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There's Going To Be A Sacrifice In "Second Coming"

These poor mutants never get a break.

Bring on the doom and gloom.  You know we can't have an X-Men event without the hardship and struggle.  X-Men: Second Coming #1 is on sale March 31.  We know there's going to be a struggle over leadership.  We know there's going to be a death.  We also know that "one will rise."  Marvel has released another teaser promo: 

Start placing your bets.  Who do you think is most likely to sacrifice themselves for the greater good of mutantkind?  Smart money would be on Cable.  He's devoted his whole life to fighting the good fight.  But is he too obvious?  Wolverine?  Nah.  X-23?  She has a one-shot coming in a couple months.  It's a little suspicious that Angel is in the background but I can't see him being wiped out.  He still has some stories left in him.  I don't see Domino saying "buh bye" either.  From this picture, that leaves one person... 
What do you think?  Maybe it will be someone not even shown here.
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Posted by jedd

hope it's wolverine he's got boring and is everywhere
Posted by timrothsays

These obvious posters are too obvious

Posted by GreenGriffin

My Money on Cable
Posted by John Valentine

It's not Elixir! Don't suggest such a thing.

Posted by AngelFrost

Wolverine, please let it be Wolverine.

Posted by Watch Dog

I hope it's Emma I know she's not shown but I can still hope .

Edited by Archetype
@GreenGriffin: I agree after everything that happened in his series it makes sense.He is getting old, as in age,and he has gotten beat up so many times lately that Marvel needs to find a way to make him younger or reboot him.
You might think it's too obvious but look at what happened with Ultimate X...
Posted by thetitan0
@John Valentine said:
" It's not Elixir! Don't suggest such a thing. "
that makes me think. in the next issue of x force someone is supposed to die. and thanks to cover art and promos it's going to be elixir.
Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

Wolverine and X-23 , the line must die

Posted by Argentino_18

Dont kill Cable, is one the only good things that appeared in the ninties...
Posted by Marshal Victory

Hmm i so want to say "Kill them all an let Stan lee sort them out!"But wed get Joe instead :/
Posted by tropical island

Kill Emma, once Jean comes back, Emma will no longer be needed. 
Plus she doesn't even appeal to alot of people.

Posted by Benzo

I have a bad feeling it's gonna be X-23 and i really like the character too.... 

Posted by Ladyspider

It's going to be Emma and I love emma.

Posted by EisforExtinction

Maybe the sacrifice will be a gesture instead of someone actually buying the farm.

Posted by Queen's Halo

From these teasers all I'm getting is Emma's going to die, Domino or X-23 are going to die and Hope is really evil.
PS. That doesn't look like Elixir.

Posted by dan1509

hmmm if it was wolverine, i guess it would open up to Daken a bit more which makes sense 

Posted by cmaprice

You know, sacrifice doesn't necessarily mean death. 
If Hope became Dark Phoenix and Cable had to kill her, it'd fit all the clues (aside from the question of who will lead)
She'd rise, die, and that would be one hell of a sacrifice for Cable.
Not that I think they'll do that. Just interesting to consider not each of these has to be mutually exclusive.

Posted by goldenkey

Wolverine isn't going anywhere.  He's in to many books to kill him off.  He might be over worked at the moment, but that's why he's not getting killed.  X-man is back so Cable can be going, seems the logical answer.  Honestly I don't care who dies.  It's another gimick
Posted by DEGRAAF
i believe it will be Cable as well. It will probably come down to Bishop catching them off guard soon after they get back to the correct time stream reality. This could even be what causes her to destroy everything as prophisized. She will probably be to the brink with anger and right before she kills everyone and everythng she is talked to and calmed down by one of the X-men (probably Cyclops)
Posted by Green ankh

Posted by John Valentine
@thetitan0 said:
" @John Valentine said:
" It's not Elixir! Don't suggest such a thing. "
that makes me think. in the next issue of x force someone is supposed to die. and thanks to cover art and promos it's going to be elixir. "
The next issue of X-Force is still involved in Necrosha - different event.  
It will be either Warpath or Vanisher who dies in X-Force. 
And no.... Elixir stands less of a chance than Domino.
Posted by Chane

Another great promo. I really hope these are included in the eventual HC.

Posted by starkiller95

maybe Domino

Posted by defaultdefaultdefault

Cable of course. his series is ending, and his story at 24 with 25 being a flashback issue.

Posted by the_fallen11

I hope I'm not the only one who thinks this art is terrible. -.-

Posted by Blazed

what about warpath, hes not been up to much. 

Posted by Gold Dust Boi

Yeah i am pretty sure that after everything that has gone done it will be Cable that dies.  He done everything in his life he set out to do.  Soldier, Leader, Son, Father and at this point with the way that the time in Cable moves, hes like 60-something.  I also think he might finally take Bishop down with him

Posted by John Valentine

Also, sacrifice what? Their life? Maybe. Something else? Hmm....

Posted by geraldthesloth

obviously Cable

Posted by Namor1987

Well Wolfsbane, Warpath, & Vanisher are left so my moneys on one of them

Posted by Fleonix

It would be interesting to see wolverine sacrifice himself...... but yeah..... who knows not me...... im just going to wait and read all of this when it comes out in march.. =)
Posted by waruikumo
@tropical island:  
I WILL STOP READING Marvel if jean comes back so soon.  she needs 20 yrs dead like Barry Allen.  Her death was the best thing to happen to Scott Summers.   
Also whos the guy behind wolverine?  Also, they may kill cable since Nate Grey is coming back/ back, and they aged cable like 20 yrs, in the last 20 issues of Cable.  Which makes going forward problematic.  Marvel solution.  Kill him, and in 5 years just have a younger cable jump back into the continuities time stream.
Posted by EdwardWindsor

i could be elxir and he could maybe come back form the dead somehow with omega power , which would be good since owuld mean hes living up to potential finally lol

Posted by Erik

I see it as being either Angel or Elixir. I can see them sacrificing themselves pretty easily. It does not have to be death. The other promo stated that someone will die. I like to think that if it is Elixir, he would burn his powers out or something to that effect. 

Posted by Toastalchemist
@jedd said:
" hope it's wolverine he's got boring and is everywhere "
You said it. I'm so tired of him. 
Posted by CrowRider

could I hazard a guess? it may be that its not someone dying ,since it is already established someone ll die from the X-Men (from the previous teasers I guess it's either Cable, Emma Frost or even Hope cos only their deaths would get cyke as furious as he looks really) i think it could also mean that someone might sacrifice his own powers rather than die. dunno just a guess

Posted by Kid_Zombie

I would like to see a twist and see Bishop sacrifice himself to save her, he sees the errors in his way type thing that would be cool.
Cable is the next obvious choice but that would suck since he is one of the greatest characters right now in x-men but would be a fitting end. Elixer is a good thought, I can really see him doing it. I really dont think its Emma, shes to popular and a main staple in x-men now. Jeans dead people let it go! ha ha

Posted by MSBoyd23

Elixir looks really grungy in the promo. Bad a$$ is not a good color on him.

Posted by Gothic Storm

It is definitely not Wolverine because... well, c'mon... The guy has his own show (Wolverine and the X-men) and is all over the Super Hero Squad show. How do you explain to a child that the guy's dead, but oh look, there he is on TV alive and well! Yeah, if Wolverine was going to die, it wouldn't be in some barely advertised Marvel storyline. My guess is Cable, but that's only because they could easily bring him back... since he IS from the future and all.

Posted by crazed_h3ro

"One will sacrifice" Oh no, don't let it be Angel,X, or wolverine.They have been through enough S@#$ already

Posted by Yung ANcient One

 So Magneto or Emma is goin to lead the X-Men
Cyclops will Die... metaphorically speaking since he will leave the X-men
Hope will be Phoenix... since Phoenix is Jean... but Jean isnt Phoenix... so Hope could have that same situation... Hope isnt Phoenix but Phoenix is Hope...
and Elixir will Sacrifice his Powers... to try and Cure Hope...

Edited by Renascence

The most likely candidates (Cable, X-23 Elixir) would probably come back somehow, although I hope for once a sacrifice truly happens and isn't reversed almost instantaneously.

Posted by Comiclove5
@goldenkey said:
"Wolverine isn't going anywhere.  He's in to many books to kill him off.  He might be over worked at the moment, but that's why he's not getting killed.  X-man is back so Cable can be going, seems the logical answer.  Honestly I don't care who dies.  It's another gimick "

@AngelFrost said:
"Wolverine, please let it be Wolverine. "
What he said. No matter how bad people want it to happen he has been made unkillable because of his powers. Cable going to die...................... of old age. lol. 
Posted by Griffin_2099

If I stick to the people in the poster (no guarantee but have to limit it somewhere) then there are a couple of options. 
If it means someone will die (already forshadowed in another poster so considering this likely to be something else) then I think it is more likely to be either Domino or elixer. Wolverine won't get bumped off (as much as I would like that), Archangel is just getting interesting again (this one might be vain hope on my part), X-23 is being billeted as the next big thing, and Cable has an ongoing (which I thought was going to continue, has anyone heard idfferent?).

I suspect it will be a different sort of sacrifice though, as "One will Die" has already been offered in another teaser. Making the most likely candidate Cable and having to do with Hope, either leaving her with Scott or killing her or something else entirely.

Again Elixer comes to mind in that he may end up in a situation where he goes completely black and can't heal anymore.

Angel might become Archangel permanently again.

Other than Hellion or her freedom I can't think of anything X-23 could sacrifice. And nothing that Domino could sacrifice other than her life.

Posted by G-Man
@cmaprice: Maybe they'll have to sacrifice their keys to the X-Mansion. Now to get in, they have to crawl through a window. You have to admit that'd be annoying.
Staff Online
Posted by bioghost

that guy behind wolvie look like gambit to me . 
it wouold make sense since he has his death persona back
Posted by Wildstar

I just hope it's not something like Archangel goes back to wprking for Apocalypse to secure Hope or someone else isn't killed. That would suck.
Posted by spider2dfly

it think its going to be Cable.
BTW, is he going to join the X-Force? because he's kinda wearing the same black ops uniform that they wear..

Posted by cmaprice
@G-Man: Nah, with how often the mansion is torn apart, there's always an easy way in.
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