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This Week's Essential Comics: 2/24/14

These are the comics you're looking for.

New comic book day approaches! This Wednesday, a tidal wave of brand new issues will be released. There's a whole lot to choose from, and trying to figure out what's worth your cash can be a pretty big challenge. Luckily for you, Comic Vine is here to help you out. We've looked at the complete list of this week's new comics and we've each picked a couple or more that we're anxious to read. We'll even tell you why we think they're worthy of your focus. You know, because we're nice like that. Don't forget to chime in with your own list once you're done seeing what we've selected.

Tony "G-Man" Guerrero's picks


Lois Lane. It's rare to find a regular non-superpowered character so many want to see have their own title within a superhero comic universe. Having just celebrated her 75th anniversary last year, this is a character that has seen and done quite a bit. With a story focusing around Lois, we could have the opportunity to see a different side of the New 52. Every once in a while we discover that there have been other incidents developing that simply haven't had the opportunity to be depicted within a comic (we've recently discovered the existence of the Metal Men and Doom Patrol in the pages of JUSTICE LEAGUE, for example). Lois Lane could easily uncover other events as well (and not need "Superman" in the title).

Marguerite Bennett's story takes the story closer to home for Lois. It looks like we'll get to find out more about her father, General Sam Lane, as well as her sister, Lucy, who hasn't been too active in the New 52. Bennett has shown she can take a character I didn't care for (Joker's Daughter) and make her interesting. I can only imagine what she'll be able to do with someone like Lois Lane.

Visit IGN to check out another preview page.


Last month, Rick Remender and Wes Craig gave us something really cool. DEADLY CLASS #1 introduced us to Marcus as he (and we) discovered there was a school for assassins in San Francisco in the 80s. This issue will show us what it's like at the Kings Dominion High School for the Deadly Arts. There's a great feel already set up within this new comic universe and by getting a glimpse at the rest of the supporting characters, it was easy to immediately get hooked.

Wes Craig's art captures the feel as well. Whether it was a calm scene of Marcus living on the streets to a high speed chase through the streets of San Francisco, Craig really gets to cut loose. I've been eagerly awaiting this next issue the second I finished the first.


This is where the second half of Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy's story begins. The first five issues started the story off and built up to an exciting climax, only for us to discover that this issue is going to jump ahead a bit--200 years.

Throughout the series, we've caught glimpses of a distance past as well as this future with flooded cities. Now we get to find out more of the story and how it all connects. Snyder's vision and Murphy's art makes a great combination and it's wonderful to be able to read a comic and have absolutely no idea what's coming next.

Go to Nerdist for a look at two more pages.


Hawkeye is back. We've been waiting for the next chapter in Clint Barton's life and they say good things come to those who wait. Unfortunately it doesn't look too good for Clint. By having mixed up with the tracksuit mafia, he's made some enemies and, from the preview, gets caught with his pants down, literally.

I'm sure I'm not the only one that has been eagerly waiting for the next issue by Matt Fraction and David Aja. Now that it's here, we can all rejoice. Having Mockingbird appear here as well is an added bonus.

Watch the Preview Theatre video for this issue!

Honorable Mention: WOLVERINE #2

Mat "Inferiorego" Elfring's picks


It's not too often you'll see a trade on this list, but there are few times we find a trade or collection of stuff that's already come out more important that what's being released this week. SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN is one of those cases. This series was a HUGE surprise since, originally, it seemed nothing more than a cash grab in order to make a few extra bucks on the Superior Spider-Man name. Fan (I really mean "I") could not have been more wrong. SFSM is "a masterpiece" at best and "genius" at worst.

This series takes a look at some C-List level villains of Spider-Man as they try to come together to form a new Sinister Six. What ensues is hilarity. Writer Nick Spencer crafts one of the funniest books at Marvel and he made me care about what's happening to Boomerang, something I thought would never happen. On top of it all, Steve Lieber's art is brilliant and really adds to the comedy. This is my favorite on-going at Marvel.


TWO Marvel books in my essentials list? Has the world flipped on its head? Are we in some weird bizarro world? Does everyone have goatees? Hardly. Marvel has been putting out some top quality books, and I was incredibly surprised to find myself loving the first issue of this series, since... well... most zombie books really bite (pun intended).

Fans of the zombie genre will recognize who is writing this book: the father of the modern day zombie, George Romero. While this book really explores his ideas and concepts from his later work, Land of the Dead and Day of the Dead, the first issue was a fantastic read, and combine with the fantastic art of Alex Maleev, this is a book you really need to pick up!

Gregg "k4tz" Katzman's picks


Will Agent Preston finally escape Deadpool's head and call a new LMD body home? It's very possible this issue will have the answer now that Agent Gorman is supposedly out of the picture... but let's be honest, he totally isn't. However, as we all know by now, diving into Wade Wilson's head isn't exactly an ideal scenario, so I can only imagine how this will all play out. As Deadpool works with S.H.I.E.L.D. to help Preston, Crossbones is stranded in the ocean and he's currently all kinds of crazy (seriously, the dude is beyond incoherent). Could he experience the sweet taste of revenge in this issue or in the next one? He's certainly earned it after Deadpool trampled him with a horse-drawn carriage. Also, what about all of the other mercs that are still gunning for Wade? There's still a hefty price on his head, after all. Could we also see Sabretooth (and his awesome phone) return?

We'll just have to wait and see what co-writers Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn have in store for us. No matter which direction the narrative may go, we at least know artist Mike Hawthorne has what it takes to make everything in the script look very rad, be it comedic or stern. This volume of Deadpool has been consistently glorious month after month now. I expect nothing less from this upcoming issue.


City Fall was hugely entertaining for us readers, but for the Ninja Turtles, it was a physically and emotionally traumatizing experience. Instead of simply moving on to the next big thing, Tom Waltz is giving the Heroes in a Half Shell some much needed time to reflect and recover. It's been a surprisingly emotional and engaging experience so far and last issue's cliffhanger promises there's yet another big conflict lurking right around the corner.

Ross Campbell has been the perfect choice for this story. His character work makes you feel so much empathy for the team, and that's precisely what we should be experiencing right now. This creative team has yet to disappoint, so it's safe to assume this will be yet another solid chapter.


Justin Jordan and Matteo Scalera's gritty revenge/heist story continues! Stunning visuals and gripping encounters most definitely aren't in short supply in this limited-series, but chapter two's conclusion promises to shed even more light on the story and who these characters are.

Truth be told, even if this issue doesn't move the narrative forward all that much, it's pretty much guaranteed to be a beautiful dose of R-rated madness. Scalera's intense yet crisp images always deliver and Jordan is delivering big time with this book's pacing. This creative team is a match made in heaven for a story like this one.


Writer and artist Jimmie Robinson's FIVE WEAPONS made a very awesome return last month. Still sporting its lighthearted and fun atmosphere (in spite of being a book about assassins), Robinson also expanded the narrative. While Robinson still hits us with a cliffhanger that leaves us wondering how Enrique will use his mind to get out of yet another conflict, the writer/artist has also taken major strides to set up multiple subplots -- it's no longer revolving around just one major conflict. Quite a few new elements have been established, and given how consistently enjoyable this book is, I'm very excited to see how it'll all be handled.


Jen "MissJ" Aprahamian's picks


Remender and Scalera are a power combo, and BLACK SCIENCE is easily one of the most fascinating series out right now. The narrative is unpredictable in the best kind of dimension-jumping way, and the illustrations are visceral and thoroughly unique. It's a trip -- truly, a trip -- following Grant & Co. as they rocket around Scalera's lush panels to destination unknown (and foray into equally unpredictable emotional and dramatic territory). Science is the new hotness, and this title is a front-runner among the (thoroughly awesome set of) Image sci-fi offerings.


It's the All-New version of Marvel's First Family, and as thrilling as their story has been before, it's always fun to get a fresh take on this team. James Robinson is wasting no time sending them into a tailspin of danger and intrigue, bringing out the big guns (er...dragons) out with an immediate confrontation with Fin Fang Foom. I'm excited to see what Robinson brings to the title, and seriously digging the variant covers (even if the red suits aren't quite the same as the blue).

Honorable Mention: MANHATTAN PROJECTS #18

Corey "Undeadpool" Schroeder's picks


In the category of "No seriously, are you SURE you want to try this?" a sequel to the near-perfect Origin that finally canonized the tale of Marvel's most mysterious anti-hero Wolverine has to be right up there with a sequel to the Dark Knight Returns...and WHO would be crazy enough to try something like THAT? Kieron Gillen and Andy Kubert were clearly up to the challenge, however, as the story itself is solid, with some absolutely breathtaking art, and adds some very interesting connections to Wolverine's past, including the omnipresent Mr. Sinister (another calculated risk) and, finally, the first meeting between Sabertooth and Wolverine. At long last the question of brothers/parent/clones is answered with a resounding: Nah. Just two guys. I love the tone and tenor that this series has set so far and, again, the art is absolutely amazing.


I said it in my review: you guys BETTER know what you're doing. Nick Spencer, Ales'd BETTER know what you're doing. The fact that this title is in my Essentials list should tell you everything you need to know about whether or not I actually have faith in the creative team, I think they're going to pull it off just fine. Luke Ross' visuals have been an absolute revelation this entire series and I don't think he gets enough credit for making an espionage superhero book look not just great, but believable. We're coming to the end of one of the best under the radar series in modern comics, all of which began with the little first issue that could and the series has only gotten better and better from there.


I just want this arc to end. That's usually something you hear in regards to something that isn't well-liked, but nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is: Rick Remender and Steve McNiven (with Jerome Opena starting us off) have given us one of the MOST unrelenting story arcs in modern comics. The last few issues, especially, have just been tragedy after tragedy with hardly any time to catch our breath. The unrelenting pace finally comes charging to a close, and I can't wait because I have NO idea what Planet X might be. I mean I have SOME idea, but it's all too horrible to consider. It's been a glorious ride and I'm not going to look away in the final issue of the storyline. To quote a great warrior poet: I wanna see how it ends.

Honorable Mention: MIGHTY AVENGERS #7

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Posted by MrShway88

Sweet, didn't know The Wake was back this week.

Posted by dagmar_merrill

Deadpool and maybe Fantastic Four.

Edited by MadeinBangladesh

THis is the biggest week ever for me. 17 total comics! Good googly moogly!!



Superior SPiderman


One Hit Wonder





Guardians of the Galaxy



Samurai Jack




X-O ManoWAr

Bah Gawd all mighty!

Posted by Jake Fury

Superior Foes of Spiderman Vol #1, heck yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edited by The Stegman

Is "The Wake" any good? Snyder's involvement has me interested.

Posted by Xwraith

Two TMNT books in one week?!

Edited by longbowhunter

Big week for me and Rick Remender apparently.

Black Science #4

Deadly Class #2

Hawkeye #15

Sheltered #7

Uncanny Avengers #17

The Wake #6

Posted by CommanderShiro

I also urge people to pick up Superior Foes of Spider-Man if you fancy a great hilarious title. And YAY for the return of The Wake.

Posted by smith0725


OH YEAH. If you can find it, there is a floppy of the first five issues for only $10. I haven't read much by Snyder at all, but I love this; good, mysterious adventure/sci-fi.

Edited by Tombola237

The book I'm looking forward to more than any other this week well even this month is Fantastic Four #1 written by the the awesome James Robinson. I'm looking forward to a new take on the fab four and with this brilliant creative team I think it's going to be a great title.

Edited by Maddpanda531

Huge week over here. Thank god I have two jobs.

Posted by CaptainHoopla

Very nice including the Superior Foes trade.

For me this week: The Wake (yeah, it's back), Black Science, X-O Manowar, Deadpool, Superior Spider-Man, & Hawkeye (I really hope the plot actually starts moving forward again as this book has been trending down with me since issue 11).

Posted by 2cool4fun

Lois Lane :D

Posted by ZbvmX

My wallet might be suffering from a case of an enlarged pull box, but it won't stop me from getting that Superior Foes TPB (really wish they'd release in HC though).

Happy Wednesday everyone! :D

Posted by iaconpoint

@the_stegman: "Good" is subjective but if you like monster/sci-fi then it's a pretty good read. The art is amazing.

Posted by RaggedScarecrow

Hawkeye, and Uncanny Avengers. I'm also gonna try and grab the first TPB of The Wake since I've heard nothing but good things about it. I've decided to drop All New X-Men and replace it with Deadly Class so I need to grab the first 2 issues of that as well.

Posted by XescapetheliesX

There are way too many good comics this week... And pretty much every week... I don't know how some of you can only pick up a couple books.

Black Bat 9

Brother Lono 8

All Star Western 28

Aquaman 28

Batman Superman 8

Flash 28


Justice League Dark 28

Superman 28

Talon 16

Wake 6

Chew 40

Manhattan Projects 18

Dead body road 3

Superior Spiderman 28

Wolverine and Xmen 42

Posted by patrat18

One Dc title a week? Come on.

Posted by batmannflash

yes The Wake is back!

Posted by mak13131313

This is my pull list for the week.

1. Lois Lane #1

2. Aquaman #28

3. Batman The Dark Knight #28

4. Batman/Superman #8

5. Catwoman #28

6. The Flash #28

7. Forever Evil A.R.G.U.S. #5

8. Larfleeze #8

9. Star Wars Legacy #12

10. The Walking Dead #122

11. Captain Midnight #8

12. The Wake #6

Posted by The_Titan_Lord

Superior Foes and Deadpool for me.

Posted by Fastestmanalive

Pretty solid week for me. Here is my list.

Aquaman #28

Haven't been really liking Jeff Parker's run so far but its still the beginning and the king of the seas is awesome.

Superman #28

It's Superman, even with Lodbell, nuff said.

Flash #28

Bucellanto is great and the current story line is really good with Barry seemingly getting a lead on his mother's killer, plus Deadman. And Zircher is really good on art.

Batman/Superman #8

I'm very surprised this is not on the list actually. This has been an amazing series from the start. the combination of the world's finest is always great and Pak has been killing it. But here specifically we get the first meeting of Supes/Bats and Huntress and Powergirl of earth two which should be pretty interesting. Plus opening the possibility of the two worlds interacting much more.

Lois Lane #1 (Maybe)

I do like Lois as a character and anything Super related has me interested. Plus something new and different is exciting. but still with those things in mind it still has to be a good story and written well to make it worth it.

Superior Spiderman #28

Still an amazing series. Gonna be fun to see Ock against Osborn. It's going to be bittersweet for the end. Definitely exciting but sad to see Spock go.

Worlds Finest #20

Just if I need it to complete the crossover with Bat/Supes

Edited by SaintWildcard

I didn't know that Lois Lane one shot came out this week. DAMMIT! I hope they still have one.

Edited by bob808

The Flash

Forever Evil: A.R.G.U.S.

Justice League Dark

Lois Lane


Dead Boy Detectives

Doc Savage

Deadly Class

Fantastic Four

Posted by Transformers1024

I may check out Fantastic Four, but that $4 tag is scaring me away. Anyone know if it's just for the first issue?

Edited by micah

Cataclysm, GOTG, Batman/Superman, Uncanny Avengers, Samurai Jack, X-O Manowar, Stormwatch, Red Hood and the Outlaws

Edited by monsterduc

Big week this week!

One Hit Wonder, The Wake and Deadly Class my most anticipated though :-)

DC Comics

Batman: The Dark Knight #28


Samurai Jack #4


Black Science #4

The Bounce #10

Dead Body Road #3

Deadly Class #2

One Hit Wonder #1

Rat Queens #5


Guardians of the Galaxy #12

Indestructible Hulk #19

Superior Spider-Man #28


100 Bullets: Brother Lono #8

Dead Boy Detectives #3

The Wake #6

Posted by PapiNacho

Batman/Superman, Uncanny Avengers, Superior Spider-Man, X-O Man of War, JLD, The Flash, The Wake, Hawkeye

Posted by manwithoutshame

This week is awesome. For me, the week belongs to image, with Black Science, Revenge, Sex, and Manhattan Projects. I've been loving Miracleman from Mavel as well.

Edited by MrTummyTumms

THis is the biggest week ever for me. 17 total comics! Good googly moogly!!



Superior SPiderman


One Hit Wonder





Guardians of the Galaxy



Samurai Jack




X-O ManoWAr

Bah Gawd all mighty!

Haha dang, I need to get a hold of your paycheck!

Posted by Cap10nate

Very excited about the next chapters of Secret Avengers and Uncanny Avengers. I wonder if Daisy will be brought back in with Winter Soldier or if that storyline is being abandoned with the switch over from Spencer. I have really enjoyed the story so far and I hope that Spencer finishes the story he had planned and we aren't going to get a clumsy attempt to close it all out 2 issues short of when it should have ended so they can do the relaunch.

Still debating whether or not to drop Hawkeye. I haven't enjoyed the last 4-5 issues that much.

Looking forward to trying Fantastic Four.

Posted by Ultron345

Can anyone explain to me why Hawkeye is such a hyped book? I can't bare to look at it so I haven't bought it. What is Fraction doing to generate this much buzz????

Posted by viin

The Wake is all I got...though I do want to check out Dead Body Road and Black Science

Posted by Smurfboy

Only issue I'm getting is Wolverine # 2. I am broke at the moment. Sucks.

Edited by dreamfall31

Looking forward to Lois Lane #1! I hope it's good! Also looking forward to this Uncanny Arc when it's collected. Picked up the first issue but didn't like it. Read the 2nd hardcover and fell in love with it! It's essentially his run of X-Force, but just with a different team.

Edited by fables87

Can't wait for Deadly Class to come out on trade :D

Posted by davidgrantlloyd

Aquaman #28

Dead Boy Detectives #3

Powerpuff Girls #6

Fantastic Four #1

Miracleman #3

Crossed Badlands #48

Edited by GothamRed

Hawkeye, BABY!

Posted by Rixec

Lord, Alopex looks and acts awesomely in that preview! One of the best new characters ever! She needs to be brought into the show! Imagine her awesomeness there!

Edited by longbowhunter

@ultron345: He's writing Clint as a flawed every man hero. Aja's beautiful artwork doesn't hurt none either. If you're looking for fights in tights, there are literally hundreds of other books on the shelf that deliver that. It you're looking for a smaller story with great character moments, Hawkeye is your book.

Edited by Perfect 10

ucanny avengers, check. five weapons, check. deadly class, check. secret avengers, check check. and an all new fantastic four

Edited by braynehurricane

"I wanna see how it ends." Hahaha, @undeadpool, did you just quote Spike?

Edited by scouts1998

Deadpool 24

The Wake 6

Hawkeye 15

Edited by ptigrusmagus

Bennett sucks, tired of DC pushing her towards us, give those issues to better writers

Edited by DonFelipe

Lots of good stuff this week. The most interesting titles and intriguing stories seems to be the first issues of Revenge and One Hit Wonder though I'd really like to check out their interior art first.

Also Hawkeye, Five Weapons, Black Science, Sheltered, and Hacktivist #2....

Posted by mikey776

All of the comics look good but my favorite is TMNT

Posted by Technicolorville
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