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The Simpsons Stamps Can Now Be Seen!

The U.S. Post Office unveils the Simpsons stamps. Vote for your favorite!

Here's the moment we've been waiting for.  Or at least some of us.  The U.S. Post Office has revealed what the Simpsons stamps will look like.  It's only the family but it's still pretty dang cool.  I will definitely be getting some.  If you go to the USPS' website, you can vote on your favorite family member's stamp.  There's a chance to win an autographed Matt Groening poster, you can pre-order the stamps and can even order a matted giclee print of your favorite stamp (and even all five together).  Check it out.

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Posted by Slinger

Psh. Like I can't photoshop out that black line. Thanks for the free stamps G-Man!

(note: I do not advocate photoshopping out the black line and printing out stamps)

Posted by Captain Cascader

While I can understand the historical significance, the old style simpsons drawings (which these are) kind weird me out compared to the ones done after season 3 or so.

Posted by G-Man

The Tracy Ullman versions were reeeeeally different.

Posted by kittenpride

I like Maggies it says "baby with attitude"

Posted by Media_Master

Old school simpsons

Posted by No_Name_

Those are so cute :)

Posted by defunkt

I like them. But I wish they could have made them more new school. Is "new school" even a phrase?

Posted by pixelized

I'm unimpressed.

Posted by Nightwolf3

i like them, there cool

Posted by Dane

what pix said.

Posted by Deo Wade

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