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The TARDIS Is Getting A Makeover

The new Doctor Who will (sorta) get a new TARDIS.

When the new Doctor appears played by Matt Smith in the fifth season of "Doctor Who" in 2010, he won't be the only new thing.  The TARDIS is getting a makeover.  Does this mean the outward appearance will be changing?  No way.  The Daily Mirror reported that the BBC has approved for the interior to get a "radical new look."

The outside will apparently be improved.  Executive producer Stephen Moffat wants to make this season stand apart from the previous seasons.  He wants the arrival of Smith to signify a new "era."  The new TARDIS is said to be "the most hi-tech, intricate TARDIS ever."

I can't wait to see how it changes.  I do have to admit that the current version just seems a little off to me.  It's better than the plain white version we had forever but it just never really felt right to me.
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Posted by inferiorego

Awesome, I love when they redo the TARDIS.

Posted by inferiorego
FullMechaGaara said:

F^ck that mat smith, first guyliner now this whats next?

Censor yourself please, like I did above.
Posted by Methos


it's about time we had a new look for the Tardis, hopefully in this series we'll actually see a lot more of the insides of the Tardis.... i mean. with 9 and 10 we saw all of two rooms.... but we know the Tardis has hundereds, if not thousands of rooms....


Posted by Constantine

I reckon it should have a secret disco ball

Posted by Slinger

I hope it's as cool as THIS one.

Posted by inferiorego

I love the Baker era  TARDIS where people would just get lost inside of it...