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The Outrageous Championship Winners!

We name the names of those who drew the Comic Vine staff...


Apologies for the delay, my earnest Comic Vine maniacs. We were hoping to pick the winners for the Outrageous “Draw Comic Vine’s Staff” Championship before NYCC, but the con prep proved too crazy to allow for that. To summarize what I just said above (and to communicate the message to those who might not have video access) we are all tremendously impressed by the level of talent exhibited in the contest entries; so much so that we've already got another contest cooking.  Before we get to business, I want to thank the Gnomon Workshop again for generously supplying us with these sexy high-end DVDs. Even if you didn't win today, you'd all do well to go check out their catalog of instructional art DVDs.  

Without further ado, here are the official winners. Please DM me your mailing addresses so we can get the prizes along!  == TEASER ==

THE GRAND PRIZE winner is KrHunt.  He gets the entire DYNAMIC FIGURE DRAWING DVD set by David Finch including The Head, the Body and the Hands & Feet.



A very special commendation to om1kron, who selflessly waived prizes. 


And then special nods and commendations to all the maniacs who participated:  FoxxFireArt, TheFallen11, Senorsausage, Tonis, CATMANEXE,  EGoD, sora_thekey, miracleman3 and Decept-O. You can see all their art collected here. Thanks again for participating. Watch for our next contest coming soon!

Tom Pinchuk’s the writer of  HYBRID BASTARDS!  &  UNIMAGINABLE . Order them on Amazon here &     here .

Posted by Decept-O

Congrats to all the!  Some incredible artwork displayed, to say the least.
Posted by Bestostero

Those are some great entries!  Good job everyone and congrats to the winner!

Posted by rlmay3


Posted by couzinit99

i really wish i wouldve entered but it was a bad time. im SO entering next time :D!!!!!!!
Posted by spawn devil

Congratulations to you all! I will be subjective here and elect my favourite drawing but all of them were special, it's just that you cannot compare them since the artwork is different at all of them. However, to say which one was my favorite it would be Artistic Needham, that cryptic tone and emphasized dark layers I can't help but fall for.

Posted by Video_Martian



Congrats to everyone who won and didn't. All the work on this one was nothing 
short of amazing, and the real victory was getting to see it all. I mean that.
@Tom Pinchuk said: 

 And then special nods and commendations to all the maniacs who participated...

 Strange, I've been referred to as that a few times this week? Must be be my imagination.

@Inner_Catman_Demons said:

Strange, we've been referred to as that a few times this week? Must be be our imagination.

*waves by and exits thread through the rabbit hole*
Posted by ComicMan24

Congrats to all those who participated. Great work.

Posted by J1ml33
@Decept-O:  when is the next one ?
Posted by ArtisticNeedham
@spawn devil: Thanks for liking my art.
This contest was so much fun, congratulations to  KrHunt,   mjc1403 , and everyone.  Everyone's stuff was so great.  I can't wait to see more contests.  Whats the next one?
Didn't I hear something about a Draw Hawkeye's costume contest or something?
Posted by Om1kron

Congrats everyone on a job well done.

Posted by FoxxFireArt

I completely agree with that grand prize winner. That was really well done.

I actually wasn't even trying to win this. I drew that sketch on the outside of an envelope I was mailing to the Whiskey Media offices the night before I even heard about this contest. I mailed the envelope, but I don't know it if ever arrived. I really hope it didn't get lost in the mail.
One tip book I got for comic coloring that I really loved. It's called "How to Color for Comics" by Guru-eFX. It has a lot of good tips for all kinds of coloring styles. It also has a CD in the pages with some professional artist's line work that you can practice on.
Posted by tonis

glad to hear you'll be doing more, this one was a lot of fun.

Posted by Riezner

Amazing work, you guys. I knew that Comic Vine had some talented artists, but I had no idea it was at this level.

Posted by lastdrag0n89

Next time It should be the same objective yet have the Viners vote and decide who wins!

Posted by Silkcuts

Congrats to the winners!

Posted by ImperiousRix

Awesome job.  Congrats to the winners and all whom participated.

Posted by the_fallen11

Tom credited me's The_Fallen11 not TheFallen411 :/

Posted by Red L.A.M.P.

Wow, congrats everyone.  And great video Tom and Lemon!

Posted by PatVB

Holy crap, these are all really good! Great work, guys!

Edited by Decept-O

I don't run the contests.  That would be up to the Staff at Comic Vine.  I am under the assumption Tom Pinchuk and Inferiorego will be the ones to conduct them in the near future.   
I am simply excited that artists are having a chance to show their skills on this site.  I think its great, and am enthusiastic about it all!    
Posted by Aspenite

Great talents here! All pictures looked awesome!

Posted by Eyz

Congrats guys!
Next time...please...a contest open for people outside of the USA!

Posted by NXH

God damnit! I didnt know there was this contest. Why didnt anyone tell me? ;(

Posted by No_name_here
@CATMANEXE: Chee chee chee... mah mah mah.... 
Chee chee chee.... mah mah mah...
Posted by No_name_here
@lastdrag0n89: Hmmm... interesting idea...
Posted by No_name_here
@the_fallen11: Ack!  
Posted by No_name_here
@J1ml33: I'm putting the next one together, right now...
Posted by No_name_here
@NXH: Keep coming to the site every day. The next one is coming soon.
Posted by lastdrag0n89
@Tom Pinchuk:   
It would be pretty awesome. Probably get an even bigger turnout