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The first superhero from New Jersey undergoes a makeover.

 I knew that STOMP needed some new gimmicks to update its act, but this is a bit much.

The first superhero from New Jersey is getting a makeover.  Shockmeisters Troma Films’ mascot, the Toxic Avenger, will be remade by the guys who brought you THE MASK movie, among many other comics-to-film projects like JONAH HEX, THE LOSERS and BATMAN & ROBIN (this is from Deadline).  Toxie (as his friends call him) was a 98lbs tutu-wearing geek who, after a dive into some radioactive waste, mutated into a hulking, misshapen tower of muscle that drove evil polluters out of his home town. The announcement of this project comes off the success of TOXIC AVENGER: THE MUSICAL, an off-Broadway production that’s been nominated for a Lucille Lortel Award.

It’s fitting that one of these producers’ credits include THE MASK.  Anybody who’s read the Dark Horse comic will know that John Acurdi and Doug Mahnke’s ultra-violent slapstick comic was a far cry from the family-friendly Jim Carrey movie. These producers have intentions to similarly soften the X-Rated cult icon into a PG-13 flick that promotes “green living.” Before any Toxie fans throw their arms up, I’ll point out that this approach was already tried 20 years ago with TOXIC CRUSADERS, a Saturday morning cartoon that similarly cleaned up the mop-wielding monster’s act for an environmentally conscious agenda. Check out the opener for the series below and be befuddled…   
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 The Mask from comics.

This is probably a good starting point for a discussion about dark comics that get toned down for mass media. Aside from THE MASK, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES and MEN IN BLACK are other dramatic examples of this. See, I was a fan of TOXIC CRUSADERS as a kid, so when I went to the tape store and saw THE TOXIC AVENGER on the shelves, I naturally wanted to rent it (and was able to, since it was unrated). Needless to say, six-year-old lil' Tommy P was mighty shocked by the swearing, sex and gore on the tape and actually got in trouble when his Mom caught him watching it. So there’s proof of the blowback of this kind of thing! Let’s hear some similar stories along that line, because I KNOW you’ve got some, oh scandalized Comic Vine community. 

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Posted by Mr. Dead Pool

Posted by defaultdefaultdefault

I would share my opinion which may be extremely positive towards Uncle Toxie and the Tromma
films, but i fear the hounds who apparently take deep offense to this movie and its fanbase.
though i will say this, they actually already tried the approach of turning it 
PG-13 by making an actual recut version of the original. my arms are thrown up 
(and my breakfast).

Posted by No_name_here
@CATMANEXE: Does this make you feel old?
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@Tom Pinchuk: 
nah. but the memory of my A-Team Underoo's does.
the literal answer is that im too old to be young and too young to be
old. id rather get to old instead of being confused all of the time.
Posted by Kid_Zombie

I LOVED Toxic Avenger when I was a kid, and also loved the cartoon! had every action figure from that show i think ha ha
It sucks that they will be making this into a pg 13 movie, when the original was super violent ha ha but funny enough that i could watch it as a kid and not be scarred. ( it didnt help that i had older brothers who watched it all the time) I never saw the musical but would love to if its in toronto some time. Anyways not sure what to think. I love Toxic avenger both the movie and the cartoon, but i wish the movie was still gonna be a rated R.

Posted by Bobby X

I used to watch this show and had all the action figures too.  
I saw the movie agaiin like a year ago on G4 and was blown away by how cheesy and violent it was lol
Posted by toxzilla

It better be awesome is all im saying. I dont know if you can have Toxie without ultra violence and blind girl rape.

Posted by GothamBat

i still havent had the chance to watch the original movies, but i did watch the cartoon and loved it. i had most of the action figures. lol. i think i'll put the old movies on my netflix.
Posted by Decept-O

Aw, why do a re-make?  The original movies are so batantly over the top violent and full of T & A and I LIKES IT like that.  An off-broadway musical?  O....K..... 
I'm not a diehard Troma film fan but I have seen quite a few of the movies from their catalog, and I love them for what they are!   Making Toxie "green" and environmental friendly is a bit...odd.  I guess green of a different sort can influence anyone.  Kind of disappointed.  Where's Sgt. KabukiMan?  He will lay the smack down on anyone who tries to make Toxie aware of "global warming"!!
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I was gonna say NO they don't need to remake this , BUT if it's the same guys who did the first Mask (which is on Starz right now lol) . I say I'm down for it :D.
I remember after I would watch my cartoons saturday morning. I would watch my WWF after and then the Toxic Avengers movies or Godzilla movies on USA. The good ol' days.

Posted by NightFang
@Mr. Dead Pool said:
"GO TOXIE!!!! "
               Don't you mean, GO PLANT!
Posted by BiteMe-Fanboy

I got mixed feelings about this one.
I read its going to be strongly enviromental friendly, in other words be a "Green Movie', and at the same time be more family friendly.
Toxie is not family friendly. Rape scenes, stabbing mops through ears, running over little kids heads in a car, swearing, blood, diaper mafias. just idk. i just hope they dont ruin Toxie for me.
I wonder what Lloyd Kaufman (creator) says about this?.....

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This movie should not be tamed

Posted by EganTheVile1

Likewise on Toxic Avenger saw it as a kid too after watching the animated series, Troma films should never be made kid friendly for that exact reason! also my dad bought the Graphic Novel published by First for me of TMNT as a kid, kinda was too young to process the idea of Shredder as a rapist, and the TMNT and Casey Jones as killers themselves, of course my dad was not reluctant to buy his 5 year old son this, he just knew of the TMNT as his sons favorite cartoon/toys... I may add Starship Troopers to this, it was also made into a cartoon, but the cartoon was kinda violent, but no where near as graphic as the movies, comics, and novel