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The Joker's Daughter Revealed

Wait, WHAT? Come check out the alleged daughter of the Clown Prince of Crime.

According to a new teaser from DC, it looks like Batman's arch enemy has a daughter. Based on the image posted by Bob Harris, it definitely looks like the apple didn't fall far from the tree. Is she really his daughter or just a fan? How'd she get his face -- did it wash into the sewers where she lurks or does this mean the villain is still around and he passed along his lovely mug? Did he have her with Harley Quinn? Is this the New 52 introduction of Duela Dent? There's so many questions, but as of right now, all we have is this image.

Which series she'll show up in has yet to be revealed. What do you make of this, Viners?

Source: DC

Posted by SuperSlayin

So how old is she? How old is The Joker? What's her name? How has The Joker's face not rotted by now?

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@sbpart01 said:

I lean toward Duela, but Harper spends lots of time in the sewers. We have seen Harper get wrapped up in mast vigilantism its possible she gets picks up the joker mantel. DC keeps saying she will be a major character, I figured she would be the next Robin though.

I also assume and hope that it's Duela. Other than Duela being the obvious choice, it's Bret Booth concept art, and I'm not sure if he's done any concepts for the main bat books. So my guess is this character will be appearing in Teen Titans, Nightwing, or Earth 2, all of which would have strong links to Duela.

But on the other hand when Snyder revealed that Harper Rowe would be a major part of the Batman mythos, and many people jumped to her being the new Oracle, or later Robin, I always thought it would be more interesting if that occurred with Harper becoming a new villain. She would certainly not be the first morally complex villain in Gotham, or the first ally of Batman to turn evil, but she would probably be the first to be really fleshed out as a character before the rug is pulled out from under the audience.

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The hair makes me think Scarlet, the dollotron who ran around with the Red Hood

Posted by deaditegonzo

Joker is only sexually attracted to Batman, so this is impossible!

Posted by Emerald_General_Jai

I don't think it's that bad.

Posted by Necrotic_Lycanthrope


No, Joker's a bit of a deviant. Harley did say in an issue of Suicide Squad something about Mr. J tying her up every Thursday night in the bedroom with police cuffs.

Posted by CorporalHicks
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She looks absolutely hideous. If this is the New 52 version of Duela Dent, they need to give it up. They keep trying to make this character as interesting, cool and popular as Joker and Harley and it just isn't working...

PS: Maybe keep those matching purple gloves and boots and scrap the rest. It looks miserable.

Posted by comicace3

I think I'm gonna be sick...

Posted by papo

she will be in teen titans since is the only bad writer in the bat family

Posted by YoungJustice

Why is everyone so worked up over a drawing? They don't even have a name yet.

Posted by akbogert

@necrotic_lycanthrope: Did she? I know that was mentioned as a joke in Injustice. But chaining her up and actually doing something after that are different things :P

Posted by umbrafeline

Guys, come on, I think we all know what this REALLY means.

Joker got a sex change.


Posted by detective38


Posted by tupiaz
@elayem98 said:
@mediumflyer7 said:

Wouldn't mind so much if it weren't for the astonishingly dreadful design!

I would still mind, but so so much less. IMO worst design of the entire New52. "Hahaha" tattoo across the stomach? really?

That means you don't have one?

Posted by Jedimasta

It really has been enough of the joker I can't stand to see anymore of this psychotic bullshit...

Posted by New_World_Order

Oh, lord.

Posted by frogdog

Hmmm. Yeah. I'd tap that.

With or without a plastic bag?

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@tupiaz said:
@elayem98 said:
@mediumflyer7 said:

Wouldn't mind so much if it weren't for the astonishingly dreadful design!

I would still mind, but so so much less. IMO worst design of the entire New52. "Hahaha" tattoo across the stomach? really?

That means you don't have one?

No I only have "LOL" tattooed across my face. Just as classy.

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@youngjustice said:

Why is everyone so worked up over a drawing? They don't even have a name yet.

Actually you can clearly see that they called her "the joker's daughter" in dc's site. Seems like a lot of folks here clearly have no idea who the joker's daughter is in the first place so they think the title is supposed to be literal

Posted by Dud317

Why are people freaking out? So what if its a joke spinoff. Nobody got pissed at Batgirl... Or Batwoman... Or Batwing...

Posted by MYadidas

teen titans

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@dud317: I do and many others also. There are far to many characters like that. DC missed an opportunity with the reboot to rebrand those characters.

Posted by Fallen_Crippled

Enough with the new Batman characters!

Posted by Lorrie

I'd wonder if that design is a deliberate satire of the worst excesses superhero comics have to offer, but then I remembered how terrible the costume design for the New 52 is in general. Lol, smh.

Posted by eternalnature

I'd tap dat

Posted by Ama_Sama

Looking at this image and thinking about the "Daughter of Joker" storyline that will spawn from this, whether "she" actually is or is not by blood... I feel so very confused...

Posted by frostphoenix

I don't like the design... Hope this is some kind of joke.

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Reminds me of how in the 90's the fad was to give Cable more pouches everytime he stuck his nose in an X-comic.

How he was able to walk around that decade with those things drilled into him boggles me to this day.

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I've been trying to find a shot of the panel, but I remember someone posting it up on a topic on the site. Can't find it for the life of me though. :(

Posted by Arkhamc1tizen

yeah no

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iS this with harley quin ?

Posted by reaperOnyx

I'm not sure if I like this.

Posted by OliveGrove

Arkham City?

Posted by DocLuthorVonDoom

Oh god, looks like Snyder's gonna ruin another classic super villains origin story. It's Mr. Freeze all over again! Btw, does anyone know if Joker's got his face back? That was the stupidest crap! Like, he was already a sinister character, turning him into fake leatherface was completely unnecessary.

Posted by BiteMe-Fanboy


Posted by ME24601

I really hate that character design....

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It could be Lucy Quinsby, Daughter of Joker and Harley Quinn as shown in "Injustice: Gods among us - Year Two, Issue #13".