEW X-FACTOR #6

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Posted by BlazingNova

IRON FIST!!!!!! and Secret Avengers 2.

Posted by Wolverine08


Posted by NukeA6

I best check out Immortal Iron Fist before jumping on the new Iron Fist series. I'm excited for All New Ultimates and the return of Spoiler in Batman Eternal.

Posted by Jphu8414

Batman Eternal, Batgirl, Worlds' Finest, Superman Wonder Woman

All-New Ultimates, All New X-Men, Iron Fist, Nightcrawler, Captain Marvel

Edited by summerslam1988

My five would be:

Batman Eternal #1

Constantine #13

All-New Ultimates #1

Kick-Ass 3 #7

Nightcrawler #1

Posted by dagmar_merrill


Edited by CantDance93

Superman/Wonder Woman and Batman Eternal, cheap week for me!

Edited by CaptainHoopla

Lightest week in a long time for me. Thankfully, Deadpool is mega-sized.

Deadpool, Superior Foes of Spider-Man, and Unity.

Edited by mak13131313

My pull list for the week,

1. Batman Eternal #1

2. Batgirl #30

3. Green Lantern Corps #30

4. Superman/Wonder Woman #7

5. Worlds Finest #22

6. Star Wars #16

7. X #12

8. Manifest Destiny #6

9. The Walking Dead #125

Posted by Dark_Vengeance_

Am I the only one that can't see the previews?

Posted by jstndmnd

X-factor for me this week

Posted by micah
  • Iron Fist
  • All-New Ultimates
  • Unity
  • Secret Avengers
  • Thunderbolts
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us
  • Justice League Beyond
Posted by mrpibb
Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Jeez text block @k4tzm4n where the pictures at?

Posted by Teerack

Hahaha i love the description of this post. "These are the comics you're looking for."

Posted by PapiNacho

Definitely: Batman Eternal, Superman/Wonder Woman, Deadpool, Star Wars

Maybe: Unity , Manifest Destiny, Invincible ( jump on point?)?

Edited by timelord
  • Batgirl #30 - This book has been on the upswing as of late the last arc was good if a little short.
  • Batman Eternal #1 - You know what I need in my life another Batman book. We have the return of Stephanie Brown and Tim Drake back in Gotham what's not to love?
  • Green Lantern Corps #30 - Last week was my favourite issue for Green Lantern since the wirter change. I hope the same can be said for this.
  • Superboy #30 - Really intrested to see where this book goes now that it's know longer anchored to Teen Titans.
  • Superman/Wonder Woman #7 - The build up for Doomed contuies all the Super books have been on the up and up latley looking forward to this cross over.
  • Worlds' Finest #22 - How is Batman/Superman still not out yet looks like I have to wait to read this.
  • Earth 2 Vol. 3: War HC - Just for collection purposes.
Posted by Captain13
  • Iron Fist issue 1
  • All New Ultimates issue 1
  • Green Lantern Corps issue 30
  • Daredevil issue 1.5
  • Might Avengers issue 9
  • Ghost Rider issue 2

That's a packed week!

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Anybody who doesn't pick up Iron Fist: Living Weapon is not my friend and I will be unfollowing them

Edited by micah

@jonny_anonymous: Can you be my friend and follow me? I was gonna pick up Iron Fist: Living Weapon the moment I saw the first preview page.

Posted by SmashBrawler


Invincible ( jump on point?)

Nah, that's next month. Although with all the crazy sh!t that's been going on I'm not sure how that's gonna work.

Posted by Jayc1324

Batman eternal, batgirl, daredevil 1.50. Thats it

Edited by AllStarSuperman

Unity and Kick-Ass ftw. I really really hope Mindy makes it. She is the real hero of the story. Still questioning the role of Red-Mist though.

Edited by k4tzm4n
Posted by AlwaysTheBigSpoon

Nothing for me this week. Just late shipped comics: TMNT #32. Batman Eternal will be eternally tempting but must utilise willpower for my wallet.

Posted by TheSpydir

Iron Fist and Unity!

Posted by longbowhunter

Trade waiting on Batman Eternal. May pick up issue #1 to check it out. Such a light week anyway. All I have is Manifest Destiny and Iron Fist.

Edited by lifeboy






JL3000 5


and the new dc collectibles Crime Syndicate!


Posted by bob808

Batman Eternal #1

Constantine #13

Coffin Hill #7

Flash Gordon #1

Kings Watch #5

The Lone Ranger #23

All New Ghost Rider #2

All New Doop #1

Daredevil #1.50


Edited by ClawFist

Ghost Rider #2!

Posted by GraniteSoldier

Captain Marvel #2. Seriously people need to check Carol out, girl's a beast.

Posted by The_Tree

I'm most hyped for Batman: Eternal, but I'm also looking forward to Invincible and Iron Fist: The Living Weapon.

Posted by Dark_Vengeance_

Obvious crack at Detective Comics 27 is obvious. Nice try marvel.

Posted by Fastestmanalive

Light week for me. Would've been longer if DC hadn't decided to delay some of their titles.

Superman/Wonder Woman #7

My favorite series out there and after the last stunning issue can't wait to see what happens next.

Batman Eternal #1

Haven't picked up a Batman book in awhile but this looks promising.

Justice League 3000 #5

This book started off so well but has gone downhill quickly. Still giving it a chance but another issue or two and if it dosn't get better I'm saying bye bye.

Posted by Knightfall225

I cant wait for batman eternal but when Is DC going to release new ongoing solos !!!

Posted by TobenRacicot

is east of west not out?

Posted by dagmar_merrill

Obvious crack at Detective Comics 27 is obvious. Nice try marvel.

It's Deadpool, it was supposed to be obvious.

Posted by Maddpanda531

There are waaaay too many awesome books out right now.

Posted by G-Man

@tobenracicot: EAST OF WEST #11 is coming out this week. Jen probably would've picked it.

Posted by yo_yo_fun

For me this week: Batgirl #30, Captain Marvel #2, The Twilight Zone #4, Shutter #1 and Lumberjanes #1.

Posted by SavageDragon

@clawfist said:

Ghost Rider #2!

Agreed. The first issue was pretty darn cool and that art is so stylized and awesome. Im hoping this series keeps it up.


Astro City

Walking Dead.

Posted by Decept-O

Damn I love that Iron Fist cover! Whoa.

Posted by KidChipotle

Man...a lot of good stuff coming out this week. Holy moly!

Edited by MadeinBangladesh


Edited by patrat18

Anybody who doesn't pick up Iron Fist: Living Weapon is not my friend and I will be unfollowing them

Follow me asap because i'm NOT picking it up.

Posted by ZbvmX

The books I got in common with the cv staff are:

Batman Eternal #1 > Big book of the week! I'm in for at least the first arc :D

Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #1 > Wasn't originally going to pick this up, but I changed my mind when I saw the cool art from Kaare (and I really try to support books with a one-man creative team...even though it leads me into something of a train-wreck at times).

All-New Ultimates #1 > FINALLY!

Secret Avengers #2 > One of my new faves. Really love the last arc of the previous volume the Ales co-wrote #teammodok

Superman/Wonderwoman #7 > My guilty pleasure every month. Got to love the "telenovela" feel of this book.

Manifest Destiny #6 > Not only is this book saving me from becoming a broke comic book reader (buy multiples of this and thank me later), but it also satiates my craving for really great storytelling.

Posted by ZbvmX

For me this week: Batgirl #30, Captain Marvel #2, The Twilight Zone #4, Shutter #1 and Lumberjanes #1.

Nice! Also got Lumberjanes #1 :P

Posted by Bl00dwerK

I kinda want to get Iron Fist, but my list is pretty full already...

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