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This Week's Essential Comics: 08/26/13

These are the comics you're looking for.

Yet another week, yet another mountain of new comics for our eyes to absorb. For many of us, our eyes are far bigger than our wallets and that can make narrowing down the options a difficult chore. Well, we're here to help. We've reviewed the list of new comics coming out this week and here are the ones we can't wait to check out. When all is said and done, don't forget to share your must have comics in the comments as well.

Tony 'G-Man' Guerrero's picks


This is it. It's the end of Trinity War. Things have escalated pretty quickly. The secret behind the formation of the JLA has already been exposed to the Justice League. Team members have fought against other team members. It's been a bit of a mess and there's still more to come. The big question is what will happen to each team when this is all over?

Adding to that, we have the mystery of the Secret Society as well as Pandora's Box. Geoff Johns has set up quite the event for the DC Universe and we know this is leading into an even bigger one. You can't argue that risks are not being taken with these characters and titles. We are apparently about to see the end of the Justice Leagues...

And with Ivan Reis and Joe Prado handling the art, it's all going to look really good as we sit on the edge of our seats seeing how it all plays out.

Go to BuzzFeed for the rest of the preview.


Man oh man. Greg Pak and Jae Lee are cranking up the heat on this title. Aside from the first "encounter" between Batman and Superman in the New 52, we've seen them travel to EARTH 2 and last issue ended with a pretty insane ending between Earth 2's Wonder Woman and Lois Lane.

Between Pak's writing and setting up this confrontation (which we still have some questions about) and Jae Lee's art, we're getting a story that isn't quite like previous ones we've seen with these two heroes. Lee's art does give it a sense we're going to another place. That's a great feeling when sitting down and diving into a comic.

With Yildiray Cinar also set to provide some art for this issue, it's going to be another great looking issue and you can count on more action and suspense from Pak.

Visit IGN for more preview pages.

FF #11

Matt Fraction, Mike Allred, Laura Allred, the Future Foundation and…the Impossible Man.

You can always count on having a fun time when reading this title. Not only do things usually get wacky and zany, there is always that deep underlying sense of dread because we know some dark things are cooking beneath the surface. If things weren't expected to potentially get crazy before, having the Impossible Man return pretty much guarantees it will be completely nutso.

Honorable Mentions:


This is actually what I wanted to see in the regular series - a spotlight on the different members of Batman Incorporated. Now that that series is over, there hasn't been a definitive stance on what's next for everyone. This one-shot will perhaps give us some of those answers as well seeing several different creators work with these characters.


Who is this new Reverse Flash? What's his problem with those exposed to the Speed Force? This issue answers those questions.

Mat 'Inferiorego' Elfring's picks


ALL STAR WESTERN has been quite the fun ride. More recently, it's gotten a bit insane with Jonah Hex traveling to the future, but it really works. Seeing Hex in modern day Gotham has been quite the blast, and it looks like some of the mystery of how he got here, other than Booster Gold's time traveling tech malfunctioning, will be revealed in this issue.

If you're a western fan, you're probably already reading this series. If you're not, you're crazy. If you love Gotham City and you're not reading this book. Again, you're crazy. ALL STAR WESTERN has a lot of great elements to it, aside from Palmiotti's and Gray's writing and Moritat's art, that make it a top book every month. Although it's in the middle of a storyline, I urge you to go pick this one up.

Newsarama has an exclusive preview in their viewer.


This is it! It's the conclusion to the "Death of a King" story line! Hopefully, you've been reading this book because with the last issue, things got a bit crazy. Writer Geoff Johns along with artist Paul Pelletier have really turned this latest story line into something epic. Aquaman is up against the Dead King who is extremely powerful, and he has ties to the original Atlantis.

At the same time, Scavenger it attacking Atlantis, and seemingly winning. Within all of this, there's even more things happening. There's a lot of layers of stories going on and their balanced pretty well, but more importantly, they're all extremely interesting. New readers may have a tough time jumping in, but if you've been enjoying this series, why stop now?

Check out MTV Geek for an exclusive preview.

Gregg 'k4tz' Katzman's picks

TMNT #25

If you've been reading this series (good on ya if that's the case), then odds are you agree last chapter of 'City Fall' was nothing short of fantastically amazing perfection. And no, that's not an overestimation. Now it's time for another round of this superb story and now that the team knows Leo's status and has an uneasy alliance with Old Hob and Slash, I just can't wait to see how it'll all unfold.

Plus, the solicit claims the war begins in this issue and there will be a special guest or two. If you've read Karai's micro-series issue (which you SHOULD have and if you haven't, jump on that right now), it's safe to say we could see the return of a fan-favorite duo. Look, I continue to praise this book for a simple reason: it's damn good. If you're even remotely interested in the franchise, 'City Fall' is sure to make you a fan.

Check out the complete preview we posted right here.


Remember the good old days when Kaine was kissing at a Rodeo and all was well? Yeah, those are gone and he's thrown back into all kinds of terrible things. First and foremost, his body is degenerating again and to make matters even more complicated, "Ben Reilly" now jumps into the picture and says "hello" by hitting him right in the face. Seems safe to say these two won't have a chat over a cup of coffee, right?

If you read 'Sibling Rivalry,' then you're understandably skeptical about this being the original Ben, but honestly, who cares if it isn't? Co-writers Christopher Yost and Erik Burnham have yet to let me down and continue to make this series massively entertaining every single month. We've already seen one solid Spider-Man related title get canceled (VENOM), and it would fill me with so much sadness to see the same happen with this great series. So, if you dig the preview at all, you should really give SCARLET SPIDER an honest chance this Wednesday.


Honestly, I think the people over at Marvel had a meeting and asked, "What could we do to make Gregg enjoy Deadpool even more?" Their answer: throw in Declan Shalvey, and if it's not too much trouble, Wolverine and Captain America, too. So begins the 5-part story "The Good, The Bad and the Ugly." Seeing as this dives into Wade's past with Weapon X, I'm really hoping co-writers Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn really play up the fact that Wade isn't merely a clown with a healing factor. Hopefully we'll see a strong focus on the inner turmoil he faces over his current status and where he's been. There's more depth to this character than many seem to think, so it'll be great to see Duggan and Posehn go heavy on that with this 5-parter.

And if not, at least I'm confident they'll at least be able to make me laugh and Shalvey's pencils are great.

Honorable Mentions: THOR: GOD OF THUNDER #12, LARFLEEZE #3

Jen 'MissJ' Aprahamian's picks


Art and Franco are masters at making things adorable and smart, and I couldn't be more excited to see their latest adventures in the all-ages playground. The duo of Eisner-winning famous cartoonists is taking on Mike Mignola's universe, and we're about to see a whole new side of Hellboy & Co -- the cute side.

Their track record of staying true to a property's core while making things age-appropriate and entertaining for all (see: TINY TITANS, SUPERMAN FAMILY ADVENTURES) means that fans of Mignola's series will still get all the Hellboy goodness they're used to, but it'll also be something that they'll be able to share with the kids.

Hellboy and the rest of the B.P.R.D. might be getting the itty bitty treatment, but the AW YEAH moments (and Hellboy's hand) will be decidedly big.


Eight "lost tales." Eight powerhouse creative teams. Eight dollars (ok, $7.99). This anthology is taking Scott Snyder's and Rafael Albuquerque's AMERICAN VAMPIRE universe, and opening it up to the imaginations of some of the industry's top talent.

There will be blood, and there will be some seriously cool stories, courtesy of Greg Rucka, Jeff Lemire, Francesco Francavilla, Declan Shalvey, and more.

If you've been thirsting for more AmVamp after this summer's THE LONG ROAD TO HELL, there are eighty full pages to savor.


At the end of last issue, Forever Carlyle -- the "Lazarus" of her family, a technologically-enhanced killing machine bred and trained to carry out top-priority missions for her clan -- walked into enemy territory, brazen and ready for a fight, while a veritable soap opera of family tensions simmered back at the compound.

Dystopian future tech blends seamlessly with old-fashioned greed and manipulation, and we've only gotten a taste of what lies outside the Carlyle family's ultra-restricted territory. If you're keen on sharply-written (and beautifully illustrated) dramas with plenty of action, grab the first two issues to catch up, and jump onto this series before it's sold out at your shop. It's too good to trade-wait.

CBR has the final preview pages.

Corey 'Undeadpool' Schroeder's picks


We know why, we know how, we learnt the cover-up, now all that's left is to see one of the most brutal, heart-wrenching superhero books on the shelf. through to the conclusion. With the perfectly named Dennis Hopeless helming the tale of equal parts loss, gripping battles, desperation and kill-or-be-killed mayhem with just enough heart to make the occasional panel or page feel especially poignant.

It may prize violence and combat over pathos and genuine emotion, but it's got a melodramatic tone that I can't get enough of and it's been a book I've been happy to see go from stunt-writing to must-read. Throw in series regular Kev Walker and the beginning of the end (of Season 1, let's hope for a second) is one of the most compelling reasons to hit the store this week.


Infinity title! One of my favorite things in comics, and a great reason to keep a unified continuity, at least for the Big Two, is when a cliche is not only called out, but harshly punished. Wolverine going back to assassinate Hank Pym, only to have to go back AGAIN and stopping his...future self?...whatever it was, it, along with the X-Men taking weekly field trips through, broke the timestream. I know it's only been two titles (and a couple of great tie-ins), but I'm already hopelessly mainlining this event. After a solid run with AVX (that could have started stronger) and a disappointing outing with Age of Ultron, this feels like the giant, cosmic event book that Marvel fans have been clamoring for. Far from being a movie cash-in, this story, woven together by seemingly disparate threads by Jonathan Hickman, is turning into one of the most clear, concise and absolutely spot-on events in awhile. New Avengers has always been my favored book of Hickman's new run and with series breakout Mike Deodato still providing wall-to-wall art, I could not be happier to read the continuing saga of the Marvel Universe's consequences for their abuse of the timestream.

Honorable Mention: SECRET AVENGERS #8

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Posted by Bokkie

Ohh deadpool I love you :)

Edited by sinestro_GL

Sigh...that time of month again when my wallet REALLY suffers...oh well...AT LEAST I'M HAPPY

Posted by SavageDragon


Will be getting New Avengers and the end of Trinity War as well.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

With all the pepole pissed off at Superior Spider-Man these days why haven't the fans latched on to Scarlet Spider instead? I mean that book has been amazing since the first issue and its far better written than SSM.


Posted by DonFelipe

Can't wait to have the AV anthology in my hands; plus Itty Bitty Hellboy of course, and Batman/Superman #3 (the only Bat/Supes title that's still on my list). It also seems to be about time to finally pick up Lazarus. Not sure why I didn't when it came out first?

Posted by G_Money_Christmas
  • Uncanny X-Men
  • New Avengers
  • Deadpool
  • TMNT
  • Batman/Superman
  • Flash 20-23 (I just got interest in him so I want to pick up this new arc)
Edited by anthonygiu

Aquaman #23
Batman Inc Special
Batman/Superman #3
Justice League #23 (The end of Trinity War!!!)
Superman #23
The Flash #23

Posted by impossibilly

Thanks for the heads up on FF #11! I have a soft spot in my heart for Impossible Man and will now be picking up this issue.

Edited by sheldipez

I only picked up the [3] All Star Westerns when Booster was in it - can anyone tell me if he's back?!

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

For DC: Adventures of Superman #4, Batman Superman #3, Green Team: Teen Trillionaires #4, Justice League #23, Red Lanterns #23, Superman #23, Teen Titans #23. For IDW: Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time #8, G. I. Joe: A Real American Hero #193.

Posted by TheManInTheShoe

Getting Justice League and Flash

Posted by snarkybits

When did Venom get cancelled? :(

Posted by k4tzm4n

When did Venom get cancelled? :(

#42 will be the last issue.

Posted by Billy Batson

With all the pepole pissed off at Superior Spider-Man these days why haven't the fans latched on to Scarlet Spider instead? I mean that book has been amazing since the first issue and its far better written than SSM.


Most of the complainers won't care as it doesn't star Peter.


Posted by frogdog

With all the pepole pissed off at Superior Spider-Man these days why haven't the fans latched on to Scarlet Spider instead? I mean that book has been amazing since the first issue and its far better written than SSM.


I already read Scarlet Spider during slott's run, and constantly recommend it to people who want a good spider-man book, guess their aren't enough people like me then?

Posted by Deranged Midget

Oy... This week is going to be nuts...

  • Mass Effect
  • Aquaman
  • Batman/Superman
  • Flash
  • Justice League
  • Superman
  • TMNT
  • Captain America
  • Scarlet Spider
  • Thor
  • Ultimate Spider-Man
Posted by DecoyElite

Batman Inc, Lazarus(still need to read 1 and 2 though), and maybe some other books if they have good jumping on points.

Edited by yo_yo_fun

Mat has my pull list for this week: All Star Western #23 and Aquaman #23.

Add Lazarus #3 and the list would be complete!:)

Posted by derf_jenkins

Deadpool, FF, All-star Western, Larfleeze.

Edited by QuantumVertex

@jonny_anonymous: Dude people just like to complain! They could give a crap about Scarlet Spider or most of the really excellent books out there. If that epic Scarlet Spider/ Wolverine event didn't pull them in i don't know what will (btw Scarlet and Wolverine make the best tag team)

Posted by TheUnN4med

Only Lazarus and FBP for me this week!

Edited by braynehurricane

I realize that the Aquaman #23 solicitation and previews read that it would be the conclusion to the 'Death of a King' storyline but I think that has since been changed. The solicitation for November's Aquaman #25 reads "THE EXTRA-SIZED CONCLUSION TO 'DEATH OF A KING'!" So I guess the storyline got extended. (Nothing but good news to me, the story seemed to need some more time to unfold.)

Anyway, my pull this week is:

  • Aquaman #23
  • Batman/Superman #3
  • Flash #23
  • Lazarus #3
  • Justice League #23
Posted by Kevinva

TMNT #25 is what I'm looking forward to the most; by far the best book on my pull list.

Posted by snarkybits

@k4tzm4n said:

@snarkybits said:

When did Venom get cancelled? :(

#42 will be the last issue.

Awww!!! :(

Edited by ComicVineFan013

I love FF's she-Hulk and Medusa by Allred.

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