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This Week's Essential Comics: 01/27/14

These are the comics you're looking for.

New comics are approaching and we're here to help you prepare. On Wednesday, an overwhelming amount of new issues will be released and, if you're working with a budget, it's tough to decide what's worthy of your cash. Well, the Comic Vine staff has taken a good look at the list upcoming releases and we each have a few recommendations for you. Now, we can't guarantee the following issues we'll be 100% amazing and all that, but we're very stoked for 'em and hoping for the best. As always, we encourage you to chime in on our choices and post your own list, too. Don't be shy, join the convo.

Tony "G-Man" Guerrero's picks


Did you read the last issue? Unless you've managed to hide out in a secluded cave or bunker, you most likely know that Peter Parker is coming back. It was believed that Doc Ock managed to completely erase the essence of Peter hanging around his body and mind. Since we're talking about Peter Parker, we know he is able to overcome crazy odds. He is in deep and over his head here so the we'll all be watching to see how Dan Slott manages to unfold the rest of this story. There's still plenty to see dealing with Peter and Doc Ock.

If that wasn't enough, we also have Superior Spider-Man versus the Avengers. And that's not all. We also have Green Goblin (Goblin King) versus Hobgoblin.


Fans of Serenity/Firefly will definitely be all over this issue. It's always a bummer when an underrated television show is canceled before it had a chance to tell all the stories it deserved to tell. With a new series picking up after the events of the film and scripted by Zack Whedon with art by Georges Jeanty, it's hard to argue against picking this up.

While fans may be happy to see the return of these beloved characters, it's not a good time for them. With the crew in hiding, everyone is looking for them. The government wants to shut them down and the new movement that has begun wants Malcolm Reynolds as their leader.

If you've been craving more of the story and wanted to know what comes next, you won't want to miss this series.


Chances are when Vertigo launches a new series, you know it's going to be a great one.

The Dead Boy Detectives go back to the early days of Neil Gaiman's SANDMAN. That being said, you don't need to have read any of their prior appearances in order to jump into this series. The first issue did debut around the holidays last month but hopefully you had a chance to pick it up. If you didn't, you'll want to pick it up either at your local comic shop or digitally.

This issue is taking us back to where it all began for the Boys. Back to St. Hilarions. Let's just say it's not the nicest place. With new character Crystal headed there herself, the Boys will be following her to keep an eye on things. This is pretty much everything you'd expect and want from a Vertigo title. You should really check out what Toby Litt and Mark Buckingham are up to.

Check out our interview with Litt and Buckingham HERE.

Comics Alliance has the last preview page.

Honorable: THE FLASH #27

Mat "Inferiorego" Elfring's picks


I really enjoyed the last issue of AQUAMAN, which was writer Jeff Parker's first issue, especially because Aquaman fought a giant sea monster. I'm looking forward to seeing what he does in this upcoming arc and how he plays off of Geoff Johns. Aquaman has gone through a lot in the past year, so it may be tough for Parker to follow up; however, Parker's more light hearted writing style may be something this book needs a bit more of. And once again, he's fighting a giant sea monster. That's pretty awesome.

Check out IGN for the final preview page.


If you saw the cover reveal, then you know who is going to die in this issue. Cataclysm has been a blast so far and we all know that a few heroes are going to bite the dust while fighting Galactus. This may be an issue where we even see a few people go. This is a must buy for fans of the Ultimate universe and for people who like events done right. Bendis has really crafted a fun story that truly conveys a sense of complete hopelessness and it will keep you on the end of your seat.

Gregg "k4tz" Katzman's picks


We all love THE WALKING DEAD here at Comic Vine, but have you ever imagined what it would be like if Deadpool was wandering around in that series? Well, Cullen Bunn clearly has (that, or he's thought of Deadpool in Night of the Living Dead) and now we're lucky enough to live in a universe where there's a comic about Wade Wilson battling zombies. Aside from the very exciting premise, what makes this series particularly appealing is the artwork. Ramon Rosanas has thrown Deadpool -- bright red costume, brown pouches, yellow dialogue boxes and all -- into a completely black and white world. Not is this a nice nod to two iconic zombie franchises, but the contrast between Wade and the world he's trapped in also looks fantastic.

If you happen to like zombies and Deadpool, there's really no good reason why you shouldn't be reading this.

Watch the "Preview Theatre" for this issue HERE.


If you missed out on the first volume of FIVE WEAPONS, you should fix that mistake before Wednesday. The book -- written and illustrated by Jimmie Robinson -- is a real joy and I'm beyond stoked to see it's already back. In short, it's about a school where kids learn to be assassins, but despite the violent concept, it's not a graphic book at all. In fact, the book revolves around a kid who refuses to use weapons and relies only on his mind. Instead of becoming an expert with knives, guns or another kind of weapon, the lead character always focuses on utilizing his sharp mind and creating tactics that'll lead to his victory.

Going into plot details would potentially ruin the first volume's twist, so instead of doing that, I'll just strongly recommend this to anyone who's looking for a refreshing dose of fun. This issue's being called a good jumping on point, but honestly, I'd strongly recommend reading the first trade before diving into this. I mean, I'm sure they'll do a fine job making this as new reader friendly as possible, but you should read the first volume because it's just that pleasant.

TMNT #30

Tom Waltz and everyone else at IDW are diving into what City Fall meant for the Turtles. Sure, the event was explosive and pure excitement, but it was also a massive test for the team -- both physically and mentally. The heroes being forced to flee New York City is producing a more character-driven and emotional tone for the book. Given the situation, it's an understandable direction. Plus, trying to outdo City Fall's epicness immediately after it would be a major mistake.

We're only one issue in but the story is an engaging one and Ross Campbell's a solid choice to create the visuals for this kind of atmosphere. His character work really draws a ton of empathy from the reader and that's exactly what we need to experience right now. The team's been pushed so far and the path to recovery won't be an easy one, after all.


Jen "MissJ" Aprahamian's picks


BLACK SCIENCE has been exploring new territory in the sci-fi realm from the get-go, but it's also a fantastic sample of human drama. This month, there's a healthy dose of that, in both the relationship sphere and the life-or-death realm. Matteo Scalera is serving up some seriously wonderful art (just look at that preview!), and Rick Remender is taking us on a thrilling and unpredictable journey.

SAGA #18

SAGA is so consistently good that it almost seems redundant to include it in our Essential Picks, but we've finally hit a week that it wasn't claimed by Mat, so I'm going for it. Fan-favorite Lying Cat gets some serious panel time this issue, and things appear to be heating up in a big way. Vaughan and Staples know how to tell a spectacular story with deep, unique characters and wild worlds; if this isn't already anchoring your pull list, give it a shot.

Corey "Undeadpool" Schroeder's picks


This is it. The storytelling's been on a constant uptick and last issue's reveal was just enough to stoke the fires of anticipation for the month. Andy Kubert's self-contained dystopian future take on Damian as the Bat has all been leading up to this issue and I, for one, cannot WAIT to see what happens, particularly as regards the "Joker" that was revealed at the end of last issue. The art's always been top-notch and the writing has always been, at the very least, highly interesting with some amazing ideas and since the book has been billed a tragedy and doesn't take place in the main continuity, who knows what's going to happen?


An annual that takes place within the main story arc can be a dicey proposition, or it can be a great opportunity to settle some scores in epic, longform action. Since we have VAAAAAAN JENSEN (to quote our own Mat) and Robert Venditti, I have no doubt that this'll be the latter. There's been an interesting alliance forming to oppose the Lanterns and, according to the solicits, the Lanterns will have to go to some strange, dicey length to ensure victory, but with the galaxy already wary of them, I'm curious how these lengths will affect their perception. Neil Edwards and Scott Hanna will fill in for Bernard Chang, but those are a pair of names that I've enjoyed in the past and who've proven themselves plenty capable of drawing a bizarre, eclectic cast, and I'm confident in that lineup.


When we last left Invincible's most dangerous foe Angstrom Levy, it seemed the fog was finally beginning to clear on the events that had left him freakishly deformed in his own mind, but not before one of Invincible's most psychotic alternate-dimension forms dragged him through a portal that shut behind them. Now, apparently, Robot has found Levy and it's time for Invincible to retrieve him. Robert Kirkman has never been one to pull punches, even in this title, and I honestly have no clue what they're going to find on the other end of that portal (the cover definitely paints a grim, gory picture), but whatever it is Ryan Ottley and John Rauch will be supplying the visuals, so I will be on-board.


They. Won't. Stop. Dying. Rick Remender has TORN the roster to shreds, and while there will likely be a way back for some, that doesn't stop my jaw from dragging along the floor as disaster after disaster befalls the Uncanny Avengers. The Apocalypse Twins have seemingly considered every contingency and planned ten moves ahead in their diabolical chess game, but the one thing they don't expect is an enraged God of Thunder to run in and simply upend the table. Thor VS Uriel (especially with that very, very familiar ax that Thor let slip away so many issues ago) drawn by Steve McNiven? That is enough spoken.

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Posted by The Stegman

SAGA!! I'm finally caught up, so this will be the first physical copy of the comic I buy!!

Posted by scouts1998

I've only got aquaman 27 this week to buy

Posted by Xwraith

Just TMNT this week.

Posted by AllStarSuperman
  • Kick-Ass 3 issue 6 "The Secret Origin of Hit-Girl" (Can't believe it didnt make the list)
  • Earth 2 annual 2
  • Smallville Titans (so pumped!)
  • Superman Unchained 6

Edited by timelord
  • Earth 2 Annual #2 - Finally the identity to Earth 2's Batman should be an interesting reveal. Hawkgirl is also back so yay.
  • Forever Evil: A.R.G.U.S. #4 - A Forever: Evil Tie in. It sucks that no one is talking about this book it is actually really good. I am loving what they are doing with Steve Trevor and you get more of a sense of scale with this than the other tie ins. Sterling Gates can't seem to catch a break first vibe gets canceled and this gets swept under the rug.
  • Green Lantern Corps Annual #2 - Why couldn't Fatality stay in a coma? All of the Lanterns are a lot better when there lady friends are not around. I am giving Green Lantern and this one more issue to impress me other wise I will drop them both. The other Lantern books are just so much better.
  • Red Lanterns #27 - The Reds are finally back on Earth. I hope we get to see Guys family and there reaction to him being a Red. Also he has a new do so why not?
  • Worlds' Finest Annual #1 - So this is set in the past cool? It shall be interesting seeing Karen in the Supergirl costume again.
Edited by micah

Ultimates, Uncanny Avengers, Superior Spider-man

Edited by monsterduc

Dark Horse

Sledgehammer 44 Lightning War #3

DC Comics

Batman: The Dark Knight #27


Black Science #3

The Bounce #9

East of West #9

Saga #18

Saviors #2

Thief of Thieves #19


Guardians of the Galaxy #11

Superior Spider-Man #26


Dead Boy Detectives #2

Posted by FuryofPhoenix
  1. EARTH 2 ANNUAL #2
  2. SUPERMAN #27
  3. AQUAMAN #27
  5. TEEN TITANS #27
  6. FLASH #27
Posted by CaptainHoopla

Black Science

Night of the Living Deadpool

Superior Spider-Man

Thor: God of Thunder

Posted by TheMantisShrimp

The Aquaman and Cataclysm covers do such an awesome job of displaying vast size differences. Both are really cool.

Posted by Fallschirmjager

Great week!

Posted by RedhoodFlashLantern

Massive Week!!!!

Aquaman #27

Batman & Robin Annual #2

Batman The Dark Knight #27

Damian Son Of Batman #4

Earth 2 Annual #2

Forever Evil : Argus #4

Green Lantern Corps Annual #2

Justice League Dark #27

Larfleeze #7

Red Lanterns #27

Superman #27

Catwoman #27 (Only for Gothtopia I Can't Stand Ann Nocenti)

Teen Titans #27

The Flash #27

Worlds Finest Annual #1

TMNT #30

The Saviors #2

Black Science #3

Saga #18

Edited by CitizenJP

Omg that cover of Aquaman and Cataclysm are so awesome.

Posted by ColaNicole
Posted by eldestrisk

Way to go Image, three titles.

Posted by frankcal460

Not all of my pickups but the issues that I'm really excited for.

Dark Horse

Furious #1

Sledgehammer 44: Lightning War #3


Black Science #3

East of West #9


Thunderbolts #21


Damian: Son of Batman #4

Posted by miilkshake

Dead Boy Detectives #2
East of West #9
Night of the Living Deadpool #2
Saga #18
Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #1

Posted by Maddpanda531

Uncanny Avengers Uncanny Avengers Uncanny Avengers!

Posted by MatKrenz

I've been watching Firefly for the first time on Netflix so I guess ill pick this up.

Edited by saoakden

Uncanny Avengers & Superior Spider-Man from Marvel! Love those books!!!

Posted by AllStarSuperman
Posted by Overlander

Uncanny Avengers looks so good.

Posted by darkrider

  • Earth 2 annual 2
  • Worlds Finest Annual 1

  • Teen Titans 27

  • catwoman 27
  • Forever Evil : Argus 4

Posted by GraniteSoldier
  • Superior Spider-Man
  • TMNT
  • Night of the Living Deadpool
  • Batman (from last week I never got it)

Side note: Love that Ultimates cover.

Edited by Captain13

GLC, Flash, Cataclysm, and Superman Unchained

Edited by TheUnN4med

This week for me:
-East of West
-Black Science

Posted by longbowhunter

Black Science #3

Clone #14

Saviors #2

Saga #18

Uncanny Avengers #16

Posted by SwampPing

No Earth 2 Annual? You disappoint me Corey

Posted by Renchamp

Five Weapons is back? Shut up! I am all over that business.

Moderator Online
Edited by Grey56

@matkrenz said:

I've been watching Firefly for the first time on Netflix so I guess ill pick this up.

Enjoy it - you may not believe how much it grows on you.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh



AQUAMAN (Might drop it after this issue)

SAVIORS (Giving it one more issue)





Posted by Transformers1024

I had no idea there was a Night of the Living Deadpool comic. May have to check it out. Same for Guardians of the Galaxy though I haven't been up to date on it.

Also I wish I was caught up on Saga!!! I've only read the first 2 trades (so 12 issues) and my local comic shop doesn't have 13, 14 or 15 so it looks like I have to wait for vol 3 to come out. I'm dying to know what happens next!

Posted by ScarletBatman

This is my last Uncanny Avengers. If it doesn't 100% sell me I am dropping it down to trade wait. It has been good but not really good enough to justify 4 bucks a month.

Superior and Saga might be my only other pulls.

Edited by Perfect 10

five weapons is BACK???!! wow so glad to be wrong. im so excited!!

Posted by AlwaysTheBigSpoon

Serenity: Leaves on the Wind is very tempting. Oh, so tempting.

I really hope my LCS gets Cover A of TMNT because Ross Campbell drawing the turtles is one of the reasons for me to jump on with #29 but I got Cover B instead. =( (Also, my LCS has a two week delay (sometimes a month) for TMNT... no idea why).

This week's picks:

  • The Flash
  • Aquaman
  • Superior Spider-Man
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • TMNT
Posted by IDontLikeBirds

Wednesday is going to be crazy!

Posted by mikep12

Ehh.. read the first trade of saga didn't really enjoy it

Posted by vPuik

Guardians and Superior for me

Edited by pikahyper
Posted by KnightofSteel

I'm a huge Firefly fan so I'm definitely looking forward to Serenity: Leaves on the Wind! Also I'm getting...

Batman & Robin Annual #2

Batman The Dark Knight #27

Damian #4

Earth 2 Annual #2

Flash #27

Black Science #3

Posted by ThatOneGuy1
  • Serenity Leaves on the Wind 1
  • Black Science 3
  • Revival 17
  • Saga 18
  • Avengers Assemble 23
  • Inhumanity 2
  • Superior Spider-Man 26
Edited by Zumafire

I'm buying every comic that comes out this week!! I'm going to get up on Wednesday morning, rob a bank and then go to the comic shop.

And buy all books!!

Posted by DonFelipe

Thanks for the amazing cover, Fiona!!!

Edited by lifeboy





Earth2 annual


WorldsFinest annual

DejahThoris if it comes out this week

Oh, and ghostBuster

Edited by marvelman2099

if i had 500$ a week i could keep up with all this...........maybe lol

Edited by KidChipotle

I'm somewhat upset @inferiorego didn't say WWE Ongoing #2 was an essential comic! (Being that he is a wrestling fan)

Posted by mak13131313

1. Aquaman #27

2. Batman and Robin Annual #2

3. Batman The Dark Knight #27

4. Catwoman #27

5. Damian Son of Batman #4

6. Earth 2 Annual #2

7. Forever Evil A.R.G.U.S. #4

8. Green Lantern Corps Annual #2

9. Larfleeze #7

10. Red Lanterns #27

11. The Flash #27

12. Night of The Living Deadpool #2

13. Uber #9

Posted by WilliamYates8

I'm just going for Saga #18 and Miracleman #2, will probably grab Black Science the week after, just need to read the first two issues.

Posted by Jayc1324
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