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The Sword #12 Early Review + Weekly Wind Up

2 Lil' G-Man Videos This Week!

The Sword #12
Lil' G-Man gives an early review on The Sword #12 by the Luna Brothers.  In stores Wednesday, October 29.


As an added bonus, Lil' G-Man also highlights some of this past week's comics you may have overlooked.

Feedback is appreciated.  Which player do you prefer?  (Obviously the youtube one can also be viewed on your iPhone while the second can't).  Do you like the early reviews?  Was the Weekly Wind Up helpful or informative?

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Posted by Darkchild

Spiderman was...spine tingling. Sent chills down my spine when i saw the HOLY CRAP moment. Great issue

Posted by NightFang

This for the reviews dog!

Posted by Mr. Wilson

Spider-Man has been great...

Posted by Baal Zak

Great review. You sold the comic very well and didn't give any spoilers. I loved The Sword since the first issue and what you said about the Luna brothers art, well the same happens to me. At first, it seems a very simple drawing, not too much detailed, but when it comes to the action scenes, everything you need is there. I mean, the facial expressions of the characters, the pain, the excitement, the joy, the agony sometimes. It's incredible how they accomplish so much with so little. For example, in issue #11, there was hell lot of action, and not too many dialogues, or irrelevant stuff. It was easy and very fast to read and worked perfect. I really, really recommend this series.

BTW, I can't watch the second video, it takes forever to load :-S

Posted by G-Man

The second video is also available on the ComicVine youtube videos.  If you double click on the first, it should take you to the site and you should get the option of "seeing more videos from this user" or something like that.  It's just over ten minutes long, hence the longer loading time.