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'The Wolverine' Trailer

Feast your eyes on the full trailer!

After two previews of a preview, the wait is finally over. Inspired by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller's 1982 Wolverine tale, Logan's second solo film takes him to Japan where he'll encounter quite a few familiar faces. We've known who the key players are for quite some time, but now, thanks to the trailer, we see why Wolverine comes to Japan. Check it out below!

While Logan didn't lose his healing factor in Claremont and Miller's run, it's worth noting that Lord Shingen did indeed poison him, and in turn, that weakened his healing factor. Naturally, this is only inspired by the story and not based on it, so there's bound to be plenty of changes -- nothing wrong with that assuming they're handled well (here's lookin' at you, Weapon XI...).

So, what do you think of the new story and clips of action, Viners? It certainly looks like an improvement over the last film, but is that really saying much? The trailers for the '09 movie really impressed me yet we all saw how that turned out. That said, I'm a sucker for Silver Samurai and their fight looks like good fun. Here's hoping this film finally gives the popular X-Man the solo film he deserves (unless you consider the original X-trilogy Wolverine movies since he did soak up most of the time...). The Wolverine is directed by James Mangold and comes out July 26th.

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Here is my analysis on the trailer:

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@joshmightbe said:

So are they taking away the healing factor or just weakening it?

Well they can't really take it away in the movie because movie logic or not, Logan without a healing factor + popping the claws = this

Okay this is an exaggeration, but still he'd end up bleeding out a lot in the movie if he had his healing factor taken. Also his healing factor has fluctuated over the years since originally it would take an hour or two to heal from gunshot or stabs wounds, which while fast is nothing compared to what he's able to do in the X-Men films. I think they're going to have him be weakened by them trying to remove the healing factor, whatever they use to remove it doesn't though it greatly impedes it, thus causing him to still be able to heal though he's not at the near immortal levels he had been at.

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It look like its going to be awesome. Though I'm worried about the time line but still I can't wait to see a lot of the characters looks like they did an great job on a number of them and making their lives and connections into a whole unit.

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new layout is awesome. trailer was good too :)

Posted by mightypug78

looks like theres gonna be a silver samurai mech suit or something.

Posted by Cavemold

YEA looks good

Posted by The Stegman

Well it LOOKS good..but I'll reserve judgement until I see it.

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Not watching the trailers because I hate spoilers.

But I seriously doubt this will be much of an improvement because they have already told too much of Wolverine's origin in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

The thing that made Wolverine so interesting was because he was the 'mystery man' of the X-Men team. A man without a past. A mutant, but also and augmented one. How did he get his claws? Was 'The Hand' involved? Bullseye? He turned to bushido and other Eastern philosophy/martial arts discipline to try to control his berserker rages... etc. etc. Mariko, Yukio, Daredevil, The Hand, the Yakuza, are these things going to be in this film? I doubt it.

They're going to make an over the top CGI action film for people who think the X-Men started as a cartoon, when they should be making a dark, laconic, noir crime film with martial arts ala Claremont/Miller - that's how Wolverine should be done!

Posted by Ninjablade09

A vulnerable Wolverine sounds interesting to put more risk on him, but the arc of the story sounds incredibly predictable. Odds are that this man who's dying only really wants Wolverine's near immortality, and this is all some elaborate ploy.

I want to see it, but I'm unsure if it's one I'll see in theaters.

Have to agree. This movie looks great in my opinion. Most anticipated movie this year.

Posted by saoakden

Looking forward to the movie.

Posted by The Average Bear

Dang this looks super cool

Posted by Vitality

I really must be the only person in the world who actually liked all the X-Men movies.

I just look at them as a "what-if" or alternate universe version.

Edited by Perfect 10

@sweatboy: the redhead is suppose to be yukio. i wouldnt mind the read hair IF she was acting more like yukio. she (and the movie by extent) are a little too serious. yukio is wild and crazy party girl not so solemn serious person

Edited by Perfect 10

liked the international trailer a little better. still think this looks and feels better than origins but it was not what i was expecting and am still not hoping for a lot of greatness here. i mean viper is blonde and some weird skin shifting powers? really fox? i dont get it. i know yall think blonds are the ideal but uh, no. and it does seem like an obvious elaborate ploy to still his powers and wolvie is just depressed enough to fall for it. the trailer is good enough to make me want to watch the movie, which is what a trailer is suppose to do. just not sure if i want to watch it in a theater or not

Posted by stu

it looks pretty good to me!

Posted by DeyuanWayne

Looking good, I'm excited to see it!

Posted by LoganRogue24

looks good to me but we will see.

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@cborg said:

crap, that looks like the wolverine movie I was hoping x-men origins would be :)


Posted by RisingBean

Preferred the international trailer.Looking forward to it. I like how they are tying who I believe to be Shingen to Logan and I like the idea of a less then stellar healing factor.

Why is Viper tearing off her face is my big question.

Posted by NICKXH

Wow! Ok. Now I am interested.

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@aeroman said:

this looks great, let's hope it is great

Posted by DMC

@etragedy said:

Not watching the trailers because I hate spoilers.

I can understand a 2nd and 3rd trailer, but the first trailer? A bit extreme don't ya think?

Posted by Smurfboy

Looks good! Can't wait to see it. :) Love new site, by the way!

Posted by nappystr8

I'm getting X-Men Origins: Wolverine vibes from these trailers. I'm still going to give the film the benefit of the doubt, but I'm significantly less excited now than I was before.

Posted by etragedy


@dmc said:

@etragedy said:

Not watching the trailers because I hate spoilers.

I can understand a 2nd and 3rd trailer, but the first trailer? A bit extreme don't ya think?

In Most cases I would say yes. However, over at Screened they warned that there were a number of spoilers in the Wolverine trailers, so that's what I based that on.

Posted by therrieur

Is it me or does Hugh Jackman really doesn't age.

Posted by hyenascar

Silver Samurai!!! The woman ripping off her skin? Husk?

I was wondering about that too. She is a Guthrie, and a Guthrie shouldn't be outside Kentucky. Not just because that;s where there from, but because Guthrie's love the country through and through. It would be have to be a good excuse to get them in "Japan?" I'm terrifed now, the the trailers made this look incredible and I want to see. You've burned me once, shame on you, burn me twice, and I apparently am going to keep taking it.

Posted by Gotham331

Looks better than Origins

Posted by VioletPhoenix

Holy Sh**. Talk about upping their game. This looks FANTASTIC.

Edited by Kal'smahboi

Wow, that actually looks really good.

Posted by DarklyDreamingDeadpool

i never forgive fox for destroying.... no, RAPING!!!!! deadpool. NEVER!

to the trailer, yeah it looks better than origins, but still jackman annoys me too much.

Posted by GREGalicious

This looks promising and I do love the characters from Wolverine's solo storyline but we'll just have to see. Im interested in seeing just what role Jean plays as well. Most likely, she'll be only in flashbacks but who knows...

Posted by gotwillpower

The train CGI looked a little odd, but because it's Hugh Jackman I don't care.

Edited by sweatboy

"The new Wolverine trailer looks like a perfect sequel to Les Miserables" - Conan O'Brien

Posted by henrik

Silver saamurai ?

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Awesome trailer, but then again Origins was a great trailer too.

Edited by AmazingWebHead

Finally, we can see Logan kill ninjas on the big screen!

Posted by secondfallen616 hopes may get shattered again, but i can't wait to see this!

Hope they do the right thing and give Silver Samurai sword-hands, plasma-eye beams and the BAMF! ability! That would be soooo cooooooool !!!!!!!

Posted by sweatboy

I've only seen Yukio in Wolverine in hell. She was older and calmer. But I know she was hardcore and more daring, a party girl you say? Lol that's interesting. I still think there are two asian girls. (Not Mariko though) one has short hair, and seems philipino, I think that's yukio. But the redhead has longer hair

Posted by ManlyScream

This looks soooo great. I can't wait...just jumped to the top of my summer movies list.

Posted by White Mage

This really doesn't intrigue me the way that I thought it would. It also doesn't help matters that he's portrayed as a tactless brute who is lucky enough to have a strong healing factor and durability, as opposed to being an incredibly skilled martial artist who could use many different hand to hand weapons with relative ease, as well as near-flawless skill. I don't care if it conflicts with his canon. He needs to be ninja'd up.

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