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The Walking Dead Episode 1.06 "TS-19" Comparison

The season finale as come and gone, here's how it stacks up to the original comic.

We’ve come to the end of our journey. After the fifth episode cliffhanger, it should be no surprise that the season finale of The Walking Dead would shock both fans of the original comic, and newcomers alike. If you’d like to catch up on our previous comic-to-TV comparisons before diving into the new episode, here’s the first breaking down the first four episodes, and here’s the second analyzing the fifth episode.

Much like the previous two comparison analyzes, this breakdown of the season finale is heavy on spoilers. Read at your own discretion!

Episode 1.06 - “TS-19” 

Shane to the Rescue 

The opening of the season finale is a scene we never saw in the original comic. Shane went back to get Rick out of the hospital. See, he had good intentions in the beginning after all! We also see why there were so many bodies and bullet holes shot through the walls of the hospital. Surprisingly, the bullets weren’t just meant for the dead walking amongst the living. This scene also shows the origin of the gurney Rick tripped over when trying to leave his hospital room in Episode 1. That was a neat little call-back.
 == TEASER ==

Shane Confronts Lori 

OK, maybe Shane took the wrong approach to getting his true feelings out there on the table. Confession of your love followed up by attempted rape is never the best route to take. But leave it to Shane to let his temper get the best of him when Lori rejects his confession.

TS-19 and the End of the World

The largest deviation the television series has taken from the original comic is the inclusion of Atlanta’s Center for Disease Control (CDC). Furthermore, this CDC sequence offers up a bare theory to the root cause of the zombie apocalypse. Nothing of this sort has happened in the comic, even to this day. And honestly, the comic series is better off for it. But for a television series, giving the audience a sense that the mystery will eventually be solved is a way to string them along into watching more. Now hopefully viewers of the television series will soon learn to stop caring about the why, and start caring only about the characters surviving. That’s what makes The Walking Dead unique in the first place.

It’s also interesting that the AMC series specifically says the rest of the world has fallen to the zombie plague. In the comics our cast of characters never know what’s around each corner, or if tomorrow they will stumble upon a true utopia to ride out the zombie apocalypse in. Within six episode of the AMC series they already know the rest of the world is in chaos.

CDC Goes Boom

The final moments of the season finale for AMC’s The Walking Dead were explosive, literally. The CDC is wiped out in a mass cleansing process and our group of survivors just barely make it out alive. This ending is in severe contrast to the climax of the first story-arc of the comic series, where a significant cast member is killed off (more on that in a second) and the tone is much darker and depressing.

Shane Lives?! 

Here’s the biggest surprise of the season. Shane has survived the opening storyline. Without going into specific spoilers for those who have yet to read the comic series, let’s just say Shane doesn’t make it out alive. Obviously that has changed in the AMC retelling of events. It’s a strange move, for sure. On one hand, the constant interplay and leadership bickering between Rick and Shane makes for good drama, so why end that early? But on the other hand, this turn of events really slows down the pacing of the over-arching Walking Dead narrative. Seriously, major plot developments and character-arcs hinge on the fate of Shane. Maybe this is AMC’s way of telling us the TV series will be completely different than the original comic. If that’s the case, message received.

But you can bet that the CDC scientist, Edwin Jenner, whispered into Rick’s ear that he saw Shane’s “confession” to Lori on the security cameras. That knowledge is going to eat away at Rick throughout the second season.


Now it’s time to play the waiting game till next Halloween for the premiere of The Walking Dead Season 2. I think I speak for everyone when I say the wait is going to be excruciating. But for the next year we can think up crazy hypotheses as to where the series will go from here. And for those who still have a Walking Dead itch to scratch, check out our two articles highlighting the many ways you can experience The Walking Dead comics, and what other comic series you can read if you’ve enjoyed The Walking Dead
Sound off in the comments below with your wild theories as to where they’re taking the show next!
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Posted by Korg
@erik_norris said:
" Sound off in the comments below with your wild theories as to where they’re taking the show next! "
Further downhill until the show gets cancelled because of the meandering plot and characters that people don't like or relate to. That and the massive amount of downtime between seasons on a channel that is famous for having great original programming that no one watches.
Posted by Preacherl2k

Loved it! I can wait for more, heck I'm still waiting for Spartacus!

Posted by tbpinkfloyd

I highly believe that what Jenner whispered in Rick's ear was derived from the blood test: the pregnancy.

Edited by Chesapeake

Wow. It's a long time to wait until the next season.

Posted by JonesDeini
Gonna have to agree with you, I think the mainstream audiences will forget about this during the layoff. It's gonna be Caprica all over again, folk. Also I've gotta say I don't like the direction that the series is going into. I think it's deviating too far from what makes the comics such a great story. 
Posted by crazyasahatter77

I have to say, that even with the deviations from the source material I thoroughly enjoyed this first season. With the majority of supernatural television shows dealing either withe threats of a demonic or vampiric nature it is a nice change of pace to get some zombies on board. While the other shows are, in my opinion, light hearted (True Blood, Vampire Diaries, and Supernatural) it is nice to see something that shows a bit more character and is a bit pessimistic. I mean if vampires were true to folk lore in these other shows I can garuntee there would not be a lot of romance or sex going on. As for the ending of the first season of The Walking Dead it did throw me for a bit of a loop, but in a good way. It made common sense to me that people would want to seek out an explanation for what was going on around them. Yes it parted from the comic, but it still makes sense. And what better place to go to for explanations then the CDC. Now the rest of the show can show them trying to evade the dead and survive in a hostile world. As for what Jenner whispered in Rick's ear, I think it is obvious it has to do with Lori being pregnant. Jenner would not have had enough time to run a DNA test, so he could not tell Rick for certain who the father was, only that Lori is pregnant. So that should leave Rick in the dark for a bit and also hopeful. I am very pleased with the show and can not wait for the next season. Much too long of a wait.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Anybody else catch on to the CDC guy's name? Edward Jenner. Look back to your history books people. Edward Jenner was an 18th century English physician and scientist who developed the first vaccine for smallpox.  Interesting parallel I can see why they used in the movie now...Jenner of the 18th century who devoted his life to finding a cure for one of the world's greatest biological killers at the time, whereas Jenner of the show tried to the very end to finding out the cause and possible cures for the disease that causes the walkers to be spawned.  This makes me wonder that maybe what he had to whisper into Rick's ear had nothing to do with pregnancies or Shane/Lori encounters at all.  My theory is that he was telling Rick to seek out other CDC doctors in some pre-determined location and see if their work has improved to stem the tide of the disease that caused this zombie apocalypse.  Of course its largely deviating from the narrative of the story in the comics, but it does make for a good show nevertheless!
Edited by Lovenuggets
@RedheadedAtrocitus:  lol I was wondering why that name sounded so familiar..thanks for the History Recap Red :D
Posted by SystemID

Loved it. Loved every bit of it and I hope it continues to go strong.
That being said, I'm not crazy about having to wait until October for more. 
Not one bit.

Posted by WilliamHenry
@Lovenuggets said:
" -shakes head- so much negativity and no Belief in this show....when will the next time you'll be able to see a Zombie TV series? seriously. Of course the Direction from the comic book is going to be different on TV/Movies it always HAPPENS...I say face the facts and suck it up. 
At any rate. 

 The season Finale of The Walking Dead was AMAZING...quit frankly one of the best Finales I have ever seen on TV....thank you for not killing of Dale Andrea! Cant wait for Next Season!     "

So because its the only zombie TV series, that means everyone has to like it?
Posted by LiquidSwords

Full retard mode on page 1 already? Is this a record?

Posted by Eyz

Now we're getting to the good stuff^^
It's gonna be interesting to see how much and how they'll deviate from the comics, while still keeping the Walking Dead comic feel and taking some elements from it!

Posted by TheMinister707

All I know is that I knew that Jenner guy was gonna blow something up for the season finale. I can't wait for new episodes, especially ones with Tyreese, Michonne and The Governor!

Posted by tbpinkfloyd
@RedheadedAtrocitus: Well it's a deviation, Edwin Jenner not Edward.
Posted by ComiCCloseup

You know not everyone has a hard on for this show and it would be nice to see more variety of topics on this site..
Posted by .o0Johnny0o.

 I'm starting to think the deviation could be as comparable to the difference between marvel 616 and ultimate.  Sort of strong similarities at the start but it's more a re-imagining of the dynamics of the characters.  Also the merging of characters or ideas.  Was Edwin sort of like Eugene?  I maintain that the red neck racist guy from episode 1+2 is gonna come back as The Governor
And to be honest, I think it could work out that way because for people who've just watched the show and not read the books it's plot but to someone who has read them, if someone was to die who we thought would stay on longer then wahey, nice twist for the fans.  However, kill off any of the characters I love like fodder and I'll immediatley go all hipster like 'Ugh, the original was sooo much better" Jokes. Maybe.

Posted by tbpinkfloyd

How will Shane be killed?  
Considering that Darabont has a love for Tyreese, my guess is that when Shane finally does snap (considering he's a timebomb now that his life has been spared) that he'll go off on Rick and attempt to kill him. Then, a wanderer with his daughter and her beau come upon this attack and take Shane to be a crazed scavenger so Tyreese puts him down. This would by symbolic of Tyreese's role as Rick's new number 2. 
However, I have also considered how this would change Carl's role considering the killing of Shane is the first of many events that have lead him down a darker path of forced maturity in the comics.

Posted by Illyana Rasputin

I am enjoying the series, although I completely disagree with releasing season 2 in October in 2011 (?) That's just assinine, when you have an audience so hungry "no pun intended" for your product. I hope AMC reconsiders this, because I think it will hurt the show. A lot can happen over the course of one year. I feel it is time for Shane to go. He was only a secondary character in the comic book series, and he lends a lot of excess weight to the plot. I am wondering whether the CDC guy told Rick about Shane's attempted rape of Lori, or that there was another potential group of survivors, elsewhere. I don't believe revealing the source of the infection is necessary to the plot at this point. I was surprised with the variations between the graphic novel and the television series, but overall,  it has been a fun ride . My favorite character, Jacqui, died, but she did so on her own terms. I was on the edge of my seat with three minutes left to the episode, and that is a true testament to good storytelling. If anything, the television finale was even MORE grandiose than the finale of the first graphic novel. I think it was a great place to leave off, and I look forward to what the future holds. Now...bring on Michonne!  

Posted by erik_norris
@tbpinkfloyd said:
" I highly believe that what Jenner whispered in Rick's ear was derived from the blood test: the pregnancy. "
This I didn't even think about, but it seems pretty likely to be the case. Good thinking.
Posted by bingbangboom

A lot of people think that Jenner saw the attempted rape on Lori. I actually think otherwise and that Jenner found out that Lori is pregnant with her blood sample. Thing is, how pregnant is she? If he said a few months or weeks, that will give him something to think about vs. just that she is pregnant.

Posted by sixdemonbag

I like that they made Shane more sympathetic, and you were just starting to feel sorry for him before he goes and tries to rape Lori.    
I didn't care for too much else in this episode. 
Also, important safety tip, never go anywhere with T-dog, that dude is always leaving people behind.

Posted by MrFantastic
@tbpinkfloyd said:

" I highly believe that what Jenner whispered in Rick's ear was derived from the blood test: the pregnancy. "

I'm thinking it is even darker,  I believe that what Jenner whispered in Rick's ear was also derived from the blood test: They are all carrying the zombie virus, so they don't need to be bit to rise up if they die, just like in the books.
Posted by weapon154

It was a good episode overall, and stood true to the comics.

Posted by comicbikerscott

the walking dead stayed true to the comics
Posted by tbpinkfloyd

Okay guys, we need to think about the time it took for Jenner to whisper to Rick. It was what, maybe a few seconds? In that time, do you really think he'd have time to say anything like, "You all have the virus and don't need to be bitten." or "I know this isn't a good time, but Shane tried to assault your wife." No, there couldn't possibly be enough time for Jenner to whisper any of that! The only things that make sense for him to whisper were along the lines of, "I looked at the test, congrats on the baby." or "Watch out for Shane." I mean, look at Rick's expression, he obviously just learned something that he can't stop and appreciate or take note of.

Posted by Agnosia

never read the graphic novels...but that still doesn't erase the fact that it was pretty stupid when that black women stayed to die with the wasn't believable at a loving husband why would you allow your wife to stay and die...I would have knocked that bitch out and put her over my shoulder...the end

Posted by NightFang
@Chesapeake said:
" Wow. It's a long time to wait until the next season. "
Edited by Brickabrack

Only 6 episodes followed by a 10 month wait?!?!  That is insane. . 
I'll check back in with this series 15 years from now when it'll be on it's 4th season. =(

Posted by kittenpride

Wait... I have to wait a whole year?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Posted by Joe Venom

I can't believe they left us with that as the last episode! why couldn't this episode be 1 1/2 hour long if not 2 hours, that ending was just unfulfilled to me considering it won't be back for almost a year, I just hope they air some webisodes or some shorts while we wait for season 2

Posted by Theodore

The wait will kill this show for general audiences :(

Posted by .o0Johnny0o.
With a blood test you can tell as early as a week but the general rule is 10-14days before it's really effective.  So two questions, how long ago was it that Shane left Rick for dead and how quickly did Lori start slutting it up?
Posted by The Impersonator

The second season is only 13 episodes and it takes that long to air next October?

Posted by Bruce Vain

I have to say the best characters on this show is Dale, Shane, Andrea and Norman Reedus's character Daryl. 
I would like to see Carl to start getting a little bit tougher here though. Like his comic book counterpart.
Posted by EdwardWindsor

wait till halloween you gotta be kidding me , they should pull there finger out and get that 2nd season out pronto lol

Posted by Nenneno

With how this first "season" has turned out, I'm beginning to fear that Jenner did not tell Rick about the pregnancy, because there will be none. I'm doubting the network will have the guts to kill a baby off on national tv. Same with Carl's part in the saga, wouldn't be too surprised if he ends up a kill-virgo on this, perhaps not counting a few zombies if even that.  
And come on. Six episodes? That's not worthy of being called a season!  
Can't stop watching though. 

Posted by Korg
@Nenneno said:
"I'm doubting the network will have the guts to kill a baby off on national tv. "
I'm thinking AMC actually would.
Posted by daak1212

Jaqui not going with the group seemed rediculous as hell.  I thought that Edwin told rick about how the french scientist ( Who he mentioned earlier in the ep ) could be in DC and that could give them a reason to meat the Gov. if they decide to travel.  Also we still need to figure out about the helicopter in the first ep.

Posted by Dipic
@Agnosia said:
" never read the graphic novels...but that still doesn't erase the fact that it was pretty stupid when that black women stayed to die with the wasn't believable at a loving husband why would you allow your wife to stay and die...I would have knocked that bitch out and put her over my shoulder...the end "
Loving husband? You mean T-Dog (the black man in the group)? That wasn't her husband. I can't really blame you for thinking that though. We never (to my knowledge) ever even learned her name, and she never got any development throughout the 4 episodes we saw her in. Then you have that moment where T-Dog and her kinda just stare at each other before they go their separate ways, so if one didn't know better they might assume there was some extra connection there. And then of course being the same race might give an extra boost of thought that they're a couple (even though that may seem racist to some ((IMO, stupid)) people.) 
Why they had that moment between the two at the end is beyond me. There could be numerous reasons. Problem is, the season was only six episodes and things were naturally rushed and condensed so there were bound to be some things that we just didn't all wrap up or make sense perfectly (though one could argue that the writers could have done a bit better, in the case like the one we're discussing.)
Posted by ckal
@erik_norris said:
" @tbpinkfloyd said:
" I highly believe that what Jenner whispered in Rick's ear was derived from the blood test: the pregnancy. "
This I didn't even think about, but it seems pretty likely to be the case. Good thinking. "
Why would this be a surprise to Rick? Didn't Lori already tell everyone, or at least someone/Rick, that she was pregnant in the show? Or am I thinking about the books.
Posted by CrimsonComedian

I have to say, this is an excellent show. Pity it only lasted 6 episodes in its first season, and season 2 isn't coming till Halloween next year but I will wait impatiently.

Posted by UltanKC

I'm in two minds when it comes to the TV show. I'm slightly annoyed and slightly overjoyed about the fact that it deviates from the story told in the comics. When it came to the final scene of this episode I was ready to blow if they killed off Dale and Andrea. They were both significant characters in the comic books and I personally liked Dale being part of the group.  I hope that once the story progresses on the Tv show we'll see some more aspects of the comic being included in the tale. I'd like to hopefully see Carl maturing after the incident (not going to reveal any spoilers) with Shane and possibly some of Tyreese and Michonne. 

Posted by HT101
@Illyana Rasputin: When would be the time to bring back the show for season 2?  Summer?  I don't think so since they already have a full slate in the summer with Breaking Bad and Mad Men, plus they will debut another new show since Rubicon was a bust.  They also won't put it on any other night since they have too much invested in showing movies most of the time.  October, around Halloween works because it establishes the show as having a set time that fans can know it will be back as well as let them promote the hell out of it during their Halloween movie period in October, like they did with the first season.  We may not like it but it works best for AMC to do it this way.
Posted by Dr. Detfink

This episode was just silly from the contrived Doctor going, "Duh, I told you people there's no leaving..." to Dale sitting with Andrea to convince her to leave when the other black woman was basically abandoned by the black man...never mind I was NEVER convinced of her motives to stay but Andrea's motives were VERY clear. Unfortunately I didn't buy her being convinced by Dale. 
Pretty much a plot device because we all know what happens with Dale/Andrea...
Just shoehorned episode for an obligatory explosion because there was no guarantee of a season 2 when it was filmed.

Posted by Marius138

I've been following the Walking Dead comics since the cover of issue 5 caught my eye, and while there are certainly some things from the comics that I felt were essential that they've skipped over (or maybe just haven't gotten to yet) I still think they're doing a great job with the series.
Ultimately deviation from the comics is absolutely necessary for a multitude of reasons and it's important not to get hung up on that.  What's important is that they respect and stay true to the spirit and feel of the comic and it's characters.

Posted by Ultimate JSA

great ending to season 1 for something that amc didn't think would go past season 1
Posted by goosehorn

absolutely awesome show it will stick in my mind better than the comic did perhaps i might go back and read the four volumes to see were the show might go .im really not to keen on this whole year waiting just to see six more episodes .in fact i dont quiet understand why we have to wait so damn long!

Posted by Bergquist

can some one send me a clip of 

Shane to the Rescue


Posted by TheBuck

I know so many people are saying that Mr.Whisper (the doc from the C.D.C) told Rick what Shane tried and that logical but don't you think even Rick, the most level headed person, would show anger that someone tried to rape his wife? I don't care who you are or what is going on if someone tells you that someone tried to force themselves into your wife don't you think that that person would get pissed?
What I think Mr.Whisper told Rick is that Andrea has a bun in the oven. We have enough derivation from the comic as it is so I don't think this is out of the realm of possibility.

Posted by This_Dude

Really disappointed with this series.  Would've been much better if they just stuck with the source material, following the narrative laid out in the books.  Instead they're alienating the fans of the comics and the pacing of the show is too slow for anyone new to get too interested in it.   
Also this final episode was terrible.  Gimme a break with the far flung supercomputer AI and the far fetched body scan garbage.   Also, the explosion at the end.  Don't make me laugh.  Second only to a nuclear blast.  HAHAHAHA   right...

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