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Things You Won't See in a THOR Movie

Changes are made when adapting comics and some are for the better.

Thor officially opens in theaters in the U.S. Friday, May 6. It's already opened in some countries and in the U.S., you might have been lucky enough to see an early screening (like we did). Marvel has already announced that there will be a sequel to Thor after his appearance in next year's The Avengers. If you've seen our 3-Minute Expert video or have read any of the past issues of Thor, you know he has an...interesting history.

When it comes to adapting comic books for the big screen, there will always be changes made and omissions in the characters' story. Some tweaks are made because things simply change over time. Story lines written in the 60s wouldn't translate well and other concepts might be too difficult to accept in a live-action presentation. 

After talking to Ryan from Giant Bomb on last week's Happy Hour Show, here is a list of some things that you will not see in the Thor movie or any future sequels. == TEASER ==

Thor Fighting Wizards  

There is a sense of magic when it comes to Asgardians. The way they exist and are able to do the things they do can almost be called magic. We also have characters like Loki and Enchantress that use magic to give Thor a hard time. 

Despite this acceptance of magic in Thor's mythos, we're not going to see him fight a robe-wearing wizard. The Harry Potter movies may have been a successful franchise and with the release of the final movie, there will be a void left with audience members that crave onscreen magic. It doesn't matter if they try getting Merlin or even Dumbledore, you will not see any magical wizards in a Thor movie.

Thor and Mjolnir Defeated By Magnets 

First of all, unless Marvel can reacquire the rights to the X-Men from Twentieth Century Fox, clearly Magneto stands no chance of fighting Thor in a movie. More importantly, we won't see Thor's mystical hammer succumb to the forces of magnetism. Yes Mjolnir is made from metal but it's made from Asgardian metal. It also has Odin's magical touch and powers added that makes it more powerful than the average Asgardian weapon or tool.  If it were affected by regular magnets then all anyone would have to do is lure Thor to an old junkyard. They could kidnap Jane Foster or something. As soon as an unsuspecting Thor walks under a giant electromagnet attached to a crane hanging over his head, the hammer would get pulled away and the bad guys could rush and tackle Thor. It seems that without his hammer, he doesn't have his full strength (he does get taken out by a taser in the movie). This is just something we won't see in the movies or current comic books.

Thor Fighting Dragons  

I don't care what kind of mystical Asgardian creatures there are, we're not going to see Thor fighting dragons on the big screen. People did enjoy the How To Train A Dragon movie and we do see Frost Giants (and a certain creature native to their land) but dragons won't appear. If we had a movie set strictly in Asgard, there could be a possibility. Filmmakers might try to go the full fantasy/adventure route and have Thor fighting fantastic and enormous beasts...but dragons? I say thee nay.

Thor With a Machine Gun  

He's a god and has a magic hammer. Why would he need a machine gun? Marvel already knows that the movie-going audiences don't necessarily want a gun-totting character on the big screen (look at Punisher: War Zone). I was surprised (and pleased) that we will see Captain America using a gun in his movie. That makes sense since he was a soldier and in a war setting. Thor should never use a gun. As seen in the movie, even without the true power of Thor, he is still capable of putting up a good fight. He doesn't need to resort to firearms. And as Ryan Davis said, let's hope we never see, "No more Mr. Nice God" again.


Again, if we had a movie set mainly on Asgard, a battle against Surtur could make a good story. He's been a major force of evil against Odin and the Asgardians several times. With the movie being grounded in movie-reality, accepting some of the other...residents of Asgard might be harder to accept. 

Surtur is a big demon made of fire. Big characters will look weird on screen. I'm sure this is part of the reason we didn't see a proper Galactus in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Comic readers love Galactus but even if he wasn't dressed in purple, a gigantic dude wanting to eat a planet would be more humorous than threatening. If Surtur appeared the way he does in the comics, he'd bring a new meaning to the word hotpants.

The Rainbow Bridge  

It's actually known as Bifrost. Yes it exists in the movie but it doesn't appear as it does in the comics (looks more like a Disco Bridge to me). I remember watching the old 60s cartoons on a syndicated channel as a kid and I was always confused how Asgard appeared to be out in space and Thor traveled back and forth on this Rainbow Bridge, which actually looked more like a slide. We may have it appear in the movies as a way for Thor to travel back and forth but it simply will not be as colorful (or fun looking) as it's been in the comics. Things could change when and if the bridge appears in another movie. It could undergo some remodeling but you definitely won't see Thor, Loki or anyone else sliding down a colorful bridge of this nature.

Odin's Pajamas 

Odin has gone in the the Odinsleep a few times in the comics. This probably shouldn't be a spoiler but the Odinsleep does appear in the movie. What I have noticed over the years is when Odin does undergo this rejuvenating slumber, he appears to be wearing an interesting pair of pajamas. Maybe it gets really cold in Asgard at night or maybe there's some power-absorbing nature to his suit. It reminds me of the William Shatner "Terror at 20,000 Feet" Twilight Zone episode. It's just always appeared as a little odd to me.

Thor Touching Jane Foster's Nose 

This was an odd thing I came across in old issues of Thor...more than once. Granted it was dealing more with Don Blake and Jane versus Thor and Jane. Maybe it had to do with the time but I can't say I've heard anyone call someone "Button Nose" and feel the urge to tap them on the nose (unless we were talking about a child). Then again, maybe this is a common practice in other people's relationships. I have touched the nose of my 3 year old niece and made a little "boop" noise but I can't say I ever felt the urge to touch my wife's nose in that manner. Boop!

Thor Using a Wallet 

The God of Thunder would never carry a wallet with him. I could totally see him carrying a pouch of Asgardian gold attached to his money belt but not a wallet. I never really thought of it before but I'm not even sure Thor's pants have any pockets. He doesn't carry car keys. He probably doesn't need to comb his Asgardian hair. Why would he need pockets? Some writers in the past made it so Superman's cape had a pocket where he could somehow fold his Clark Kent clothing and store it for later use. That just seems like it would unnecessarily weigh down the cape.

In the picture to the right, the wallet actually belongs to Don Blake, his alter ego. I'm not sure if that makes it better or if it means Thor stole the wallet from himself. Either way, no wallet for Thor. Maybe if he kept it attached with one of those wallet chains.

Frog Thor 

Let me clarify, Frog Thor was cool. So cool, a different version of this idea is seen in the current Pet Avengers stories. Loki, being the evil triskster he is, managed to turn Thor into a frog. When he finally made his way to Mjolnir and managed to lift it, he gained the power of Thor...even though he was still a frog. 

Thor Frog is cool and hilarious. But given the nature of the movies, it's not something we could or should see. I know some may feel that since Disney owns Marvel, this might be something they'd want to do. That's simply not the case. They may own Marvel but they know better than to try to force something like this. 

These are just some of the things that I've come across over the years of reading Thor comics that I don't see happening in future Thor movies. You do have to have a strong sense of disbelief when dealing with Asgardian Gods given human form and fighting along side humans in a live-action movie. The movie does a superb job in bridging the gap between the two. For as fantastic as some of the Thor stories have been, there's just some things that won't work. I'm curious to see how other Thor fans feel about this and whether or not some of what I mentioned has a chance in future movies.   
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Posted by GothamRed

I'm sure that they are waiting for the sequel or all of that, i mean who wouldn't want a frog fighting a dragon & wizard on a rainbow bridge, who is secretly a nose touching/wallet using doctor, who does it whilst his dad is in pajamas?

Posted by TDK_1997

Thor has a really good story

Posted by EdwardWindsor
@Gman i thought when Thor was taken out by taser its becuase he is essentially at the point human , he even says himself  in a scene very close to that " this mortal form grows tired". My impression was that he was literaaly stripped of all power untill he was worthy to lift Mjolnir.
Posted by leokearon

Actually there is is a rainbow bridge (made of glass or crystal) which leads to a portal device, the actual Bifrost. Biforst is very important in the movie.
Posted by ComicMan24

I liked Bifrost in the movie.

Posted by DoctorTrips

I know a lot of the really fun and, let's face it, kick-ass stuff that the Marvel writers and artists did back in the sixties won't make it onto a silver screen but is it really necessary to have this whole "we have to make it more realistic!" thing that I keep hearing about comic book movies? Like with Green Lantern and the Avengers movie. Why can't people accept the fact that, well everything superheroes do is unrealistic. Revealing secret identities, removing the humanoid Galactus (who no matter how you slice it, is probably a huge pain in the ass to do on screen), toning down the more fantastic elements of these characters; I mean come on man. Realism sucks for superheroes like in the Avengers you have; a man in a super advanced iron suit, a super soldier from World War II, a Norse god, a scientist whose temper tantrums dictate whether or not he becomes a jolly green giant, a Russian super spy, and an archer. Realism can't touch that with a ten foot pole, and people say that it's going to be hard finding a balance between a world like Thor's and a world like Iron Man's. That shouldn't matter, how these two characters interact not how science and magic should interact is what's important (this goes for the rest of the Avengers too).

Posted by d0npierre

I'd actually love to see him fighting a dragon or Surtur. Just make the set-up like in a disaster flick. It'll work...

Posted by TypingKira
@GothamRed said:
" I'm sure that they are waiting for the sequel or all of that, i mean who wouldn't want a frog fighting a dragon & wizard on a rainbow bridge, who is secretly a nose touching/wallet using doctor, who does it whilst his dad is in pajamas? "
Yes. Just. . . yes. 

I have GOT to see this movie. Four more days! 

I actually can't wait to see the bifrost, I wonder what they'll do with it. 
Posted by Michiel76

I'll bet you wont see Sif and Thor naked, talking about sex, or will we?
Well not of G-man and Sara have anything to say about it.


Posted by ComicCrazy

Well even if the Bifrost wasn't like a rainbow in the movie it was still there and it was still colorful I thought it was the best way they could have adapted it but anyways.

Posted by Iron_Turtle


Posted by Sir Duke

I don't see why Thor couldn't fight a dragon in the sequel.  And if Sutur wouldn't main a good villain for the sequel (he would), who do you suggest then?

Posted by PrinceIMC

I love Bifrost in those comic images. I guess the artist never learned the order of the colors. Roy G. Biv people.

Posted by G-Man
@leokearon: I mentioned that it does appear in the movie. Just not as it was in the comics.
Posted by blaakmawf

You're gonna stand there and tell me that Beverly Hills Chihuahua can get made, but we'll never see frog Thor?

Posted by dorsk188
Sir, I cannot tell a lie...  Enchantress, Sif, Brunhilde, and Natalie Portman fighting in a big tub of jello for the opportunity to hook up with the Frog of Thunder.
Posted by spider-man 2996

I would love to see Thor fighting a wizard or him with a machine gun!!
Posted by Eyz

Things we want to see, or things that could logically make it into a mainstream blockbuster movie?

What I'd like to see, would be...
- Beta Ray Bill.
- ^The guy above kicking ass
- Frog-Thor
- the Warrior Three not just as background cameos
- Balder the Braaaaave~
- Karnilla
- actual viking-inspired design, costumes, etc.. instead of the scifi space-techno-metalic-plastic actual look
- guys with beards, medievalysh weapons and viking helmets
- no forced-in tie-in/cameo to lead in another feature film - as in a contained story/plot. A movie isn't a teaser for its sequel/upcomingcrossover/future spinoffs.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Why wouldent wee see a dragon? There was frost-giants and ogres so why not dragons?

Posted by Jake Fury

I think we could see Surtur. LOTR had the Balrog.
Posted by dondasch
@GothamRed said:
" I'm sure that they are waiting for the sequel or all of that, i mean who wouldn't want a frog fighting a dragon & wizard on a rainbow bridge, who is secretly a nose touching/wallet using doctor, who does it whilst his dad is in pajamas? "
Call the sequel Boop! and I'm there.
Posted by InnerVenom123

I'm sorry to say, but I want Frog-Thor, and fighting Wizards/Dragons. That could all be wrapped up into one plot quite easily, in fact.  (Wizard turns Thor into a frog and as a frog he fights the dragon then turns back and kicks the Wizard's ass).

Of course I'm kidding - but Thor fighting a dragon is something I wanna see. (If FING FANG FOOM is introduced in Iron Man (who am I kidding?) I'd love a crossover battle!)

Posted by ComicMan24
@InnerVenom123: Really? They will introduce Fing Fang Foom?
Posted by Sir Duke

I could see Frog Thor being mentioned, but not seen.  It'd easily fit in if Thor and the Warriors Three had a scene boasting about old adventures and one of them mentioned Thor being turned into a frog.

Posted by InnerVenom123
@ComicMan24: Nope, probably not.

But they could certainly pull it off if they tried.
Posted by ComicMan24
@InnerVenom123: I could see him appearing as a mechanical dragon.
Posted by InnerVenom123
@ComicMan24: In that pic he's an actual dragon with a mecha design, but yeah a mechanical beast could work too.
Posted by SupremoMaximo

Will we see the talking out loud explaining extravagant plans only Scooby Doo would understand so the audience can be informed?

Edited by Herx

I now proclaim that all of these will appear in the sequel. ALL OF THEM!!! :P

Edited by Doctor!!!!!

No Surter, Maybe in the Sequel. What is with Thor(blake) Touching Jane's nose, that's too lovey dovey for me.

Edited by Loki9876

surtur, dragons could be done.
and i want surtur in the third movie
Skurge and Amora in the second

Posted by jec777

i wan't to see mangog.  thor is always at his best against the unbeatible foe.  bring out the belt of strength and the gloves of power.  epic battle.
Posted by G-Man
This wasn't really Fin Fang Foom in the issue. 

Posted by InnerVenom123
@G-Man: Okay, now do that, but in movies! Also make Fing more badass.
Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Darn it, Throg is so cute too, lol

Posted by jonasLighter

There is a time and a place for everything.  Reality in comics is not it.
Posted by RYU/BATMAN

We also won't see Thor have a clean cut beard shave like he does in the comics. Why does Thor have a beard anyway?

Posted by Mumbles

Frog Thor owns. he'll get his own movie soon enough

Posted by MichaelBach

Thor opened here on the 29th, you guys are in for a ride :)

Posted by Midnight Monk
Because beard Thor is awesome
Edited by queenfrost_

you americas are BEHINDDDD

Posted by JonesDeini

I assure you we will see Dragons/The Midgard Serpent & Surtur. It's only natural. 

Posted by Out_of_Space

Do you imagine Frog Thor in the movie.

Posted by CodeSaint

One of the Frost Giants he fought when he went first to Jotunhein was dragon-like,still he killed it easily.

And you don't have to worry about Surtur's hot pants,just make him eunuch like they made the Frost Giants(the only ploblem inthe movie was that most of them was the same size as them,so why Loki is a "dwarf frost giant"?

If they make serious wizards like Doctor Strange I don't see a ploblem,but not an guy that seen that came from a Harry Potter movie with pijamas.And thank God for the disco bifrost,what they would be saying if it was colored like a real rainbow?People that don't know the character or the mythology would label it as gay(not that I have against against it)In the anime Yugioh 5d's they have a rainbow bridge played the same way.And in Ring ni Kakero one of the tecniques is a Rainbow fist,how they come with these things?

The wallet one remembered the topic of "If superheroes should have paid".xD The frog seens good in a comedic way,but it would take all the seriousness away from Thor 2(I there will be one,probally yes seen the popularity it's reciving).The remaining are indeed bad,with the machine gun one,being the biggest one by far.

Posted by Journey Into Chaos

oh ok. makes sence.
Posted by Red Rum

Maybe Surter could be in the sequel.
Doesn't Fafnir appear in this film? And isn't he (technically) a dragon?

Posted by DH69

one thing i wanna see NO MIDGARD UNTIL THE LAST 10 MINUTES!

Posted by G-Man
@Red Rum: I could be wrong, but I didn't think that was him in the movie. They didn't really elaborate on it. (He was the 'certain creature' I referenced in the article). He/it also didn't seem green enough.
Posted by DoctorTrips
@jonasLighter:  I couldn't agree more.
Posted by Kallarkz
seeing this really makes me want to buy the old thor Omnibus..
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