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The Secrets of Spawn Revealed

Limited Book of the Dead Coming in December

Are there any Spawn fans out there?  It's been a while since I've read Spawn.  I've been meaning too since McFarlane and Portacio are on board.  This book sounds like it could be informative.  It's not too expensive.  It might even be cheaper if you pre-order it online.  Plus it comes with a limited ed. pewter figure.

Maybe I have been away a while 'cause I have no idea who this Raven Spawn character is.  I do remember going on the action figure hunts trying to find those pesky one-per-case figures.
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Posted by XION66578

That's looks cool. Also you don't know of the Raven Spawn?

Posted by Risky

Hardcover? Okay, you got me interested. Could be something like the old book of souls just a bit more noble. Don't know of this Raven Spawn either but it's possible that it's just a figure only release like Vikin Spawn or Cyborg Spawn back in the old toy series.

Posted by G-Man

I have no idea who Raven Spawn is.  I think the last issue I read was actually #100.  I picked up a couple here and there but that's it.