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The Walking Dead Recap & Comic Comparison: Season 2, Episode 4 "Cherokee Rose"

Our recap of the fourth episode of The Walking Dead, season two. Warning: There are major spoilers in this recap!

If you've been watching the second season of 'The Walking Dead,' you know there are still some similarities to the comic yet other elements have taken it in new directions. In the first episode this season, we saw Carl get accidentally shot by Otis, who was hunting a deer. Rick and the survivors made their way to Hershel's farm where Carl needed to get operated on. Shane and Otis made their way to the local school that had been set up as a shelter with a FEMA trailer containing with medical supplies.

In a divergence from the comic, Otis died last episode (where as in the comic he makes it to issue #35) when Shane forced him to be a sacrifice so he could make it back to the farm. In our discussion of the fourth episode, there will be plenty of spoilers so make sure you have watched the episode before continuing here.

== TEASER ==

Carl's Awake

It would've been insane if Carl didn't survive the surgery. It would have made dealing with the inevitable growing of the actor in between seasons but there's still too many stories to tell involving Carl (are you up to date on the comics?).

When Carl wakes up, he immediately asks if Sophia is okay. Sophia is still missing (from the first episode). In the comic, she didn't get lost and shows up to visit him during his recovery. She even gives him a kiss ("Eeeeew").

Funeral for Otis

In the comics, Otis died at the prison and (from what I remember), didn't even have a memorable death. With Shane being the cause of his death in the TV show, we've already seen signs of coming repercussions. Simply put, Shane is on edge. Maybe he had good intentions in mind as they needed to get the medical equipment to Hershel in order to save Carl and maybe it was Otis' carelessness that caused Carl to get shot but Shane pretty much just killed Otis.

Sophia Is Still Lost

She's been lost for three days now in the show. With her story being drawn out so much, you would think that she's bound to show up. It doesn't seem likely that the search for Sophia would go on beyond four episodes only to have it that she died off-camera. In the comics she has a friendship with Carl.

There's the possibility that she could have been bitten and turned into a zombie but it would be more realistic for her to have been devoured by roaming zombies.Daryl goes looking for Sophia on his own. He comes across an abandoned house which shows some signs that maybe someone could have been there recently.

They left a message on the highway telling Sophia they will come back and check if she's been there everyday.

The Barn

We're still being teased with the barn. Rick suggests to Hershel that they could set themselves up in the barn to give Hershel and his people some more room. Hershel quickly points out that won't be necessary. He suggests that they're better off staying closer to the house.Hershel also mentions that they shouldn't get the idea that they'll be staying beyond Carl's recovery. He would rather they keep to themselves and they don't want to get into the habit of letting others in.

The Well

It turns out they are five wells on the farm. When they go to gather some, they discover a zombie trapped in the well. Unfortunately they can't simply shoot it out of fear that it would contaminate the water. Despite a plan to try to lure the zombie into a noose so they can pull it out, it's going to fall on someone small, quick and agile to go down in order to throw a noose around it's head. They managed to hook the zombie but their plan doesn't go quite the way they hoped it would.

Glen and Maggie Go To Town

Maggie decides to go into town to pick up some more supplies. Glen goes with since scavenging is his thing. Lori also asked him to pick up something for her discretely. When he finds the item, Maggie walks up and he tries to cover it and grabbed the nearest item, a box of condoms.

Fumbled for words, Maggie says she'll 'have sex' with Glen, putting it more eloquently than in the comics. Glen did show signs of being attracted to Maggie before they left. She tells him that he's not the only one that's lonely. She later tells him it was a one time thing. We'll see about that.

Rick Asks Hershel to Reconsider Letting Them Stay

They could be safe at the farm. There is plenty of room and trying to survive 'out there' is dooming them. Rick explains that the others look to him for surviving. He also has his son to consider. Hershel tells him that there are things he won't discuss and they have to follow his rules if they're to stay. Do those rules and things he doesn't want to discuss have to do with the barn?

Carl Gets Rick's Hat

Rick confesses to Carl that Sophia isn't safe. They share a bond now that they've both been shot. Because of this, Rick tells Carl he's can now wear the hat. In the comics, he had the hat before he got shot.

Carl obviously is exited to get the hat but asks if Rick will miss wearing it. Rick tells him maybe he could borrow it from time to time.

Rick also gives some thought over his uniform and whether or not they'll be able to settle down anytime soon.

Lori Gets Some News

In the comics, Lori discovered she was pregnant before they reached the farm. It was in this episode where she finds out for sure. That was the item she asked Glen to get for her discretely.

This is going to shake things up. In both the show and comics, she and Shane shared some "time" together. There was something in the way Glen looked when he handed the home pregnancy test over the Lori. Either he was feeling extremely awkward or is aware that Shane could be part of that picture. Maybe with the close quarters they've all shared, people know whether or now Rick and Lori have had a chance to be...intimate?

Over all, there wasn't a whole lot of action in this episode. It didn't feel like too much happened. Things are being set up. Hopefully we're not just being teased about the barn. The Sophia story needs to be wrapped up. And we'll see what Rick's reaction is to Lori's news.

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Posted by Daveyo520

I really need to reread the early parts of the comic. Like I forgot Carl was shot and forgot Maggie just out and asked Glenn to have sex, along with lots of other things.

Posted by ThomasElliot

My prediction is Sophia turned, Hershel found her a day before Carl got shot, and has Zombie Sophia (er. Zomphia?) in his barn.

Posted by Daveyo520

@ThomasElliot: Well, she is alive in the comics.

Posted by LightBright

"Glenn and Maggie Go To Town" - I'll double that entendre. :P 
I really don't see their relationship ending well. Herschel and Co. are the creepy farm people who keep zombies in the barn, right? Ugh.
Also, Sophia has become the bane of my existence. But Daryl just keeps getting more and more awesome as the show progresses. He's now my favourite character 'cause he actually keeps his sh*t together. Better than Rick, for the most part. 
And Lori? Karma, I guess. 

Posted by Duo_forbidden

Sophia is the best Hide and Seek player ever lol.

Posted by jack16ichigo

Can't wait till they get rid of Lori assuming they do like in the comic.

Posted by Rise2Ragnarok

I really hope they don't take out the barn part, it would be a great surprise for people who didnt read the comics and are just watching the show.

Posted by Burnstar1230

Glenn and Maggie "go to town"..*bow chika bow bow* lol.

And yeah, if Sophia is actually alive after three days without knowing how to hunt, with Walkers everywhere, then she officially becomes the Solid Snake of The Walking Dead.

Posted by LightBright

Also, did anyone else see Rick's giving his hat to Carl as some kind of foreshadowing to Carl he did in the comics? I dunno, maybe it was just me catching some symbolism there. I'm glad they've kept that...someone...around as long as they have. They've had great character development. I still want them shot, though. Now Carl has the hat. Just. Like. In. The. Comics. O_O

Edited by danhimself

I still feel pretty confident that Merle has Sophia and has been following the group the entire time waiting for the perfect moment to get his revenge....the more interesting part will be whose side will Daryl take when Merle does come back

Posted by SirSparkington

@LightBright said:

But Daryl just keeps getting more and more awesome as the show progresses. He's now my favourite character 'cause he actually keeps his sh*t together.

Same here. Maybe it's the whole growing up in the country thing I relate to with him.

It felt like a setup episode. Get some plot points and character development set up for the inevitable action that will happen in the weeks to come. That being said, I really enjoyed the Glen and Daryl stuff in this episode.

Posted by Doctor!!!!!

Glenn is my hero... and that girl is still lost... dang!

Posted by The_Tree

@danhimself said:

I still feel pretty confident that Merle has Sophia and has been following the group the entire time waiting for the perfect moment to get his revenge....the more interesting part will be whose side will Daryl take when Merle does come back

I definitely think you predicted that right. Especially considering Merle was in the preview for the next episode.

Posted by The Impersonator

This show is getting better and better!

Posted by Nicodemus

I have to admit, being a long time fan of the comics and having way too much knowledge of the Walking Dead universe, the show still has a way of keeping one on their toes. I think they will find Sophia uninfected. The search has gone on way too long for her to be dead or undead. I don't think the show will kill her off (right now) because of Carl. There's still alot of character development for Carl to go through and Sophia was a big part of that in the book. But then again, there's a part of me that wants her to be found infected. Especially with the issue with the barn. How great would it be for the group to find out about the barn and finding Sophia zombie at the same time? Or finding Sophia IN the barn? That would be a sweet twist. It would really change the perspective of things for some of the key characters that would totally differ from the comic book. All and all, it is an excellent show. I enjoy it as much as I did when I first picked up this title.

Posted by Emperormeister734

Great Episode but who didn't see Glenn and Maggie hooking up

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Yes, this was definitely a building-up episode with a lack of any real action. The part with the well was pretty funny to me actually. Fail on their part for what happened though. The other thing that is getting to me is that damn barn. I really, really, REALLY hope that they take on that aspect from the comics and have Hershel hiding family-zombies int here. That would just be too sweet. As for Lori, well, now she knows...and knowledge is power...right?

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

This episode was pretty good. There were defenitely some on the edge of your seat moments and a great cliff hanger for the end of the episode.

Posted by buttersdaman000

Great episode! 
I really dont get why people, especially the Screened writers, are complaining about the lack of zombie action. This show was never about that, it was always about the people. In fact, if they start shooting up hoards of zombies every episode I might as well watch the resident evil movies

Edited by Edamame

I don't know why, but I felt bad for Otis.

Posted by SexualLobster

@jack16ichigo: If they do it's be for a long-ass time, and if you wanna know the new-born dies at the same time as her.

I'm getting sick of the whole Sophia thing too, it better be a pivitol part of the season or I'm going to be kinda pissed that they spent so much time on it.

I'm thinking for some reason though, that Merl Dickson may have some roll to play by the end of this season, either with Sophia or what not.. Or maybe he'll be one of the people they find in the jail, or one of the people that raid them much later in the story.

All I know for sure is that this Sophia stuff really needs to get solved, its taken up so much time in this season, it had better be really important.

PS Daryl better not die, I've been in love with his character from the first time I saw him. But I have a feeling he'll be one of the people to go soon.

Posted by Maikeru_Deyuan

@jack16ichigo said:

Can't wait till they get rid of Lori assuming they do like in the comic.

I agree I don't really like her, although I did in the comic version.

Posted by Alex_Tides145210

Daryl is one of the best characters on the show I loved that they started using glenn more.

Posted by Eyz

Maggie & Glen finally!

Posted by shrmntnk62

Best damn show on TV! I look forward to next week, and yea that Sophia being missing thing has got to get wraped up here pretty soon. I never read the books so I don't have any idea what is supposed to happen next, but I bet she got bit and Zombie Sopia will be cool.

Posted by pixelized

This show is atrocious. It's become far too formulaic in that you have 40 minutes of heavy, heavy filler, followed by a 2 minute portion where the plot for the next week begins to thicken. Carl's saga didn't warrant a multi episode arc. Do we honestly care if he lived or died? Do we care how Lori would react? Do we care how Rick would react? So why am I forced to watch it for 2 (or was it 3) weeks? 
I'm totally A-ok, with not thinking of Glenn as a sexual being, especially with that predator that came on far too strong.
And finally, I'm still highly upset with Sophia's Mom just hanging out while her daughter is missing. What's her name again, Casey Anthony?