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The Simpsons Invade Your Mail

The Simpsons will join the Postal Service in bringing your mail to your house.

The United States Post Office has announced that our favorite family, the Simpsons will soon be immortalized on 44 cent first class stamps. 

They will be designed by creator/executive producer Matt Groening are said to feature the entire family.  It doesn't sound like we'll be seeing other Simpsons characters on them.

A sneak peak of the stamps will be shown on April 9 along with the date the stamps will be available.  This is in part of celebrating the Simpsons' 20th anniversary this year. 

According to the Associated Press, the Postal Service gets close to 50,000 suggestions for stamps each year but only 20 are made.

What other Simpsons character would you want to see on a stamp besides the family?
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Comic Book Guy

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Mr. Burns:  "Smithers, why are the Simpsons appearing on the stamp?  I clearly told the Post Office I wanted O.J. Simpson, not the Simpsons!"

Smithers:  "Errr...mmm....Sir, O.J. Simpson is in jail.  Not to mention it is highly suspect he may have murdered his ex-wife and her boyfriend."

Mr. Burns:  "Pish-Posh, Smithers.  Haven't we all killled someone at some point in our lives?"

Smithers:  "Err...No, Sir, not everyone...." 

While I stopped watching this show some time ago, it would have been interesting to see the other characters.  However, having them on the stamp is neat.  There are other characters or personas I'd have elected, but this is still pretty cool. 

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yeah, definitly comic book guy