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This Week's Essential Comics: 06/24/13

These are the comics you're looking for.

There's a ginormous amount of terrific looking comics coming out this week and it's safe to say many of us will go well above our weekly budget. But hey, we all knew the literal price we'd pay when getting into this hobby, right? Not only is DC presenting a few appealing new titles and continuing some of their awesome ones, but we're also being treated to new material from great runs by Marvel, IDW, Vertigo and Image. It looks like there will definitely be something for everyone this Wednesday. Also, don't forget to chime in with your own "essential comics," too.

Tony 'G-Man' Guerrero's picks


You have to admit this would be a hard series to pass by. Batman and Superman are DC's two biggest heroes. We've seen glimpses of the two working together in the New 52. Somewhere along the way, these two have formed a deep friendship and level of respect.

There was an issue of ACTION COMICS where Superman talked to Batman about killing off his Clark Kent identity and also that issue of JUSTICE LEAGUE where Batman called Clark when he was stuck eating lunch at the Daily Planet all alone. Getting the chance to see how their friendship formed will be interesting.

Of course there's also the fact that this is Greg Pak's first DC project and we're going to get the gorgeous artwork by Jae Lee. Pak has mentioned we'll see the first time these two met, even though it appeared they first met at the end of JUSTICE LEAGUE #1. We'll have to wait until Wednesday to see what the story is.


Geoff Johns is weaving a Justice League story full of mystery and intrigue. Actually, let's cut to the chase. Last issue we saw the "death" of a main character. Many were talking about it. It was shocking and unexpected. We didn't get a heads up that it was coming. Bottom line, it was pretty crazy.

Could this character really be dead? Probably not considering other facts that are present. Regardless, it's a comic book ending that has kept us on the edge of our seat. We all know comic book deaths rarely stick. The fun part now is seeing how the writer explains the return of the character. The cover suggests we might not see that explanation just yet but that's what makes this story fun and interesting.

We also have Brett Booth finishing a two-issue stint. His art was impressive as usual last issue. Throw in the other developments, such as a revelation about Stargirl, this is definitely an issue that will explode off the shelves.


Last month Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy gave us quite the treat in this new series. Introduced to a new character, marine biologist Lee Archer. We saw there was something that happened in her past that made the rest of her peers shun her. Now her expertise is in demand, most likely because of this mysterious event from her past.

Snyder created a bunch of new characters and Murphy gave them all a distinct look. You immediately got the feeling of wanting to know everything about them as soon as possible. The issue also left off with a bit of a cliffhanger that adds a big sci-fi or horror element to the story.

This is a well-written story with amazing art and shouldn't be missed.

Honorable Mention: FF #8

Mat 'Inferiorego' Elfring's picks

X-MEN #2

I really loved the first issue to X-MEN by Brian Wood and Olivier Coipel. Everything worked so well. It also doesn't hurt that I'm a huge Brian Wood fan, and find his team writing to be nothing short of brilliant. I love how this series ties into one of my favorite X-Men stories: Grant Morrison's NEW X-MEN run. I'm very excited to see what Wood has in store for these characters and this series, and while the solicits boast over and over about this is an "all women X-Men team," the book never makes mention of it, which I loved with the first issue, since the focus is on the individual characters and how they work together. Essentially, it's a series with a gimmick that doesn't play off its own gimmick. My biggest question is "what's going on with Jubilee?" She's apparently still a vampire, and she has this baby with her. How will all of this affect her role on the team? Also, because of this first issue and Wood's work on ULTIMATE X-MEN, I've become a huge Kitty Pryde fan. I love how Wood treats this character in both universes.

CBR has the rest of the preview.


What do you know? I'm going to be writing about how much I love CLONE again! It's no secret that since this series began, it's been one of my favorite books. Image and Skybound have been putting out some high quality and incredibly intriguing books with creative teams that will astound you, and CLONE is a prime example of that. It's been the perfect mixture of science fiction and action. Issue #7 was quite the action packed thrill ride, as Beta took on... well... everyone. Aside from the death and destruction, Luke was dealing with something from his past... something within his DNA, and we get left with quite the cliffhanger. Luke's wife, Amelia, is still being held captive with her newborn baby. Jose Juan Ryp's art really shines on this series. He's doing a fantastic job, and he's consistent with his work. The detail in every single panel will blow you away. You need to be reading CLONE.


I guess I've come to the conclusion that I'm pretty much an Ultimate fanboy. Last week, I had both ULTIMATES and ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN in my essential list, and this week, the third book in the Ultimate line gets the spotlight: ULTIMATE COMICS X-MEN. Also, what kind of week would it be if I wasn't praising Brian Wood's writing skills. Spoiler alert: I'm also a Brian Wood fanboy. My biggest complaint about the last issue of this series was that it was supposedly the conclusion of the storyline, but it really didn't feel like one. Luckily, a couple weeks later, we get an Aftermath issue, and from the looks of the solicit, Jean Grey and Kitty Pryde are going to come head to head. Since Brian Wood jumped on this book, it has become my favorite team book, by far because the focus is on the characters and their reactions to the story unfolding in front of their eyes. This is a beautifully written, character driven book.I'm very excited to see how this all wraps up. ULTIMATE X-MEN has been a dynamite book and the war between Jean Grey and Kitty Pryde and the war between Mach Two has been brewing for so long. This book is brilliant.

Sara 'Babs' Lima's picks


If you have been reading FATALE, then chances are you have been anxiously anticipating the release of the brand new arc of this ongoing series. This Wednesday issue #15 of FATALE hits comic shops and it is definitely one issue I am looking forward to reading. The series so far has done a stellar job digging into the past of Josephine and her supporting characters, but this issue brings the character and her story into the present. It's a comic that has been consistently good, and I expect it to be a great jumping on point for new readers unfamiliar with the story. What is likely to be a great story is also paired with some truly phenomenal art by Sean Phillips and incredible colors by Bettie Breitweiser. This is an issue I definitely will not miss.


The cover to DAREDEVIL #27 is definitely striking, and it is one that is bound to lure any passersby at the comic shop this Wednesday. At the very center of the image is Foggy Nelson, Daredevil's oldest and closest friend and the character that has been at the very core of the current series. Just when Matt thought that he had solved his problems and uncovered the identity of his tormentor, it seems things may be far more complicated than he initially thought. This is a series that has been consistently fantastic and it's certainly one that I cannot wait to pick up this Wednesday.

Gregg Katzman's picks

TMNT #23

Part two of 'City Fall' is finally here, so please excuse me while I cheer and throw confetti like a total fanboy. ADIHSDUAHDASH:DHOAH!!!! Okay, now that I got that out of the way, let me tell you why you should be reading this series.

First and foremost, it's the Ninja Turtles, and any decent person out there loves the Ninja Turtles, yes? Secondly, IDW has been doing awesome work revitalizing the franchise since issue one. It's totally familiar and drawing elements from all of the versions we've seen throughout the years, but still doing it's own thing and bringing lots of change to the table. 'City Fall' is a prime example of that change. SECRET HISTORY OF THE FOOT CLAN revealed why this new version of Shredder is unique and now it's time for him to move forward with his big plan. Last issue had one helluva cliffhanger and now it's time to see where these terrific developments will take us.

If you do decide to jump onboard, I highly recommend reading issue #22 first. And if you have extra cash to throw around, I recommend reading everything prior to that, too.


Look, we all know Wolverine isn't dead after last issue's cliffhanger (apologies to the one person actually shocked by that), but honestly, who cares? Writer Christopher Yost has made SCARLET SPIDER one of the most consistently entertaining books from the House of Ideas and I'm confident this issue will be no exception.

Despite an art hiccup every now and then, this title has remained beyond joyous and is without question my favorite Spider-family book out there. Oh, and the solicit says Wolverine and Kaine will face "a thousand assassins." Yeah, please give me this issue right now. This is the best Marvel book you're probably not reading. I'll forgive you for missing out, but only if you start reading it this Wednesday. Deal?

Honorable Mention: DEADPOOL #12, X-O MANOWAR #14

Jen 'MissJ' Aprahamian's picks


MINE! I called dibs on this recco because, like everyone's favorite Orange Lantern, I like to hoard all of the coolness for myself. But I'll be generous this time, and tell you to go pick up a copy of Larfleeze's new solo book. Get your grip on an action-packed debut, in which Larfleeze faces off with Laord of the Hunt.


Bro. You're reading HAWKEYE, right, bro? So of course you know who Pizza Dog is, and how he's the best comic canine this side of Krypto. And this week? He gets his own issue. That's right -- HAWKEYE #11 is told entirely from Pizza Dog's point of view, and the sneak peeks look doggone amazing. Pizza is his business, and producing a killer comic is Fraction/Aja's business, so...get to business.

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