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The Scarlet Spider Returns!!

But is it the same Scarlet Spider we know and love?

You have absolutely no idea how excited I got upon first seeing the second image below. In case you weren't aware, I'm a huge fan of the Scarlet Spider. Or perhaps I should say Ben Reilly. At San Diego, Marvel teased us with the following image.

It was specifically said that the Scarlet Spider wasn't coming back. This image could have been intended as the final nail in the coffin. I've made my case why I believe Ben Reilly is still alive. I also wrote about the possible teases during the current Spider-Island story, involving the Jackal, the man who created Ben.

The problem is, the burning image above and recent issue of Amazing Spider-Man make me believe that while the Scarlet Spider might be coming back, it won't be Ben Reilly under the hood.

To confirm that Scarlet Spider is actually returning, check out this image from the Spider-Man panel today at New York Comic-Con.

== TEASER ==

We'll update as soon as we get more information!


According to MTV Geek, beginning in 2012, Chris Yost and Ryan Stegman will be bringing us a new, ongoing Scarlet Spider. If you read this week's Amazing Spider-Man #671, you have a strong idea who I think will be wearing the costume. After the events of Spider-Island, apparently Scarlet Spider will be on the run and headed to Mexico.

Sadly, I'm afraid it won't be Ben Reilly. We'll have to wait. But supposedly we'll find out sooner rather than later.

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Posted by Daveyo520

So it was him.

Posted by DarkChris

It was time! Holy sh!t!!!

Posted by craigbo180

Wow. Hes actually coming back, I guess Tony continually talking about him actually paid off!

Posted by johnny_spam

Amazing Spider-Man in theaters and Ultimate Spider-Man on tv only meant that the Spider-Man books would expand to capitalize on them.

Posted by xerox_kitty

Nice redesign, but there's something about him that looks like the 'Red Hood Spider' ;)

Posted by InnerVenom123


Posted by G-Man
Posted by Decept-O

Well, that makes things curiouser and curiouser.....

Posted by Primmaster64


Posted by ravisher

i love him

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

......Win. New costume is Win.

Edited by _Zombie_

Kinda sad now that I found out it's not Ben, but if it's who G-Man suggested, I'm still up for it. Just please.. please don't screw this one up Marvel.

Posted by pulseangel666
Posted by BKole

I agree with G-Man. Anyone who read Spider-Island this week will be thinking the same thing.

Posted by Vision2.0
Posted by pulseangel666

I for one hope it's the guy in the spoilers :)

Posted by leejunfan83

I love the scarlet spider fuck parker

Posted by Sanderkatz

It might not be the original, but by god, its about time for a scarlet spider return. Words dont express the joy felt

Posted by frozenedge

Yes the return of the Scarlet Spider. Black and red for spider-man related characters is definitely popular this year. This makes me think Miles Morales might be the ultimate version of the new Scarlet Spider.

Posted by marvelunivers_deleteme

@Primmaster64: @Primmaster64: kaine

Posted by Pbott

dont know anything about the character but i love me some Chris Yost

Posted by pulseangel666

@marvelunivers: Dude use spoilers, for the sake of the people who haven't read the new issue of spider-man

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous
Posted by Duo_forbidden

@G-Man: I agree. And actually, the idea of him being Scarlet Spider or maybe a darker version of him is awesome.

Edited by Xenozoic Shaman

Hey, it's Nightwing from the New 52!  j/k  Ben Reilly was one of their better ideas.  Looks interesting enough to pickup.  Marvel certainly is doing a lot this November.

Posted by Primmaster64
Posted by ArtisticNeedham

@G-Man: Maybe now they will do your awesome idea of taking this version of Spider-Man to California and having him be able to do things that Peter isn't allowed to do. Maybe this version will get married and have kids. I would love to see that idea of yours in the comics.

Posted by Jordanstine

It's Earth-616 version of Miles Morales!

There, I said it!

Posted by goldenkey

Just keep him in a hoody

Posted by sora_thekey

YAY! I love the Scarlet Spider! The first comic I ever read was with Ben Reilly! :)

It is upsetting that it's not Ben under the mask but I am loving those designs. Plus he's going to Mexico, which is exciting. Am I the only one who has noticed the great exposure Latino-related characters and locations have gotten in Marvel Comics lately?

Araña/Spider-Girl got her own series, one of the Five Lights is from Mexico (Velocidad), the newest member of the Young Allies is Toro, one of the most prominent characters in Avengers Academy is Latino (Reptil), and the Spider-Man is half-black half-Latino (Miles Morales).

Posted by JoseDRiveraTCR7

I'm looking forward to this. I'm not the biggest Ben Reilly or Scarlet Spider fan. I never read any of his stories. I tried to read the Clone Saga but quit after reading Maximum Clonage. Hope this is good.

Posted by FinnVarra

isnt there still a Scarlet Spider floating around from the Initiative?  Maybe it's him.

Posted by HotSauceCommittee
Posted by iLLituracy

It's Kaine.

Posted by KRYPTON

Been waiting for this for so long!

Posted by hitechlolife

I was so dissapointed when I saw those panels in ASM 671. I have no interest in this guy as a character. Hopefully it's a red herring but I doubt it.

Posted by ssejllenrad

616 Miles Morales? Hehe!

I don't like the Clone Saga... I hate this idea.. But as a true illogical whiney fanboy, I'm still gonna buy this! :D

Posted by trackstar352

kaine minus disease pretty much equals ben reilly either way

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Just glad the character will be making a return for my sake.

Posted by hitechlolife

@trackstar352 said:

kaine minus disease pretty much equals ben reilly either way

Not really, only in that he's a clone of Peter. He hasn't had the back-story or relationship that Ben had with Pete

Posted by Peregrine

While I think a new Scarlet Spider will be cool...what about Patrick the current Scarlet Spider? I loved seeing him run around in the Iron Spider costume in Initiative

Posted by blur1528

I'm down. I really enjoy Yost's writing and the art looks good as well.

Posted by Metatron_Da_Don

When I read ASM#671 and saw his hair I thought he'd be the new Scarlet Spider. I was thinking they'd havve to make a new hero costume after Spider-Island debacle but He has the anti-hero look (long hair, unshaven).
Lo and behold! lol Great news.
But the costume is a Work in Progress for sure

Posted by difficlus

Probably flash...

Posted by zombietag
Posted by ComicStooge

I swear to god, if it's Miles Morales, I'm not picking up a Spiderman book ever again.

Posted by ImperiousRix

YAY for the return of Scarlet Spider!

BOO for no more hoodie!

Anyway, I'd love for it to be Ben, but I'm not confident. People have made some great suggestions, but I'm just not sure. It could pretty much be anybody considering the events of Spider Island.

Posted by GothamRed

I think it's either ben or kaine, hoping for Ben with kaine doing his own thing, but either clone would be nice

Posted by fodigg
Sadly, I'm afraid it won't be Ben Reilly

Ugh. Lame. Why shouldn't it be? I mean, the guy it seems obvious they're going with is better than, I guess, the Scarlet Spiders (MVP clones), but it's still not the same.

Posted by Unwritten Duck

I never knew much about Ben Reilly other than he existed and he was called the Scarlet Spider. So this will be a totally new experience for me and hopefully an enjoyable one.

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