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The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale Review

The Governor rallies his troops and Rick's crew decides if they should fight or flee.

Full episode spoilers below!

After building up the war for so many episodes, I can't help but feel underwhelmed by this finale. Sure, "Welcome to the Tombs" has some good moments of tension and a few jaw droppers, but overall I found myself wanting so much more from this episode.

First and foremost, the war between Woodbury and the Prison has been brewing for quite a few weeks now and the end result was pretty lackluster. Seeing The Governor's men blast into the complex as good fun (those watch towers got Michael Bay'd), but from there it was drawn-out tension and a fairly abrupt conclusion -- I will confess the use of flash bangs was pretty cool. Yes, I understand a lot of these "soldiers" under the Governor are just regular people and, if I was in that situation, I'd absolutely bolt too (probably need a change of undies afterwards as well), but after so much build up, a little more of a firefight and intensity would have been hugely appreciated.

We all knew Milton was the dude who set the fire -- that's been obvious -- and his betrayal when handed the knife was equally obvious, but you gotta love the creativity put into this scene. From the opening shot to the Governor revealing his twisted plan to have Andrea die at Milton's hand (or in this case, mouth), it was definitely a solid way to open Season 3's last episode. From there, though, I couldn't help but grow a little frustrated with Andrea once again. I understand her concern over Milton's status, but those pauses from trying to escape as she gazed at him seemed a little too long for my taste. I obviously can't imagine how frightening it would be to be placed in her situation, but there reaches a point where as a viewer you can't help but yell at the TV because you feel like she's taking too long of a break from trying to save herself. As for her death, I thought it was handled well --the slow fade to black after we eventually heard the gunshot was appropriately somber. That said, it didn't evoke nearly the same amount of emotion from me as walker Merle's death last episode.

Wow, talk about being a product of your environment, Carl. From annoying and incompetent brat to coldblooded terminator, Carl and his relationship with his father has become quite interesting over this season. It's easy to label him as a jerk, but if we reflect on all he's been through over the year, it's more than understandable why he's become so cold. His abrupt slaying of Jody was absolutely shocking (love how we couldn't tell for sure if Jody would try anything) and, despite it being the "wrong" thing, I agree with his reaction in the end. He has a survival of the fittest mindset now, so adding all of those people (not to mention most are elderly) to the group technically won't benefit them... or at least we have yet to see how they can. I just wish Rick stepped up to the plate when Carl dropped a logic bomb on him. I know he has a lot going on, but to see the group's leader have no rebuttal to a 13 year-old's argument felt a little odd. Yes, Carl has a point, but Rick should have stated out how it's important to hold onto our humanity -- even if he lost sight of that a few times over the past few episodes (that poor hitchhiker..).

Overall, I'm pleased with how the Governor is being handled. The pressure mounted up and we finally saw him reveal who he truly is to everyone else. Having him mute out the arguments from his group as he let his overwhelming frustration take over was a nice way to address what's going on in his head and the rest... well, you saw the chaos and it once again solidified him as an awesome villain.

I can't help but wonder... why'd they go to the Prison instead of Woodbury? Yeah, the Prison is their base and they think it's easier to defend, but why not try to set up shop in the town which has much better conditions and seemingly has more resources? Either way they technically aren't safe from the Governor returning, especially since their vantage points in the Prison have been blown apart from the opening attack.

I have mixed feelings over the Governor escaping. He's an interesting villain and I'm curious to see where he'll go from here, but at the same rate, I think it's safe to saw we all really wanted to see him ended by Michonne, Rick or Daryl. I hope that day will come (it seriously has to, right?), but for now I felt cheated that we didn't get such a cheer-inducing moment in the finale... especially after all he's done. As for the conclusion, I honestly can't say it did anything to have me especially pumped for the upcoming season and truthfully, that's disappointing. The only real intriguing cliffhanger in my eyes is what'll happen with the Governor, and I think it's safe to say I'm not alone in hoping that would have been resolved in this episode. Overall, I thought this was just an okay episode, but what did you think? Were you pleased or did you feel letdown? Speak your mind below!

Gregg Katzman is a freelance writer for Comic Vine and IGN Entertainment. This is the part where he shamelessly plugs hisGoogle+ and Twitter page in hopes of getting a new follower or two.

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Posted by JairamGanpat


Posted by viin

wow what a disappointing finale...

Edited by AlKusanagi

I've never been happier for a characters death. Well, not since Lori's...

And Carl was totally in the right shooting that guy. When you're told to drop your weapon, you DROP your weapon. Not slyly edge forward with it still in your hand. He saw a kid, a girl, and an old man, and he was going to make a move.

Posted by TheNameIsWayne

Governor still needs to cut off Rick's hand.

Edited by Uncommon

I was okay with the ending overall. I really wanted the Governor stuff to end here but hay I'll take what i can get. At least Andrea is out of the picture now. And the Carl stuff is interesting.

I've never been happier for a characters death. Well, not since Lori's...

And Carl was totally in the right shooting that guy. When you're told to drop your weapon, you DROP your weapon. Not slyly edge forward with it still in your hand. He saw a kid, a girl, and an old man, and he was going to make a move.

I hear what you're saying, but a kid still got killed cold blood. I understand it's a lot easier for me to say what I would do in that situation from the comfort of my own home instead of in an apocalypse, but I would have been happier with a shoulder or hand shot instead of him just being killed.

Edited by The_Tree

This episode sucked so annoyingly much.

Posted by JamesKM716

That was anticlimatic. But at least Andrea is dead.

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

Here is my review for the episode:

Edited by Fenderxx

Good Episode ... but bad Finale .. if that makes any sense ?

Posted by Cypher4

Yeah, very lackluster. It did not feel like a season finale at all. It just seemed like any other episode. They built it up so much. Already attacked the prison once, meeting the governor, constant commercials, week long marathon and then...2 minute attack where no one besides Jody got shot. Disappointing. Hope season 4 helps to rectify this. Gonna be stuck with some disappointment for the next several months.

Edited by MaskedSmitty

@alkusanagi: that is exactly what i think. good job on explaining it to people that would not understand!

Edited by shackle

LOL, you people sound like were expecting the siege of Masada, not a skirmish between two forces barely the size of a platoon.

Posted by TheNameIsWayne

Yes, very lack luster and anti-climatic episode, especially after so much build up... season 4 should rectify this. I have a feeling that they want to do a lot more with the Governor than just have him die. Now everyone knows where everyone stands.

Posted by FPSMurica

I'm really dissapointed with this episode,we've been waiting and building up excitement for the battle between Woodbury and the prison and then all we get is 4 minutes of a firefight,I would've done what Carl did,he should've dropped the gun,not move slowly forward offering it.Well now we just wait...

Posted by Jacobin_Wisdom

I stopped watching the show after seeing how they ruined the Andrea charactor. The comics are so much better, and all.

Edited by Bushwhacker_

It was crap. As a finale. As just an episode of Walking Dead, it was okay. There should at least be one more episode in the season.

Edited by CheapoComics

I agree with everything said in the article. Admittedly hesitant about getting excited for Season 4, given the overall underwhelming tone of Season 3's Finale. Still, it has to continue being a great show...right?

Posted by ForeverMan

I can see how people were itching for a clean finish with the Governor, I still think it was a really good episode. The dynamics of things have definitely been irrevocably changed. Still I hope their conflict with him isn't drawn out the entire next season.

Carl is right too. Who is taking prisoners of people trying to sack and kill you in zombie land?

Edited by Nazab

So, today I learned the importance of dropping a gun when you're told you drop a gun!

Posted by InnerVenom123

Governor still needs to cut off Rick's hand.

Kirkman himself said he regretted doing that.

So chances are it won't happen.

Edited by Birthright

There is absolutely no explanation to why they didn't stay in Woodberry instead of this f'd up prison.

Posted by Uncanny_Doom

It was so disappointing. Honestly an episode like this is the kind that threatens to lose people's faith in staying with the show, and I'm borderline on this. I've loved this series for a while but this was the first time I ever felt cheated while watching The Walking Dead. It's had worse episodes, but for there to be so much build-up only for an anticlimactic finish, is extremely underwhelming.

Also, Andrea's character was just butchered, far harder than Lori was. I'm not even one of those fans who thinks the show needs to be 100% like the comic (I think part of the reason the show is great is because it has differences), but it's hard not to think about how the comic played out the Prison arc with it's own build up and then see Season 3 drag it on for so long, only to drop the ball.

Posted by Strafe Prower

I'm actually sad to see Andrea go. I did enjoy her character, despite a few bad decisions.

It was good episode IMO. I'm actually glad the big battle didn't happen, as we've lost enough as it is. Imagine If Daryl, Rick, or anyone else would have died. It would have been terrible.

Posted by Nightwing4

It would have been good had they not been hyping the "Now we're going to war" rhetoric in the preceding episodes. Instead we get a few RPGs at guard towers and some flashbang grenades. Also, the lack of a cliffhanger means less hype for next season, despite the mainstream fanbase this show has amassed.

Posted by Excast

It was a good episode, but not the best of finales. It just seemed kind of overly safe. Woodbury is done, but not the Governor. A main character died, but not one of the prison crew.

I'm kind of curious to see where Rick goes from here. Does he return to sanity? Does he continue to look as if he is strung out on drugs while seeing things? Where does his relationship go with a son that has clearly lost faith in him?

Didn't think the Governor's actions made much sense. You just...never return to your home base filled with supplies? You just murder your army and drive off with 2 guys? I realize the guy is crazy, but if he was so intent on getting revenge it just seemed like a bizarre course of action to take.

Edited by walkingdeadguy

Did anyone else think there were WAY too many commercials considering how anticlimactic this episode was? I realize it is the season finale but still... a 5 minute commercial break every 10 mins or so pissed me off...

Posted by The_Tree

@excast: Well, Morrissey is coming back for next season.

I want it to be for an episode opener in which Martinez shoots the Governor in the face. Wishful thinking.

Posted by makattack1

I guess I didn't expect a huge battle, but i thought the episode called "Welcome to the Tombs" would spend a little more time in the tombs...

I don't see why the gang didn't head over to woodbury. The best parts of the prison (courtyard/watchtowers) are lost to them now.

Posted by _Grifter_

And Season 3 started off so strongly, I'm extremely disappointed with the way it ended.

Posted by RedX9

I'm not going to dive into the whole Andrea thing but I will jump in on the conversation about Carl and shooting Jody: He was right to do it. Look, when I tell you to drop your weapon, just put it down. Its already hard for me to swallow that you showed up to the prison to kill me and my group, so me giving you a chance to drop the weapon is being nice. The fact that he didn't, and moved in while acting like he was doing so would have made me soot him too.

Also, the whole bringing back other people thing made no sense to me. I'm with Carl here as well. Look, its hard keeping people alive in the small group we have, but bringing in more people who don't or cant fight to stay alive makes this a bad decision. Much like the Crawford story in the video game, this is how I would probably run things if I were in that situation. If you can't pull your weight, how can I look out for myself if you plan on doing nothing?

This was a disappointing ending to a good season though. Kind of wanted us to wrap everything up to get to a new story but alas, I guess we are stuck at that damn prison.

Edited by SavageDragon

I think this was a good episode, people seem to be hating because of the buildup but that didnt bother me. I liked it and Im glad the governor will be coming back next season, he was a great character.

Posted by Mr_riddler

This episode was just a big OMG WTF. What's next? Negan and the Saviors?

Posted by turoksonofstone

Great Finale. Maybe Governor goes away until the end of next season and they just spend next season showing us character development within the Prison.

Edited by MP1stLara

I really wanted to see this conclude. I hate when they drag things out, especially with a show like Walking Dead. Season 2 dragged the farm out big time, here I was hoping to see it all conclude with an epic battle, and that portion was pretty good but the Governor kill all those people made me wonder how would he even fight back now. Honestly after that scene I thought that the only real way to fix it was to have a Zombified version of Andrea awaiting for him back in his house as he slept.

Posted by FalconPuuunch

I understand no one cares about my opinion, but here it is.

I am DONE with The Walking Dead. They have officially smothered any respect I have had left for them with a metaphorical pillow. Kirkman is a tool for letting them do this to his series.

They used Andrea (a really great character in the comic series) as a scapegoat to kick up drama in this season (which made people hate her even more) and then killed her off because A. The fans wanted her dead and B. They ran out of ways to decrease any respectability the character still had (her only characteristic in the entire show).

She is not only still alive in the comics, but a valued member of the group and a current love interest to Rick. Valued, unlike Sophia so don't use that argument.

And if that wasn't the frosting on an already crappy cake we had a the worse season finale of all time because they weren't done stretching out this *already played out* story arc. Why make one prison seasons when they can make two and make all the moneys without having to actually use some creativity for a change.

I like a lot of things about the show, I really do, but it has lost it's charm due to the zombie fan masses and all their crying and b*tching. "Wahhh... Season 2 was *too* character driven. Wahhh, I want people dying and zombies nomming on necks. WAHHHH,,, WAHHH" *fixes non-existent tie*

Seriously. Just watch Season 1 again and tell me their isn't anything different about the show. In the end it's all about money. Always. And that my friends, is why the entertainment business sucks. They will warp and disfigure in order to cater to your needs. All media nowadays is over saturated with comforting blankets and soft pillows so your feelings don't get hurt. You all may have not have liked Andrea, but she deserved to have her moment to shine. I was half-expecting her to show up in Dale's old RV with a sniper and shoot at The Governor and his goons from the roof of it (like she did in the comics), finally establishing her right to be the character she was destined to be. Great. But no.. we are stuck with sociopaths and rednecks with crossbows because that is what you want and are more comfortable with. God forbid Daryl died. If that happened The Walking Dead would be finished. Do you not see anything wrong with that? These are suppose to make you sad and angry. If the show made you love these characters and they died, then it was meant to happen and you should be proud that they were so fantastic that their fictional deaths meant something to you. Fictional media isn't meant to give you what you want. It's suppose to be a vision with a beginning and an end and nothing you care about should be safe and that's how it's suppose to be. The difference between this death and what I just got done talking about is that in the show, Andrea was dead weight. You could see that in the beginning seasons that she was meant to evolve. If you watch all three season you notice that Andrea is just a plateau of awfulness, but her storyline was followed for a reason. I'm not angry that Andrea died, i'm angry because of how she lived. It was pointless and bitter. Season 3 is not my least favorite season because Andrea died, it's the worse because of how obviously fan-driven it was.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd *end rant*. Now go back to whatever it was you were doing before reading this. Unless you were eating kittens. Don't eat kittens.


Posted by ARMIV2

All I can say is that this episode turned out A LOT differently than I expected it to. I mean, A LOT differently...

Edited by wmwadeii

Comic > Show

Posted by The Stegman

I think people are judging this too much. Yeah I too expected more of a firefight in the ending, but the fight they did use was pretty well done. You have to also keep in mind, as they had already said, the soldiers in Woodbury, WEREN'T SOLDIERS AT ALL. Of course they're gonna run away at the first sign of trouble.

I also loved how Carl killed that guy. Hershel needs to get off his high horse, "oh Carl killed a /kid/ really? Carl's a kid, the guy looked around 16 to me, that's old enough for him to kill you. Also, you had to notice how he didn't drop his gun, he was inching toward them, he was obviously a threat and Carl put him down.

Finally, I do agree about Andrea, just when I thought they would redeem hin in the finale, she does more stupid, make you scream at your tv set, things. Seriously, you know Milton was going to turn, why stop every five minutes to look at him?

Edited by ccraft

@thenameiswayne said:

Governor still needs to cut off Rick's hand.

say what???

Great review, I enjoyed the episode though. Andrea's death was a bit sad because I rewatch TWD and what not :l

I honestly hope no one else dies.

Posted by Pyrogram

Carls a little **** , He executed that kid basically..

Edited by Kal'smahboi

The end was really anticlimactic. I actually gasped when the Governor fired on his people, and when Carl killed the kid though. Those were truly horrific moments.

Posted by k4tzm4n

@ccraft said:

@thenameiswayne said:

Governor still needs to cut off Rick's hand.

say what???

Great review, I enjoyed the episode though. Andrea's death was a bit sad because I rewatch TWD and what not :l

I honestly hope no one else dies.

Thank you, ccraft.

Posted by manwithoutshame

I'm sure the Governor is going to miss all those old and useless people Rick took off his hands...

Edited by lilben42

The show sucks. Its really dumb.

Posted by Prim3tim33

Wasn't the best episode but i can see why they let governor escape, I dont think we will see him straight away in season 4 but he will make his return and it will be BIG !!!

I am also glad that tyreese is back with rick i would like to see them have some disagreements like in the comics, But at the same time i like daryl being ricks right hand man.

Posted by kid Apollo

ive got 3 thoughts on the episode"

1- really didnt care for the end decission, i get it, but its still a pretty weak ending

2- the scene with the Gov on the road was a little jarring. ive read the whole comic series and iim used to the graphic brutality it shows sometimes but even that was more malicious then the comics portray.

3- Carl is a straight up badass, i agree 100% with what he did. 'drop it' means DROP IT

Posted by The Stegman

ive got 3 thoughts on the episode"

1- really didnt care for the end decission, i get it, but its still a pretty weak ending

2- the scene with the Gov on the road was a little jarring. ive read the whole comic series and iim used to the graphic brutality it shows sometimes but even that was more malicious then the comics portray.

3- Carl is a straight up badass, i agree 100% with what he did. 'drop it' means DROP IT

I agree with all your thoughts, especially number two. The Governor did some messed up things in the comic, but gunning down men and women simply because they didn't want to go to war with him, phew, that was nasty.

And yeah, Carl's decision was controversial..but I agree, when someone says drop your gun, you don't inch closer to them, you drop it immediately.

Edited by jaydee98

Yo, Katz, I see what you mean about Rick being speechless when talking to Carl but you're looking at from a leader's POV and not as a father. He is seeing his little boy growing up into a ruthless killer (remember he would've killed the black guy back in town if not for the bullet proof vest). Then when trying to appeal to Carl's innocence, Rick was met with cold logic. Carl has been talking to Rick as if he's the father and Rick is the child. I loved the "Now go" line. That was more badass then him killing Jody.

Posted by The Average Bear

This finale was so underwhelming. The 'war' was lame. And how come no one else uses the SWAT gear??

I think the Woodbury citizens went to the Prison to kind of symbolize their allegiance to Rick instead of the Governor. While it might be a poor decision, it makes sense.

The Governor losing it and opening fire was a pretty cool scene but I'm not sure why none of the Woodbury soldiers had enough common sense to put him down after that. If your leader lets loose on his followers, it's time for him to step down (into a six foot hole in the ground)

I can't believe Andrea had such a hard time picking up pliers with her feet. I really can't believe it. And I don't know why she didn't bring her free arm around and use the pliers as a weapon against Milton, or use her legs to keep him away, or whatever. I'm not too broken up about her death but that's probably because of how annoyed I was with her.

I really liked this season due to the character development but man, how boring. At least we won't have any Andrea-focused episodes from this point on. Thank goodness

Posted by NICKXH

Yeah. I agree with this article entirely. I felt really let down with the ending. How it just felt rushed and just seemed to end abruptly. The only two good things were Tyrese is back in Rick's group and no more Andrea.

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