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The Super Hero Squad Feels The Fury Of The Red Skull

Red Skull drops by for Cap's birthday.

Each week I continued to be amazed with some of the characters that Marvel uses on The Super Hero Squad Show.  This Saturday, January 30 at 7:30 pm on Cartoon Network, the Super Hero Squad will be facing off against the Red Skull.  How do you explain what the Red Skull stands for to an all-ages audience? 
In the episode, it's Captain America's birthday and he plans to spend the day celebrating with his fellow Squaddies and his old friend, Nick Fury.  It looks like it'll be a good time until Dr. Doom decides to thaw out his villain idol, the infamous WWII menace, the Red Skull. 
If seeing a pint-sized version of the Red Skull wasn't enough to get you to tune in, Mark Hamill will be providing the voice for the Red Skull, a villain who may be arrogant enough to even frustrate Dr. Doom.  Tune in Saturday to "Hero Up!" with the Super Hero Squad Show.

Posted by Beyond your Doom

Is that MADOK? interesting look.

Edited by Vortex13
@Beyond your Doom: No, it's Arnim Zola!!
Posted by Pez85

I haven't seen a single episode of SHS, but Mark Hamil just might be a reason to tune in.  It'll be interesting to hear his German accent.

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

This tickles me
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Have I mentioned how cool it is that there is a Arnim Zola type character in Hellboy? Because if I haven't I must now... Ahem "GUYS WITH THEIR HEAD IN THEIR CHEST ARE SOOOO FREAKING COOL!!!!!"

Posted by The_Martian

I think this show is great. It really is getting younger kids into superheroes. The other day at work we had a boy(probably about 4 or 5) if he wanted a Superhero sticker and he said, "You have Super Hero Squad?"

Posted by Namor1987

Lol Arnim Zola seems cool to bad they have to come up with some halfbaked story for Red Skull's story

Posted by InnerVenom123

Mark Hammil is voicing Red Skull? This I might wanna see. Maybe.
Posted by Yung ANcient One

is it jus me or Does Squaddie Nick Fury look like Obama?

Posted by iLLituracy

I smell epic.

Posted by Bruce Vain

Mark Hamill all I have to say is EPIC :)
Posted by Media_Master


Posted by Rabbit Tots

GOD I still can't stand this art style...

Posted by G-Man

Does anyone know if that first image is a homage to an actual cover?  Usually I can figure them out and locate them when I post these previews.  For this one, I just couldn't think of it.  Not sure if it is an actual one or not.  Almost looks a little plain.

Posted by ZacA
It's Captain America 100.