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This Week's Essential Comics: 12/09/13

These are the comics you're looking for.

New comic book day is approaching and we're here to make sure you're prepared for the flood of new releases that'll hit your comic shops (both physical and digital) on Wednesday. Narrowing down the options isn't always easy and it can be particularly difficult if you're working with a tight budget. Because of that, we want to put the ones that'll hopefully rule right on your radar. After reviewing the list of this week's new releases, we've each picked a few that we're really excited to check out and we'll tell you why they're worth considering.

Are you buying any of the comics we've listed or does your list of essential comics look a bit different? Don't be shy, let us know below.

Some previews may be in reverse order.

Tony 'G-Man' Guerrero's picks


Batman Zero Year continues.

We're now in the second act of the story. The first part showed Bruce Wayne taking up his fight against the Red Hood Gang and eventually dining the Bat-suit. Now that the Riddler has unleashed his attack against Gotham City, we've seen the tension building. To make things worse, there's the appearance by the mysterious and deadly Doctor Death as well as pretty crazy cliffhanger last issue.

The solicit mentions Batman and Jim Gordon have to work together but we've already seen there appears to be some sort of animosity towards Gordon on Bruce's part. Another mystery for us to see play out.

Snyder and Capullo are carving out Batman's early days and each chapter, in its isolation from the rest of the New 52 universe, has been a treat.

Visit Hero Complex for another page.


There's a lot of Justice League comics coming out this week.

JUSTICE LEAGUE #25 appears to be setting things up for each issue of FOREVER EVIL. Last issue we saw the fight build up between Ultraman and Black Adam, which then concluded in FOREVER EVIL #3*. This issue appears to be setting things up for Nightwing.

In the first issue of FOREVER EVIL, we witnessed Nightwing get brutally captured, beaten and have his identity publicly revealed. This is likely to have a huge impact on the character and there hasn't been a lot said or hinted toward what's in store for his future. This not only affects Dick Grayson's life but could also have repercussions for Bruce Wayne. And we need to also find out what Owlman has planned.

Because the Crime Syndicate is composed of some extremely evil individuals, we know there's some tension amongst the team members. It looks like we're going to see what plans Owlman has for Ultraman as well.

CBR has the last page.


It's time to go back to the future. The notion of this series seems a bit odd. We're still seeing the present day New 52 being fleshed out but now we're going to jump forward about a thousand years to see what's going on.

We know there exists some form of the Justice League. There will be several questions as to how this team was formed or even how the legacies continued for so long. What connections, if any, do these heroes have to their present day counterparts? What is the world like? Who are the villains?

Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis are joined by Howard Porter to give us the next next generation of the Justice League. There will be a sense of "anything goes" since the time period is so far off. It'll be worth seeing how these versions compare and if they will earn a place in our hearts.

USA Today has one more preview page.

Honorable Mention: LIL GOTHAM #9 (It's the Comic-Con issue now in print).

Mat 'Inferiorego' Elfring's picks


Last month, MANIFEST DESTINY took my by surprise. I didn't know much about this series going in, and I picked it up on a whim. It turned out to be really awesome. Writer Chris Dingess takes a page from American history, presents a story most Americans are familiar with, and turns it on its head.The first issue introduces the reader to the idea that, at one time, there were some monstrous creatures lurking across the country. It's an interesting story with a big twist and since the first issue had so much promise, I've thrown it on my pull list. Jump on this book now, while you can. There's also a second printing of the first issue coming out this week as well.


We get TWO Cataclysm books this week? What's a boy to do?! Well, I can't really put both Cataclysm books on my list, so instead, I put the one I'm more excited for and that just happens to be the Ultimates tie-in. The last issue was a blast and had a great tie-in to Cataclysm #0.1. I was wowed with the writing and art. What really got me excited was that Ultimate M.O.D.O.K. is a part of this story. While the Ultimates have to fight off Galactus from 616, they also have to take on the cult of Gah Lak Tus, which is a really cool addition to this story. If you're going to get any tie-in to this event, pick this one up. Heck, even if you aren't reading Cataclysm, you should check this one out.


Gregg 'k4tz' Katzman's picks


Look, I get some of you loathe the idea of Clark and Diana dating, but Charles Soule's writing in this series has been seriously entertaining and the book has been explosive. It's basically like their relationship is secondary and *insert dilemma with big villain here* is the real focus.

While the threat of Doomsday still remains and the brute could definitely appear in this issue, this chapter primarily brings Zod front and center. This book has not shied away from action one bit, so you can be certain Zod's inclusion is going to be a hectic one -- especially if the solicit says it's all about the duo trying to stop him before he can gain full power thanks to our delicious yellow sun. Throw in Tony S. Daniels' artwork and you can bet this will be one of the first issues I read on Wednesday.

Check out IGN for the final preview page.


If you've been reading Valiant's books, then this new series is nothing short of pure amazingness. If you haven't been reading Valiant's books, then this is a GREAT way to learn all about some of the publisher's big characters and see why we're all praising them.

Matt Kindt's opening chapter did an awesome job giving this book an epic vibe. It's new reader friendly, but if you're not new to the Valiant-verse, it's just surreal seeing all of these cool characters share the pages and being put in such an interesting scenario. We all know X-O Manowar and Toyo Harada are immensely two powerful dudes, but what happens when they're at odds? This issue will reveal how Toyo forms "Unity 2.0" in an attempt to take down Aric and I just can't wait to read it.

If you've been waiting to jump on the Valiant train, now's the time to hop on. Plus, you can never go wrong with more Ninjak.

Honorable Mentions: CAPTAIN AMERICA #14, HARBINGER #19

Jen 'MissJ' Aprahamian's picks


A new arc begins, and if it's anywhere near as thrilling as the last, we're in for a treat. This second chapter focuses on the Waste, shifting from the corrupt and spoiled Family towards another slice of Rucka's complex and dystopic world. So far, all we know is that this class comprises "everyone else" -- those who aren't privileged enough to be Family or specialized enough to be Serfs -- and they seem perfectly poised for some action (an uprising, perhaps?). LAZARUS has been one of the most exciting books of 2013, and Rucka and Lark don't show any signs of slowing that down. It's packed with sharp cultural commentary, palpably-realistic science, explosive action, and good old-fashioned interpersonal drama, making it an essential pick for readers with a wide range of tastes.


Justin Jordan's macabre sensibilities meet Matteo Scalera's gritty, dynamic style, and DEAD BODY ROAD seems like it's going to be quite the ride. It looks like the sequential equivalent of a grindhouse revenge flick -- it's dirty and textured, there's a heist gone bad, and there's an angry-as-hell protagonist who's out for blood. Knowing Jordan's body of work, that blood will be spilled in a most creative manner, and I trust Scalera to realize that on the page with flourish. DEAD BODY ROAD makes a late-year debut as an essential crime book, perfect for action junkies and fans of thought-provoking thrillers.

Honorable Mention: NIGHTWING #26

Corey 'Undeadpool' Schroeder's picks


The storyline of Monster Girl being a father to an alien entity is one of the most bizarrely compelling storylines that Invincible has ever shelved. But Robert Kirkman doesn't let storylines pass their expiration date, he takes them right down off that shelf, cracks 'em open, and feeds us thick, nutritive stories! That analogy kinda got away from me at the end, but that doesn't diminish my anticipation to see how that progresses, and with Ryan Ottley staying strong on art, I can't see this going anywhere but up.


It's the action book that reads like a bizarre character study as Dennis Hopeless' unusual union of mutants reaches a fever pitch with Forge's blackouts finally being explained. With Cable's team quartermaster/inventor turning against them, I'm anxious to see what fresh hell he has planned. Gerardo Sandoval continues cutting his own artistic path on the book, and so far his visuals have been a great union for the writing and I'm excited to see that continue.


Kris Anka has done some absolutely stellar work on the covers of Uncanny X-Force, matching up with that book's surreal, mystic tone to absolute perfection. The idea that we get those same visuals on interior art, even just for one issue, means that this will definitely be a must-see. Brian Bendis working an Inhumanity storyline into my favorite X-Roster is sure to be a great tale as well, especially writing any kind of girls' night out that involves Emma Frost.

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Posted by AllStarSuperman

Unity 2

Batman 26

Nightwing 26

Smallville Alien 1

Captain America Living Legend 4

Posted by CaptainHoopla

Excellent week!

Lazarus, Batman, Unity, Captain America, and Superior Foes of Spider-Man for me.

Posted by TheMantisShrimp

Anyone else bummed Ivan Reis is not drawing Justice League? I don't have anything against Mahnke art, I just can't get enough Reis.

Posted by ColaNicole

That cover to Justice League is bad ass.

Edited by PunyParker

OBVIOUSLY Batman,and the 2 books with Parker on the cover....

Is Nightwing(New 52) good?....

Posted by batmannflash

Batman, Unity, Superman/WW

Posted by AllStarSuperman
Edited by Gunners



Superman - Wonder Woman

Uncanny X-Men

It's a light week for me... but all look to be really awesome!

Posted by Cap10nate




Captain America

Captain America: Living Legend


Archer and Armstrong


Nice week for me with a lot of variety.

Posted by ColaNicole
Posted by Gunners

@punyparker: Nightwing is one of my fav books from the NEW 52!

Posted by SilverPool

OBVIOUSLY Batman,and the 2 books with Parker on the cover....

Is Nightwing(New 52) good?....


Edited by BeautifulTemptress
Posted by PapiNacho

Huge week for me:

Batman 26: Really loved the last issue; favorite character, amazing series. Love that Batman is such a boss in this book and excited to see his first confrontation with a Super Villain.

Justice League 25: Have been liking this Crime Syndicate origins, and as a fan of Nightwing this issue is a must. Hope Jonhs picks up the pace on FE thought.

Justice League 3,000 1: Looking forward to this one. Interested in what it will contain.

Superman/Wonder Woman 3: Zod, Faora, Wonder Woman, Superman, excellent book, how can I not read this?

Justice League of America 10: MMH and Stargirl, a regular party. interested to see the direction this book takes after they escape.

Nightwing 26: Loved the last storyline, eager to see what happen now.

Batgirl 26: Finally the finale of Wanted, this feels like forever. I love DC but they really messed with this book's flow.

Constantine 9: FE Blight, has had a great start and an amazing PS issue. Hopefully Ray doesn't drop the ball.

Iron Man 19: Enjoyed the last issue, hyped for Iron Metropolitan.

Suicide Squad 26: Will catch up with this series, quite interested in Harley, Deadshot and James Jr.

FE Arkham War 3: Last issue better than the meh, first issue. Curios to see BatBane.

Green Lantern Corps 26/Superboy 26: John Stewart kicking Hal Jordans ass? Evil Superboy, who is Superman's actual son? Choices!!!! I don't know.

Edited by lifeboy

Inferiorego, IDW is going to start Rogue Trooper series. I thjnk your like me that

enjoys war comics. Its a continuation off the HeavyMetal 'war mechine' story. You might remember it.

Edited by longbowhunter

Light week, but a very good one.

Batman #26

Lazarus #5

Manifest Destiny #2

Superior Foes #6

Pumped for Manifest Destiny #2. First issue was great. Probably trade wait on Dead Body Road.

Edited by lifeboy

1Suicide Squad- don't like the writing but I do like the art and the characters. Gordon Jr Amanda

2Dejah Thoris- good art and writing. Fantasy stories are something I dig.

3WorldsFinest- I just adore the 2 girls relationship with on another. Ok writing hate the art.

4Justice League- one of the only 2 tie-ins I am enjoying on Forever Evil. Plus mr johns is good.

5JLA- really like #8. #9 stunk. Hope #10 can bring it back.

6Katana- I enjoyed the magic katana brought while she was around :'(

7Coffin Hill- I want to try out an indie

8Sm/WW- both 1 and 2 were so awesome. I've learned more about WW in these 2 than in the whole 25 issue run of her own title.

Posted by StarSapphireLove
Edited by CuddleBear

East of West!

Edited by timelord
  • Batgirl #26 - Finally the end of Batgirl Wanted. It has been a really awesome arc how ever Batgirl's new years resolution should be no more cross overs with the bat family.
  • Forever Evil: Arkham War #3 - The weakest of the three Forever Evil tie ins IMO but the previews look interesting so why not?
  • Green Lantern: Corps #26 - So we have John stepping up sounds good to me I think John would be far more qualified to lead the corps over Hal.
  • Justice League #25 - Owl mans origin why not? I also hope we find out who is under the bag.
  • Justice League 3000 #1 - Ill always give a new series a try and I want to find out who these three are and I have feeling Supergirl will end up in the future so I will buy it for that.
  • Justice League of America #10 - More Stargirl and Martian Man Hunter gimme.
  • Superboy #26 - A new Superboy and creative team so I will give this book another chance.
  • Worlds Finest #18 - I might drop this after the January cross over it seems to spinning its wheels to much.
  • Constantine #9 Blight Part 4 I am loving this cross over so far it has hit the ground running.

@PapiNacho your list is basically the same as mine

Posted by HushoftheWind

@punyparker: it pretty much has an "AMAZING" Spider-man feel to it which is definitely not a bad thing since.....yeah.

Edited by TobenRacicot

@cuddlebear: i just checked the image site. its out the 18th. they delayed it a week.

Posted by RedhoodFlashLantern


Batgirl #26

Batman #26

Batman Black & White #4

Constantine #9

Forever Evil Arkham War #3

Green Lantern Corps #26

Justice League #25

Justice League of America #10

Justice League 3000 #1

Nightwing #26

Suicide Squad #26

Superboy #26

Superman/Wonder Woman #3

Coffin Hill #3

FBP #6

Lazarus #5

Manifest Destiny #2

Walking Dead #118

Posted by micah

Anyone getting Cataclysm?

Posted by Cavemold

Astro city

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

I hated last month's Batman issue. i hope this one is better.





JL 300


Justice League


Uncanny X-MEN

Wolverine and the X-Men



Posted by GraniteSoldier

Batman, Nightwing

That's about it.

Posted by monsterduc

Day Men #2$3.99

Shaolin Cowboy #3

X #8

Batman #26

Uncanny #5

Dead Body Road #1

Lazarus #5

Morning Glories Vol. 6

Amazing Spider-Man #700.2

Amazing Spider-Man #700.3

Uncanny X-Men #15

Coffin Hill #3

FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics #6

Edited by PapiNacho

@timelord: Yep, no love for Batman and Nightwing thought? Are you more exited for Corps or Superboy?

Edited by RaggedScarecrow

Of the listed, I'm only getting:

  • Cable and X-Force #17
  • Uncanny X-Men #15.INH

But I'm also grabbing:

  • Avengers A.I. #7.INH
  • Constantine #9
  • FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics #6
  • Forever Evil: Arkham War #3
Posted by RedHush1

This Week for Me is:

Avengers A.I. #7.INH

Uncanny X-Men #15.INH

Mighty Avengers #4.INH

All Inhumanity tie ins this week for me!

Posted by Hanson724

Unity - excellent first issue


Manifest Destiny - another great first issue



Batman - can't wait to read this

GL Corps.- I'd prefer to have John in charge of the corps instead of Hal.

and Wraith Welcome to Christmasland - first issue was very twisted

Edited by timelord

@papinacho: Batman i'm trade waiting on Zero Year is just not interesting to me. This weekends task will to be get caught up on Nightwing.

That's a tough one I would have to go Superboy due to the fact that it's one less Super book Scott Lobdell is working on.

Edited by jwalser3

Skeptical about Justice League 3000, I'll probably pick ypu SM/WW just for Zod.

Posted by Big_Nasty

DC is taking my money this week.

Edited by CuddleBear

@cuddlebear: i just checked the image site. its out the 18th. they delayed it a week.

lol thanks, 2nd delay of it

Posted by KnightofSteel

Some great comics on the way!

Star Wars #12

Batman #26

Justice League #25 (ah man no Reis on art?!)

Justice League 3000 #1 (we'll see how the first issue is anyways)

Justice League of America #10

Captain America #14

Wolverine Max #14

Battlestar Galactica Starbuck #2

Posted by ScarletBatman

- Batman 26

- Justice League 25

- Justice League 3000 1

- Uncanny X-Men 14

- Amazing Spider-Man 700.2

- Amazing Spider-Man 700.3

Posted by TobenRacicot

@cuddlebear: yeah its super sad. i hope that doesn't become a constant. but maybe with his infinity stuff he was too busy. who knows.

Posted by Wilbertus

Batman 26, Nightwing 26, Batgirl 26, Arkham War 3. It's going to be a Bat-heavy week for me.

Oh and Suicide Squad 26 should be good too.

Posted by spinningbirdcake

@tobenracicot: It might be because of Infinity because it also feels like it's been forever since Manhattan Projects came out.

Posted by SwampPing

Batman, Manifest Destiny and Dead Body Road

Sad to see so few people reading indie books in the comments here :(

Posted by CuddleBear
Posted by TobenRacicot
Posted by Outside_85

Slow week:


Coffin Hill

Posted by consafo80

Another fairly busy week this week:

Alex + Ada #2

Batgirl #26

Batman #26

Constantine #9

Forever Evil Arkham War #3 Green Lantern Corps #26 Justice League #25

Justice League 3000 #1 Justice League Of America #10

Manifest Destiny #2

Nova #11

Powerpuff Girls #4

Suicide Squad #26

Superior Foes of Spider-man #6

Superman Wonder Woman #3

Unity #2

Posted by ScarletWitchFever

A pretty great week.

Alex + Ada



Forever Evil: Arkham War

Green Lantern Corps

Justice League

Justice League 3000

Justice League of America


Suicide Squad

Worlds' Finest

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