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The Joker's Daughter Revealed

Wait, WHAT? Come check out the alleged daughter of the Clown Prince of Crime.

According to a new teaser from DC, it looks like Batman's arch enemy has a daughter. Based on the image posted by Bob Harris, it definitely looks like the apple didn't fall far from the tree. Is she really his daughter or just a fan? How'd she get his face -- did it wash into the sewers where she lurks or does this mean the villain is still around and he passed along his lovely mug? Did he have her with Harley Quinn? Is this the New 52 introduction of Duela Dent? There's so many questions, but as of right now, all we have is this image.

Which series she'll show up in has yet to be revealed. What do you make of this, Viners?

Source: DC

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Edited by ccraft

I hope I don't see her in Batman and Robin

Edited by manwithoutshame

Gah! What's wrong with its stomach?

Edited by FoxxFireArt

Oh, good lord. We already have Harley Quinn. Do we really need another gender-switched copy of a preexisting character? Even if she's the the actual biological daughter of the Joker. The Joker should be the Joker. There shouldn't be lousy knockoffs.

The regular Joker will come back This strikes me as an example of being completely uninspired and unoriginal.

Edited by TheAcidSkull

oh cool, joker has a WHAT THE F*CK IS DIS SH*T? DEF*Q! HELLLZ NO!

Edited by Herx

considering the new DC universe time frame i doubt that she's jokers biological daughter (on the main earth anyway) but could be either a crazy fan or his new creation (like his new harley which would make the whole "sexual" vibe between harley and mista J even more creepy considering the whole "daughter" angle, but not suprising for the crazed prince of crime). If she does appear in the main universe in guessing:

Suicide squad (going with the Harley direction), Red Hood or Nightwing (i'm doubting the teen titans in this continuity and the main batman titles have never really been the books for "daughter of/son of" characters).

OR, if they go with the whole "jokers daughter from a different universe" idea (as Dula Dent originally was the daughter of earth-3 Jokester) she could be the biological daughter of the earth-2 joker (as that universe isn't bound by the same stupid 5-years time line as the main earth & Batman and catwoman of that earth were active long enough to get married and have a teenage daughter). So she could be appering in Earth 2 or Worlds finest (or even the multiverse mini series?).

As for the whole concept, well i never really read much about Dula Dent (all i known is that she was apparently in the teen titans, called her self both the daughter of the joker & the daughter of the riddler, dated the earth-3 Jason Todd, found out who her real father was & then died during COUNTDOWN... but that does seem to be more than what most know about her). On the main earth i think she'd just work well as a crazed joker fan, as we've already seen that the guy has a fanbase. On the earth-2 i think it's pretty much a case of "anything goes. its a parallel earth with better continuity so far".

As far as the design goes all im going to ask is "where are the clown elements?" The jokers a performer and likes to show off his psycopathic performance (hence the whole clown morife... well that plus acid to face) so where are the clown elements here? its not a hippster clown is it, becuase their not funny to anyone... not even hippsters (but thats because their all being individual and such :P). Its the same argument as the new harley look, going for edgy and fetish like (or in this case emphasising the psycho by adding wife of frankenstein hair) rather than the clown look which could incorparate all of those elements.

Posted by SupBatz

Not a fan of the idea...

Also not happy that they're going to be carrying this "faceless Joker" thing on into future stories -.-

Edited by fotocub

YES!!! This was the first character I asked Gail Simone to bring back at the start of The New 52! I'm hoping she makes her first appearance in Batgirl!!

Posted by Lvenger

What the... I'm quite flabergasted. Whether this is Duela, a genuine daughter of the Joker's or a crazed fan, I cannot say.

Posted by StMichalofWilson
Edited by Deaf65

I want to state this that I am not a Batman fan nor familiar with the canon of Batman universe but I can say this here: Joker must have joked his way into some unfortunate woman's pants!

Posted by Miss_Garrick


Posted by Beast_in_the_Shadows

It's probably Duela Dent, but now she is the Daughter of the Dead Joker from Earth 2.

Edited by Deranged Midget

I'm going to be a little crazy here and say Joker somehow converts Harper Row! Just because!

Edited by Dernman

Please DC just no

  • We have Harley we don't need this garbage
  • Idea New 52 lets make everyone younger. New Idea lets give Joker a teenage or older daughter
  • Joker to me is Asexual.
  • God I hope she isn't a Batman villain. That would be an insult to him.
  • Is she the jokers daughter or the bride of Frankenstein little sister?
Posted by martyyy15

@supbatz: in reality joker would die from a disease wearing his unsanitary face. I mean that thing is gonna give him like some rare disease. And now they have someone else wearing it....ugh

Posted by SaintG

Defiantly appear in teen titans. Only take interested if she shows up in the main Bat books ( Batman , dark knight, detective comics, batman and robin and red hood.) But seeee how it goes.

Posted by SaintG

Why u no green hair ? I thought she was the joker's daughter.

Posted by flameboy298


Edited by Mucklefluga
Posted by SmashBrawler

Heh. So dumb.

Posted by garlyle

*sigh* it would take incredibly careful and well thought out planning to pull this off, and neither of those qualities are the current DC's strong points. They barely seem to know what they are going to do from month to month, so i see this character bouncing around from title to title whenever some hack writer wants to get buzz on their respective titles going. Not hopeful.

Edited by Cavemold

What the hell

Posted by Lone_Wolf_and_Cub

@Mucklefluga yeah that was the first artist I thought of when I saw the pick. @Martyyy15 and supbatz thought I was the only one who can't stand Jokers dead face as a mask.

Edited by bladewolf

I'm...not fond of this idea, but I'm willing to give it a chance.

Posted by RemyLeBeau

Haha DC 52! I don't know what to say anymore.

Edited by The Average Bear

@saintg said:

Why u no green hair ? I thought she was the joker's daughter.

Do you think Jokers hair is naturally green or something? Really doubt his green 'do is genetic, man.

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

What what what?!

Edited by deadpool25mm

If its Duela Dent then ok, if Joker change to a women then f*** DC, if its his daughter then thats a shity idea..

Posted by Ellie_Knightfall


Edited by TDK_1997

DC should stop.

Posted by Dark_Vengeance_

I did not expect this when I woke up.

Edited by LifePool

I hope it's Harper Row.


Posted by theTimeStreamer

@lifepool said:

I hope it's Harper Row.


YES! and she gets killed in the first panel with a no-come-back-from-the-dead unbreakable not even by God Almighty curse.

Edited by Mr_Holmes

Looks really awful. Batman has fallen so hard in the New 52.

Posted by Onemoreposter

Hmmm. Yeah. I'd tap that.

Posted by bladewolf

I hope it's Harper Row

That'd actually be pretty interesting.

Posted by Shinjiro15

why is every new female character just a rip off of the male version?

Posted by arnoldoaad

@fotocub said:

YES!!! This was the first character I asked Gail Simone to bring back at the start of The New 52! I'm hoping she makes her first appearance in Batgirl!!

It most likely will appear in Batgirl

It fits with the ugly design of the Ventriloquist

Edited by Omnicrono
Posted by Akindoodle

What is it with these villains and their daughters? First Darkseid, now the freaking Joker! Who thinks up these ideas anyway?! I don't think there's been a good "daughter-of" character since Scandal Savage

Edited by martyyy15

@lone_wolf_and_cub: Nope. I hate it too. I mean you have any idea how rotten and germy that is. Joker has better chance of dying from a sickness than getting killed by batman as of now lol.... and I'm not even a germ freak. BUt this must be changed. I mean snyder can write batman very well ( he needs improvement in some areas but thats fine casue he is still new to batman) but he needs to change how he writes joker. I mean introduce hush to fix his face

Edited by martyyy15

just a general question. Why does it say my comment was posted at 5:56 PM when in fact I posted it at 3:59 PM??? Is it some new time change in comic vine?

Edited by TeamUnitedNerds

Holy shit

Edited by SolthesunGod

Maybe she's an Earth 2 character? A foe for this upcoming new Batman. However that seems unlikely given the Joker mask.

Posted by QuantomMan

I seriously hope not. Joker is a character that does not need to be explored in the dept.

Posted by Xanni15

That's an odd design choice.

Posted by Mediumflyer7

I hope this is some sort of joke and they kill her off in the first panel...

Edited by ahgunsillyo

Did Brett Booth design this? This looks like one of the most 90s-era character designs that I've seen come out of The New 52 yet. She kind of looks like one of those rebellious kids that you would see in a "My So-Called Life"-esque teen serial drama around 20 years ago, with the long trenchcoat and the flannel, and the silly "HAHAHA!" tattoo going diagonally across her abdomen just screams of overkill.

I respect Brett Booth; I think his art is pretty decent and he is able to churn out a consistent level of work at an impressive rate, but I feel like his character designs in particular have been some of the most needlessly complex and overly busy in The New 52, especially his redesigns for the various Teen Titans characters.

I mean, looking at his Red Robin design alone, he has two different shoulder logos, a non-logo on his chest, a utility belt with an off-center buckle, an X-strap across his chest, similar straps on his biceps, and though I know these were eventually phased out of the design and actually appreciate the logic behind this, he also has straps across his abdomen to hold his X-strap in place. He has straps for his straps. It's simply too much.

Posted by ccraft

just a general question. Why does it say my comment was posted at 5:56 PM when in fact I posted it at 3:59 PM??? Is it some new time change in comic vine?

Does the same thing to me, FB does it too. I wish I knew how to change it.

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