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The Joker's Daughter Revealed

Wait, WHAT? Come check out the alleged daughter of the Clown Prince of Crime.

According to a new teaser from DC, it looks like Batman's arch enemy has a daughter. Based on the image posted by Bob Harris, it definitely looks like the apple didn't fall far from the tree. Is she really his daughter or just a fan? How'd she get his face -- did it wash into the sewers where she lurks or does this mean the villain is still around and he passed along his lovely mug? Did he have her with Harley Quinn? Is this the New 52 introduction of Duela Dent? There's so many questions, but as of right now, all we have is this image.

Which series she'll show up in has yet to be revealed. What do you make of this, Viners?

Source: DC

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new52 Duela Dent maybe?

Posted by Reignmaker

Please no...

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Yeah, what? The guy's practically asexual.

Posted by AllStarSuperman


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.... No

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Wait... Um... WHAT??

Posted by dondave

Cool, she'll probably appear in Suicide Squad

Posted by consolemaster001


Posted by BR_Havoc

I doubt it will be his daughter and its less likely it will be with Harley. The most logical option is its Duela with bride of Frankenstein hair and leather face joker mask.

Posted by zombietag


Posted by Battle_Forum_Junkie

new52 Duela Dent maybe?

Ah. that makes sense...

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@kid_apollo said:

new52 Duela Dent maybe?

Ah. that makes sense...

Updated since my coffee hasn't kicked in yet and the obvious eluded my mind. Thanks.

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Wha wha Whaaaaat?

THAT BETTER NOT BE Duela Dent, otherwise I think I'm going to need my eyes checked.

Posted by krspaceT

Who knows, it might not be a bad move.....

Posted by TheGreyOutcastX
Posted by judasnixon

I think I gave that gutter punk a dollar last weekend.....

Posted by sbpart01

I lean toward Duela, but Harper spends lots of time in the sewers. We have seen Harper get wrapped up in mast vigilantism its possible she gets picks up the joker mantel. DC keeps saying she will be a major character, I figured she would be the next Robin though.

Posted by Trevel8182

Why couldn't they use the old Deula Dent Design, it is a really great design.

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Posted by arnoldoaad

This is the most disgusting design I have seen so far

Posted by Mutie199

Probably just a crazy fan of joker's...

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The next Robin!?

Posted by TheManInTheShoe

What happened to the appropriate looking daughter in Teen Titans?

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Just stop, DC, please. Such a s### design and idea. I just want this stupid 'Joker's face has been removed' concept to be buried. Deep.

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I do not like how she looks with the bride or Frankenstein hair and her outfit is very lame.

Posted by The Average Bear

Hope it isn't his daughter for continuity reasons. A crazed fan is a better way to go

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Guys, come on, I think we all know what this REALLY means.

Joker got a sex change.

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Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I def didn't see that one coming. I am interested. It would be awesome to see that it is Harley's daughter.

Posted by Greenflashlight

I hope it's Harper Row

Posted by UltimateSMfan

.........ok,wait what?!!

Posted by Grey56

Interesting. I was skeptical of Damien at first - but then I thought it added some depth and intrigue over time. I wasn't disappointed then so I'm willing to be patient about this. More-over, this girl could conceivably be a daughter from his previous marriage that he heretofore has never known about. We'll see.

Posted by The_Lunact_And_Manic

I just saw this picture after reading a eye-candy comic...

I wanna be blind.

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As long as she's on Earth-2 I don't mind so much. I was never really a fan of all the alternate earth villains though. Deula Dent, Enigma, meh.

Posted by Eurynom

this is going to be insanely fun!!

Posted by Mezmero

I thought you needed to be doused Ace chemical bleach to become a Joker. I had no idea it was hereditary.

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i thought after snyder was done with him joker was gay for bats...... so adoption?

Posted by Joygirl

Within a few minutes I have come up with just about every possibility that image presents. I hate ALL of them.

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not interested

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About as interested in this as big bag of dead cats. Looks like cross dressing Joker to me.

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@oscars94 said:


Please no...

@eurynom said:

this is going to be insanely fun!!

These all some up what I feel I hope she's a Nightwing viliian cause I don't think she would be a problem for Batman.

Posted by djotaku

Most interpretations of Joker have him being highly asexual, so I doubt he'd have had her naturally - with or without Harley. But what about the following possibilities:

a) Harley got a hold of some of Joker's Premium Man Seed and got herself preganant

b) It's from the wife he had in The Killing Joke and she just learned Joker was her dad

Even though the Batman Beyond universe is not the future of this universe, there have been some nods towards that. And Harley does have some kids in that show, doesn't she?

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

Why couldn't they use the old Deula Dent Design, it is a really great design.

because it isn't Edgy or extreme enough. get your head out of your tuckus

Posted by sora_thekey

Red hair suggests she's Duela Dent...

Posted by The Mighty Monarch

@thetimestreamer: Yeah, because Snyder was DEFINITELY the first writer to imply Joker's infatuation with Batman.

Posted by Mucklefluga

Looking at Duela Dent's wiki page she seems like a great shout.

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@The Mighty Monarch You know at first I laughed at your comment but honestly the more I think about it the more I believe they would try something idiotic like that lol. After all, it's not like either company is adverse to trying to change the staus quo by either changing a characters sex ie failed female Ghost Rider or making Alan Scott gay in the new 52. Hell didn't they just introduce a transgender in Batgirl?

Posted by pspin

This has some potential, especially if she ends up in Suicide Squad. Harley is messed up enough but if she found out that Joker had a kid with someone else, that would get crazy.

It could just be a drawing though; like a belated April Fool's joke.

Posted by CitizenJP

Oh snap!