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The New Avengers Line Up Just Got Crazy...The Thing?!?

What is going on?

Marvel's recent reveals about the "New" Avengers hasn't been too surprising. Yesterday we sort of got a new New Avenger when it was revealed that Jessica Jones would be putting the spandex back on. Today, things get completely crazy.

Say it with me, "What the heck is going on?" I'm sure "heck" isn't the first word that might come to mind. After the shock settled, I have to say, I like this. Finally we're getting a completely new member that is really going to change the concept of the New Avengers. If I recall correctly, the Thing has never fully been an Avenger. Reed and Sue have been briefly but I don't think Ben or Johnny have. Now he's going to be an Avenger? 
The Thing is my favorite character in the FF. I'm not sure what this means for his position over there. I suppose if Wolverine can be on the New Avengers, X-Men and X-Force, there's no reason that Ben can't be on the New Avengers and Fantastic Four. Now just picture what the teams going to be like with the Thing, Spider-Man and Wolverine. I think the fun-factor just got turned up considerably!
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Posted by jedd

kwl i like that!!!!!!!

Posted by Green Flash

LOVE IT!  CLOBBERIN' TIME!!!!  Now this is a teaser!

Posted by ironshadow

Ultimate Thing should be an Ultimate Avenger since the ultimate FF disbanded and he joined SHIELD but I guess this is pretty cool too. 


its weird, have to wait until i read it, but i am happy to see
a character that wasn't recently on an Avenger team. 
Thing, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Luke Cage, Jewel so far.

Posted by Sarpio__

WHAT. O_o'

Posted by Chane

I have no idea where they are going with this.

Posted by NXH

This might be pretty cool. But I donno why marvel is deciding to reboot the new avengers comic for herotic age. I guess it will all make sense when siege has finished and herotic age starts. Which I'm interested to see. (as most of us are, i pursume)

Posted by crimsonspider89

Okay, did not see this coming. Really did not see this coming.

Posted by starkiller95


Posted by Joe Venom

Ok, now where shaking things up and I like it, but he is still wear FF undies does this mean he will be doing double duty? Issue #1 is a must have for me, man I have soooo many questions now

Posted by Emerald Warrior

It should read:    "I always like to tell people what time it is" 
Good thing he's a NEW avenger. Don't really see him on the regular roster.  

Posted by pimpnerd88

The Thing was prominently featured in West Coast Avengers, regardless if he was officially a member or not,  goes the same distance in my book. Love him

Posted by StrongestOneThereIs

Most marvel heroes are reserve Avengers
The call sent out during Avengers Disassembled for all Avengers
The Thing answered

Posted by thiagofonseca

Wolverine's gonna take his place in FF.

Posted by Tyler Starke

I guess this image really is a precursor to who will be on the avengers, So you think the monkey will be on tomorrows new avengers promo, Cause I do!, jeez so the new avengers will have team members from X-men,X-Force,Fantastic Four, Thunderbolts and if everything goes according to my plan tomorrow an Agent of atlas

Posted by lostlantern13
@Tyler Starke:
Those 3 that haven't been attached to teams...perhaps Secret Avengers?
Posted by G-Man

Finally one where no one can say "I called that." I don't think any of us saw this one coming. Bravo Marvel..

Posted by PrinceIMC

Awesome. Now that should please the people who have been waiting for something new.
Posted by the_orange_crush
@lostlantern13 said:
" @Tyler Starke: Those 3 that haven't been attached to teams...perhaps Secret Avengers? "
That's a good possibility.
I like The Thing on the New Avengers as it adds another dynamic to the team....
Posted by PrinceIMC

Heh, just watch the New Avengers will turn out to not be a super hero team just a monthly poker game.
Posted by Vance Astro

There we that's new.

Posted by sora_thekey

Wow! I'm suprised... but not mad... this could be good... 
So I'm guessing now that maybe... just maybe! Spidey and Wolvie are in both Avengers teams... 
SInce this team looks to be like the reserved team...
Posted by Kid_Zombie
@G-Man said:
" Finally one where no one can say "I called that." I don't think any of us saw this one coming. Bravo Marvel.. "
I didnt call it but i was thinking it was possible when that "heroic Age" poster came out. Then I thought no way after the announcments started coming out. I should have stuck to my guns ha ha
Sweet this is good news for sure. The Thing rules. I have never been a huge fan of fantastic four, but the new book (cant remember the writer on it right now, and Im in to big a rush to look it up...or lazy) looks really cool! I'm starting to get interested in it. And the Thing being on New abvengers now is probably marvels way of getting people like me to fully go and check out the new FF books.
Posted by King Quisling

As faras these adds go, I don't think they're all going be members. Granted all the people they've shown were card carrying Avengers at one point but I think this is just an "everyones an Avenger"  add campaign. It's hard to explain but I'm sure not everyone who's been in these adds are going to be on the teams. Take the Luke Cage one for example. It says he's a New Avenger but we already know he's going be on the Thunderbolts. And for the Secret Avengers add Brubaker said he has no clue who those are pictures of. I'm sure these are all just adds and when we find out who's on what team a lot of these characters won't be seen. 

Posted by Bloodstonefreak

Very interesting indeed!  I like it!

Posted by Manchine

The Thing is one of the BEST characters in comics to date.  This is definately a plus in my book.  =)
Posted by DEGRAAF

ive never really liked him but this will hopefully give me a look at how strong he really is
Posted by Adam Michaels

It's intriguing. And what makes it fun is the combination of having Spidey, Wolverine, and Thing on the same team. Add Luke Cage and it makes it even more interesting.  
But I'm not the biggest fan of having the same heroes everywhere. As much as I love Wolverine, him having 3 solo titles and then show up in like another 5 team books can get boring. I love Cage, but I'm not nutts about him on T-Bolts and here at the same time. Now, Thing in the FF and NA, it's getting out of hand.  

I've always felt like if you're a solo hero, then it makes sense to be part of a team as well. That's what the Avengers always were anyways, solo heroes coming together. But when you're already part of a team, why do you want to be part of another team? I always found that kind of illogical. 
I feel like Marvel has enough unused characters who might not do good alone, but would better profit by being on a team together, rather than having the same heroes show up everywhere.

Nevertheless, I'm sure I'll be enjoying this book.

Posted by OhTru

Fantasic Four jumped the shark anyway, I'm glad the Thing is quitting the Fan4 and signing on with Avengers. The Fan 4 comic gets stale after about 2 dozen issues, you read some great fresh stories for about 24 issues after that the stories just repeat like reruns of an old tv show. If the Fan4 can't be fresh they need a little break just like Sue and Reed need a divorce
Ben + Avengers. It's a story that's been lying in wait, I'm surprised Ben didn't sign up earlier during that Civil War thing

Posted by leokearon

The Thing was a West Coast Avenger, Johnny is the only member not to be an Avenger. Still it is surprising, It's Avengering Time!
Posted by the_orange_crush
@PrinceIMC said:
" Heh, just watch the New Avengers will turn out to not be a super hero team just a monthly poker game. "
Posted by Red_Lightning_Alpha

thats a nice change of pace, I love The Thing. the heroic age is going to be sick 

Posted by lostlantern13
Put those 3 with Hank Pym (who has no team attachment) and his Infinite Avengers Mansion....written by Brubaker? That book would be very interesting.
Posted by Blindside002

I'm a little confused by this, but it is new and I'm cool with that. I still better be seeing Ms. Marvel and She-hulk appear on one of these, Secret, New, or Avengers so I know I will be picking up atleast one series from Marvel in the future.
Posted by Grim

these New Avengers promos have done nothing to inspire me. i'll bite when it comes out, but only becuase i wana see whats going on.

Posted by geraldthesloth

This is good, I'm a huge Thing fan and maybe Shulkie can join the 4 in his place.

Posted by TheDrifter
@geraldthesloth: CHECK PMS!!!
Posted by daveydavey

I like it!
Posted by coolbeans

Its kinda crazy but i like it
Posted by ninjadude853

before, i didn't care, at all
now im interested

Posted by InnerVenom123

Posted by EdwardWindsor

intresting angle was unexpected  , hopefuuly will drop another curve ball in like this soon i love new avengers line up but a few new  established faces make for an intresting new start to avengers.

Posted by TheBlackStreak

O_O The New Avengers just got better

Posted by warlock360

lets see what else we get, me likey.

Posted by Yung ANcient One

They have two tanks now... oh well
i still think Spideys goin to lead this team

Posted by jacobyLIVE
@Yung ANcient One:  But there was a promo with Cap in it,or Bucky-cap. So he'll probably be leading the team. Spidey isn't much of a leader as much as he is a bad-ass XD
Posted by Yung ANcient One
@jacobyLIVE said:
" @Yung ANcient One:  But there was a promo with Cap in it,or Bucky-cap. So he'll probably be leading the team. Spidey isn't much of a leader as much as he is a bad-ass XD "
Ok... let me rephrase that...
So far... of the NEw Avengers Announced... i can only see SPidey Leading the team... Cage has Tbolts to lead... and LOgan has the X-force... until more New Avengers are announced... i will hold that guess...
I thought Cap was goin to be in THE Avengers... and Steve was goin to LEad the Secret Avengers
Posted by AngelFrost

Sooo, will Thing not be on the F4 that much anymore?  - He can be replaced by She-Hulk (: 

Posted by eserrano05

 i was thinking the same thing maybe one of the kids will take his place
Posted by Raziel3024

I think Reed,Sue and Johnny were Avengers at some point so now the Avengers have the full set.

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