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The Super Hero Squad Show: Volume 1 DVD Review

Now you can "Hero Up" whenever you want.

The Super Hero Squad Show Volume 1: Quest For The Infinity Sword! was released on July 13, 2010. I received a copy from Shout! Factory a couple weeks ago (but with us moving our office, I fell a little behind). The show has run it's first season and this DVD includes the first seven episodes.
When the show was first announced, I have to admit I had serious reservations. I was, and still am, a huge Mini-Marvels (by Chris Giarrusso) fan. I always felt that Mini-Marvels should've been made into a cartoon. With Super Hero Squad, I felt it was a more kiddie version of the idea and with a show, the chances of a Mini-Marvels show happening weren't good. Of course I'd give the show a chance. When it was revealed that the show would have a huge and impressive voice cast, I started looking forward to it.
After watching the first season, I have to admit, I've become a fan.
 == TEASER ==
The great thing about the show is you have such a wide range of characters that can appear on the show (except for Spider-Man, who does appear in the video game, perhaps this will change since Spectacular Spider-Man isn't getting a third season). The main characters are Iron Man, Wolverine, Hulk, Thor, Silver Surfer, Falcon and later on, Reptil. The idea seen in the pilot episode changed a little. Originally the "Squad" formed for each mission would depend on the danger present and which heroes would be best suited to handle it (there was a device called the Starkutron 3000 that would form the Squad). The show mainly focused on those set heroes but each episode would have "guest stars" that included characters like Captain America, Ms. Marvel, the Thing, Storm, Wasp, Luke Cage and others. Time has gone into developing each character to give them their own unique personality that is often a little different than their normal comic book counterparts. What you get is a feeling that Marvel is totally fine with poking fun at themselves from time to time. 
The premise of the show is simply, Doctor Doom was trying to get his hands on the Infinity Sword. In a battle, it ended up shattering and now the pieces are scattered all over the place. It's up to the Super Hero Squad to try to retrieve those pieces before Doom and his evil minions ( MODOK, Abomination and others) from getting them first. Contact with a piece has different (and often funny) effects. 
Volume 1 contains the following episodes:
  • And Lo...A Pilot Shall Come!
  • This Silver, This Surfer!
  • Hulk Talk Smack!
  • To Err is Superhuman!
  • Enter: Dormammu!
  • A Brat Walks Among Us!
  • Oh Brother!
Bonus features include a new interview with Stan Lee (who also provided the voice of the Mayor of Super Hero City), a music video (with the theme song that will get stuck in your head), The Super Hero Squad Show trailer, The Super Hero Squad Show Online trailer and THQ's Super Hero Squad Show: The Infinity Guantlet Game trailer. I'm not normally a fan when shows are released in "volumes" rather than a complete set. The first season had 26 episodes. This volume retails for $14.93 (and can be found closer to ten bucks online). Despite this, the DVD is still worth picking up. I have been converted. I do like this show. I have been waiting for news on the second season.
I would give this release a solid 4 out of 5. It's not the complete first season and the bonus features are okay but it's the show that makes this fun. It's a show that that is good for all ages (and not just younger viewers). You can see that the direction changed slightly from the pilot episode ( Mole Man was having gas issues when dealing with the different pressure from down below and on the surface). It's a fun show that, as I mentioned, will poke fun at itself. It's a great way to introduce new viewers to the Marvel Universe and for old viewers to get a kick out of seeing the different characters work together.
Here's some profiles on characters we've posted before to get an idea what they're like here.
Posted by ComicMan24

I've never watched it but it looks good.
Posted by rmanthorp


Edited by IronSpidy-Rooney

 No offence to any fan but it was too childish for me

Posted by HaHaManHV

Looks better than I once thought, plus it's nice to hook kids in with, since it's actually for kids and not like a cartoon for adults that kids probably shouldn't watch

Posted by obscurefan

It's a fine show for kids but I think it will be hard for adults to enjoy, but then again not everything has to be for all ages.

Posted by conformist21

it's good fun 

  if you can't enjoy it then you're being too critical
Posted by Final Arrow

Wow great kid show, also did anyone notice how everyone seems to be catching a falling wolverine...  Why is he always falling XD

Posted by scourgexlvii

 @conformist21 said:

" it's good fun 
  if you can't enjoy it then you're being too critical "
That bit's funny, if for no other reason than it has the mental image of the Punisher firing a machine gun at a plate of brussel sprouts.
Posted by darkking

this series is bad its makes mega shark vs giant octopus movie or mega shake  look good .
Posted by Blackestnight

I agree with G-Man 100% I went through the exact same process. Adding to my fear was how it was released after the Disney buy out. It make me afraid of that direction.

Posted by X-93

my boy loves that show.

Posted by RYU/BATMAN

Wasn't this show canceled?

Posted by Zakor1138
No, you're thinking of Wolverine & the X-Men or The Spectacular Spider-Man.
Posted by doordoor123

ive seen a couple episodes of it to see what it was like. And see what theyve done with some of my favorite characters. It was aiight.

Posted by RoniHumphrey

I never really got into the cartoon, but I'll admit that I love collecting the toys. :-)

Posted by InnerVenom123
@conformist21 said:

" it's good fun 

  if you can't enjoy it then you're being too critical "
Even kid friendly, the Punisher is @#%#ing scary.
Posted by sora_thekey

I've watched almost the complete season... and I love it... 
Although I might wait for a complete box set to buy the complete season as a whole!

Posted by Rosebunse
You trully have no soul if you didn't think that was the best thing ever!
Posted by Agent9149

i love this showw..............itssssoooooooooooooo cute

Posted by scorpius72

I am a fan of the show. at first i thought it was a dumbed down kiddie show that is targeted for kids like iron man armored adventures or teen titans. but when you look past the squat bodies and shrill voices you realize its double layered. kids like it for its simple design and harmless fun and fan love it for the shamelss parody of marvel comics that it is.  
everything about it is paying homage to the stan lee's marvel of the 60s. from the titles of its episodes, "this silver, this surfer" 
to the dialogue-thor has his pseudo-shakspearean speech pattern and silver surfer speaks with a surferdude voice. there are alot of inside jokes to the characters traits in comics and the situations they get it. (ragging on dr.strange is my favourite).  
this is marvels brave and the bold. both for being kid friendly and poking fun at their own image.  

Posted by Jotham
@conformist21:  I laugh my butt off every time I see that clip.
The episodes I've seen were great. Obviously it's more childish than mainstream Marvel, but it's got its own charm.
Posted by CharlieJade
@darkking said:
" this series is bad its makes mega shark vs giant octopus movie or mega shake  look good . "
It's soo bad its good
Posted by Comicjew

☠☠☠☠  this show. It's stupid and a disgrace to the all Marvel Comic characters that appear on the show. I hope it gets canceled! The sooner the better!