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This Week's Essential Comics: 4/21/14

These are the comics you're looking for.

Every Wednesday, a whole lot of new and very tempting comics will appear in your local and digital shops. And every Monday, we here at Comic Vine want to make sure you'll be ready for 'em. Narrowing down the options can be pretty tough, so we'll aim to put some of the especially awesome looking issues are on your radar. The staff has reviewed the full list of upcoming releases and we've each selected a couple or so that piqued our interest. Once you're doing seeing what we can't wait to get our hands on, don't forget to chime in with your own list of "essential" comics.

Tony "G-Man" Guerrero's picks


Elektra is such a fascinating character. Especially when written with the care and attention she deserves. She can be a pretty complex character and unfortunately we’ve seen different versions of her written over the years. With a new series, you’re never quite sure what to fully expect. With Haden Blackman on board, there is the comfort in knowing his track record. Blackman’s done a great job writing characters such as Batwoman and Darth Vader. It appears that Blackman will be delving into Elektra’s past as well as who she really is and what’s going on in her mind.

Have you seen the preview pages? Michael Del Mundo’s art is sure to blow you away. It’s always a joy when you have the promise of a deep and well written series that has gorgeous and fitting art. This is a comic that’s sure to be great to read and look at.


It’s time to celebrate the Guardians of the Galaxy. Besides a movie coming up, this issue marks the 100th issue of the team. Sure, this team is not related to the original team but it’s great to see there will be some acknowledgement to them in this issue.

Flash Thompson, as Agent Venom, is joining the team. I’m pretty sure that story actually takes place in the FREE COMIC BOOK DAY issue. Either way, it’s going to pretty interesting to see how he does out in space. Hopefully with the symbiote out in space, there won’t be any problems beyond Flash’s control. The team’s dynamic continues to evolve and Bendis mixes the fun and action nicely.

There’s also some back ups but Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning. That makes this issue even more interesting. And seeing Vance Astro/Major Victory in the preview pages brought back memories.


New creative teams always bring a mix of trepidation and excitement. With Robert Venditti and Van Jensen on board, it’s easier to accept a new shift. We can see that there will be some new developments in the series. Central City got pretty thrashed during FOREVER EVIL and hopefully the delay of that series won’t affect the way this issue deals with any fallout.

I dig what Brett Booth and Norm Rapmund do when they join forces. I also recall a Flash sketch Brett did a bit ago on his blog. It’s going to be exciting to see the energy he pours into his art.

And of course Wally West is being introduced to the New 52. We’ll all be paying close attention to see how DC handles this and how similar or different he’ll be to the character we knew from before.

Visit Buzzfeed for more pages.

Honorable Mention: BATMAN: ETERNAL #3 (Stephanie Brown’s “first” appearance!)

Mat "Inferiorego" Elfring's picks


I'm not gonna lie to you guys. I already read this issue, and I loved it. I'm sure one of us will review this, but here's the reason you have to pick this issue up. Fialkov does a fantastic job at creating a really cool story but spending time building on the characters in the story. No one in this book is flat. They're fleshed-out, intriguing people that you'll become drawn to, and in some cases, you'll despise them. In addition is the amazing artwork from Joe Infurnari. It's different and fits this book so well. Pick this one up.

CBR has the extended preview.


Tis the season for writers named Joshua. GHOSTED is currently my favorite on-going series. It's the mixture of a cool heist film that stepped in a whole pile of ghosts. This second arc is a lot better than the first, which says a lot, since the first arc was awesome. Writer Joshua Williamson keeps raising the stakes in this book as Jackson found himself in a whole jungle of ghost animals. Sound ridiculous? Yes, it does, but it works really well on the page. Try this one out.


Growing up, Uatu the Watcher was one of my favorite characters. No, I'm not a creepy voyeur, but I loved the idea that there's this being that has to watch events unfold without interfering. When we were shown teasers that Uatu would be shot, I knew this was something I had to read and this introduction issue is where it all begins. Plus, this book deals with the secrets of characters within the Marvel universe. Maybe we'll learns some shockers in this zero issue.

Gregg "k4tz" Katzman's picks

TMNT #33

IDW's TMNT has been consistently full of awesome, so it should come as no surprise this series regularly earns a spot for me in this segment. However, there's 3 big reasons why this is a particularly tempting issue.

First and foremost, it marks the return of Mateus Santolouco. Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird may have established the signature look for the Ninja Turtles, but this man absolutely has set the standard for the franchise's latest incarnation -- and that's huge praise considering how many talented artists have provided pages for the series. Secondly, the group is now back in New York and working as a team once more. Considering Shredder has essentially taken over, this has the potential to be full of action and seriously cheer-worthy material. Last and not least, this is a jumping on spot! If you've been considering leaping into the latest TMNT comic, then this is a must purchase for you.


Justin Jordan and Matteo Scalera's DEAD BODY ROAD is a mighty fine dose of badassery. Even when he's dishing out exposition, Jordan makes sure the book is completely thrilling and packed with moments that'll keep a tight grip on your attention. Seriously, the pacing here has been ridiculously fast and each issue has left me beyond anxious for the next chapter. Meanwhile, Scalera's artwork is brilliant. He's honestly the perfect compliment to Jordan's vicious script and the artist does an exceptional job making these scenes feel every bit as energetic and savage as they should. Action junkies, you shouldn't miss this series.

Honorable Mentions: ETERNAL WARRIOR #8

Corey "Undeadpool" Schroeder's picks


Is there any power in the universe that can stop the Five Star Mustache? The record seems to indicate that there is NOT. We'll see the ultra-vicious Dex-Starr as the next combatant lined up to take on Gardner's Lanterns. Charles Soule continues his Most Improved Series run on Red Lanterns with several pieces of the last few issues falling into place. Now that Kara has ensconced herself firmly in the team roster, she gets exposed to her first real trial-by-fire-and-acid-blood as we finally see Atrocitus make his presence felt. Alessandro Vitti on visuals means that, whatever goes down, it's bound to look sharp and defined.


This is a series that is never far from my mind, despite rarely making it into my write-ups, but this issue feels like it's going to be too big to disregard. The end to the epic All-Out War storyline has been fast-tracked, so we've gotten twelve issues over six months and that was a brilliant move because it's kept up the frantic, breakneck pace of a modern ground war too fast to keep track of. Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard have given the series a real shot in the arm by finally breaking the mold of arriving, adapting, fleeing, repeating that the group has gone through for quite some time now, with a few bumps in the road. This is far, far more than a bump, particularly after last issue's jaw-dropping cliffhanger and feels like it's the start of something massive


ARCADE REVEALED! They're popping the cork on this one awfully early, but I doubt it'll be this easy unless there's something bigger waiting in the wings. In Avengers Arena, Dennis Hopeless told a story of brutality and survival with a very measured, deliberate pace, so for him to go this far this fast seems unlikely, but either way will probably be entertaining to read about. Timothy Green's stepping in on art and has a very interesting style that I'm somewhat hot-and-cold on, so it should definitely be interesting, at the very least, to see his interpretation of the events that unfold as, at the very least, he's got a great sense of motion.


SPEAKING of great sense of motion: Chris Samnee! Maybe it's because it's the place I've called home for the last 10 years, but I'm happy to see San Francisco emerge as a kind of "secondary location" in the Marvel U. Mark Waid's debut issue proved that the City isn't going to just be window-dressing for a copy-pasting story, but that he's going to take the Man Without Fear to some interestingly unexplored territory. If we get more of Daredevil: World's Greatest Detective, then I'm in for the long-haul...I mean more in than I already am for it.

Honorable Mention: THUNDERBOLTS #25

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Posted by knightofthechronicle

Hey @k4tzm4n the link for the flash #30 is for the GoG preview.

My list:

Aquaman 30

The Flash 30

Batman Eternal 3

Superman 30

Teen Titans 30

Posted by k4tzm4n
Posted by Jphu8414

Justice League United, Secret Origins, Batman Eternal, Aquaman, Flash

Elektra, Original Sin, Uncanny Avengers, Daredevil

Posted by Cavemold

Try Elektra out

Posted by Ando123

RED LANTERNS¡¡¡ Of course

Posted by MatKrenz

More Avengers Undercover the better.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Cant wait for Elektra

Edited by bored_and_agitated

Anyone here as excited for Midas Flesh as I am?

I'm also picking up guardians of the galaxy and the new adventure time annual

Posted by Xwraith

I'll definitely pick up TMNT, and I might pick up GotG for the backup stories.

Posted by thewalkingdeadpool18

There's a Cat lantern.....

Anyway GOTG



Original Sin

maybe TMNT and Flash.

Posted by PapiNacho

Red Lanterns, Justice League United, Batman Eternal, The Flash, Uncanny Avengers, Daredevil, All-Star Western, Aquaman

Edited by SavageDragon

Lazarus #8

Original Sin # 0

Walking Dead # 126

Justice League United #0

Posted by zodac

Light week for me

  • TMNT
  • Eternal Warrior
  • Harbinger
  • Walking Dead
Posted by Cap10nate



Invaders, Fantastic Four, Original Sin, Uncanny Avengers

Eternal Warrior, Harbinger

Pretty good week for me.

Posted by Wolverine08

TMNT be looking beastly.

Posted by Denn979

My List:

Batman Eternal #3

Flash #30

Original Sin #0

Teen Titans #30

Posted by cc1738

Only Flash for me.

Posted by Darth Coleslaw

Really tempted to pick up TMNT...But I should be trying to drop a few titles, not add any more. I hope IDW starts releasing HC collections of the series, like they do with Transformers.

Anyway, another big week for me...


Batman Eternal


The Flash

Justice League United

Red Lanterns

Original Sin

Fantastic Four

Uncanny Avengers



Guardians of The Galaxy

All-New Invaders

Posted by LyraFay

Where I start with TMNT? I watched the shows as a kid but I'm curious to see how they are in comics?

Posted by RaggedScarecrow

Definitely getting:

  • Avengers Undercover #3
  • Justice League Dark #30
  • Uncanny Avengers #19

Might buy:

  • Catwoman #30
  • Guardians of the Galaxy #14
Posted by longbowhunter

So much awesome stuff this week. A lot of this is stuff I'm trade waiting on but I am looking forward to.

Daredevil #2

Justice League United #0

Lazarus #8

Sheltered #8

Uncanny Avengers #19

Posted by mak13131313

My pull list for the week,

1. Aquaman #30

2. Batman Eternal #3

3. Batman/superman #9

4. Justice League United #0

5. Larfleeze #10

6. Red Lanterns #30

7. Secret Origins #1

8. Superman #30

9. The Flash #30

10. Star Wars Legacy #14

11. The Witcher #2

12. The Walking Dead #126

13. Saviors #4

14. Uber #11

15. All New Invaders #4

16. Fantastic Four #3

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

@lyrafay: Pick up the next issue. it's a jumping on point.

Posted by Jayc1324

Why is there a batman symbol on the flash cover

Posted by bob808

Batman Eternal #3

The Flash #30

Justice League Dark #30

Justice League United #0

Red Lanterns #30

Secret Origins #1

The Dead Boy Detectives #5

Saviors #4

Lazarus #8

All-New Invaders #4

Daredevil #2

Fantastic Four #3

Edited by The Stegman

Quite a bit for me this week.

Batman Eternal #3

Batman/Superman #9

Aquaman #30

Flash #30

Justice League United #0

Red Lanterns #30

Secret Origins #1

Fantastic Four #3

Elektra #1

TWD #126

One of the most exciting weeks I've had all year comic book wise.

Edited by micah
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Uncanny Avengers
  • Thunderbolts
  • All-New Invaders
  • Injustice
  • Justice League Beyond
  • TMNT
Posted by patrat18

Hey @k4tzm4n the link for the flash #30 is for the GoG preview.

My list:

Aquaman 30

The Flash 30

Batman Eternal 3

Superman 30

Teen Titans 30

Posted by G-Man
Edited by jstndmnd

Aquaman and All-new Invaders

Edited by GraniteSoldier


All about the Flash Thompson.

Posted by viin

TMNT, Walking Dead, and I wanna check out Flash.

...Elektra looks good too.

Posted by CaptainHoopla

Lazarus, Batman Eternal, Elektra, and Original Sin. A light but good week.

Posted by Dark_Guyver


Original Sin

Guardians of the Galaxy

Anyone have an opinions on All New Invaders. Wanna pick up 4 and 1-3 cause I'm a huge Bucky fan, but I dont know too much about the team.

Posted by bladewolf

All Star Western, All New Invaders, and Red Lanterns for me.

Posted by Lee_Everett

I hope Negan makes it. Negan's system works perfectly fine, but Rick had to go and ruin that. I hope the Saviors blow Rick to pieces. Negan's not evil. Negan's not a villain. Negan's a smart dude.

Posted by Ink_Is_My_Drink

Solid titles this week.

  • Daredevil
  • Ghosted
  • GotG
  • TMNT
  • TWD
  • Zero

Elektra looks fantastic but that $4 price has got me hurtin'.

Edited by The Stegman

I hope Negan makes it. Negan's system works perfectly fine, but Rick had to go and ruin that. I hope the Saviors blow Rick to pieces. Negan's not evil. Negan's not a villain. Negan's a smart dude.

Can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not. But if you're not, I don't care how well Negan's system worked, he killed Glenn, he's an evil sonofabitch.

Posted by IDontLikeBirds

It is still hard to believe that Red Lanterns has turned around so much and is on this list. I remember when I was on the verge of dropping it a few months ago.

Posted by eamon542000

Elecktra looks amazing

Posted by timelord
  • All-Star Western #30 - I arrived late to this book but better late than never. Let's see where it goes now Johna is back in the past.
  • Batman Eternal #3 - Stephanie Brown is back baby!
  • Batman/Superman #9 - Finally this book is on the chopping block I cant handle the constant delays
  • The Flash #30 - New creative team should be interesting.
  • Justice League United #0 - Super pumped for this Buddy and Kara on a team my two favorite characters hell yes!
  • Red Lanterns #30 - More Red Daughter of Krypton! What is my favorite biker gang up to this month?
  • Secret Origins #1 - Not something I will be picking it up every month but since my favorite character Supergirl is in it I kind of have to.
  • Superman #30 - for the build up to Doomed.
  • The Walking Dead #126 - Finally the finale to All out War who lives? Who dies? lets find out.
Posted by Denn979

No one wants to know how Lobdell finishes Teen Titans?

Posted by iragulasuperbia
  • Batman/Superman 9 (Finally. I've been waiting to finish that whole 'First Contact crossover)
  • Flash 30 (I'm wary of this new team, but I'll give them a shot)
  • Justice League United 0 (One of my favorite writer with some of my favorite characters)
  • Superman 30 (This is part of the whole Superman: Doomed arc, right?)
  • Teen Titans 30 (Gonna finish this out and see what the new series brings)
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 33 (One of my favorite series)

Relatively small pull this week, but a good one.

Edited by ScrappyDont27

Anybody else feel like it's been a long time since the last TMNT comic?

Edited by lifeboy



Batman Superman (worlds finest teamup)




Edited by yo_yo_fun

For me this week: Aquaman #30, Lazarus #8, Elektra #1, Justice League United #0 and maybe Secret Origins #1.

Maybe, Batman: Eternal #3!

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