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The Hybrid Bastards! Ultimate Challenge! Winners Announced!

This video can't have enough exclamation points to express the energy involved!

Perhaps you recall the Hybrid Bastards! Ultimate Challenge! that started about a month ago.  The time has come to announce The Ultimate Answer!  Who will win?  Who will cry?  
This also means we get another video from Tom Pinchuk and friends.  Are you ready for this?  You'd better get ready for this.  

If all that videoness wasn't enough, here's some more words from Mr. Pinchuk:

Hello Everybody,

The video's long enough as is, so I'll keep this brief.

Kate and I want to thank every entrant.  Making a comic is
tremendously fun, but seeing people respond to your work like this is
truly thrilling.  We were consistently delighted by the enthusiasm
evidenced here.

If you've enjoyed this contest, you're going to love the comic itself.
 Imagine these videos without the limits of reality and you've got
HYBRID BASTARDS!  Do yourself a favor and pre-order the hardcover
 The importance of pre-orders to the success of this comic cannot be
understated, SO DON'T HESTITATE!  It's so easy.  If you ACT NOW you'll
save yourself close to SIX BUCKS off the cover price.

And, of course, I thank Comic Vine for hosting what's probably been
the most bizarre contest in the history of comics.

-Tom Pinchuk 

Winners, pm me your mailing information.  Once all the prizes have been gathered and mailed out, we will let you know.  Thanks to all that entered.
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Posted by Decept-O

This vid was....unique.  And I love it!!!!  Love Malinda.  Does she/it have a thing for "special packages"?    Love how everybody just acts like a goon, funny stuff.  
  Zeus' shaving cream beard--hilarious.  Zeus macking on the ersatz MRI was too funny.  This is great, made my day.
Posted by Vortex13

Congrats to all winners. I love that whenever there is someone dead people laugh, that's just awesome lol.

Posted by goldenkey

Im fried
Posted by boomzoom

is this a contest or not? anyway if you want to post your drawings for a no prize contest type comic book drawing challenge soon to be call comic book drawing contest on facebook.  Its a challenge to anyone professional or not.

Posted by Tyler Starke

Wow! I'm a winner whoooo! ha I loved the video it was pretty freakin amazing! and I pm'd you my mailing info G-MAN!

Posted by Asymmetrical

wow, this was totally...EPIC!

Posted by spookychan

just ill [as the kids say] - congrats to all the winners!!!

Posted by Sunfell

Am I to understand that everyone who participated gets a prize? That wasn't made clear. It was cool to see my name in the credits!

Posted by FoxxFireArt

At first I thought the video wasn't loading, but the audio was.. Also, most stains really come out with that Shout stain remover. lol

Posted by Fresh0133

Awesome, can't believe I won something, lol, and I get a piece of that kick ass original art along with the rest of the stuff that was already mentioned?  How frickin cool is that?!?  Congratulations to all of the winners of this, I know I had a ton of fun letting my imagination run wild when I was coming up with the characters I submitted., and I'm absolutely positive you guys did too.
Thanks again to Tom, Kate, and the Comicvine staff for putting this together, I don't think I've had that much fun with original thinking in quite some time!
Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau

Big ups to all the winners, and to Tom and Kate for making a pretty cool contest, and one badass video. Now that's entertainment.

Posted by xerox_kitty

Wow, no more coffee for you guys...! 

Posted by Tyler Starke

Malinda looks pretty cool btw! I didn't notice the Oh pwish posh Dawling caption untill the second viewing of the video! that sh*t had me cracking up. oh and congratz archetype!  "Your Hair is a Hybrid Bastard!!!"  i hope we get more Tom Pinchuk and Kate Glasheen videos in the future

Posted by Dollface

That video was so insane yet entertaining I feel compelled to add their comic to my pull list. 
Congratulations to the winners!

Posted by Media_Master

Now that is entertainment!!!!

Posted by katiecrimespree_III_jr_MD

Yep, everyone who submitted a bastard gets an OG piece of page art from the series!
This wasn't the original plan, but you guys blew Tom and I away so we didn't want anyone walking away 
Congrats to the winners,  Grandcongrats to Fresh03--Mailinda is now burned into my retinas, 
and I hope you like your drawing!

Posted by Fresh0133
Shoot, I wish I had won the grand prize, super mega congratulations to Archetype on that front by the way, I'm just so happy to have won anything, you guys adding in Page Art tot he mix is just so frickin' awesome of you guys, I've already got a spot in mind in my apartment for it picked out.
Posted by Jamiracles

Lol, very cool.

Posted by theevilhotdog

that video is pure stupidness
Posted by katiecrimespree_III_jr_MD

Haha I worded that so terribly, thanks for cleaning up after my brain Fresh :) 
<---stupid artist.  Glad to hear it!
And supermegaultrasuperGrandcongrats to you Archetype! 
Hope you like your drawing!
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Posted by katiecrimespree_III_jr_MD

that means a lot, since it's, you know, coming from an evil hotdog

Posted by shawnwrites


Posted by Fresh0133
@theevilhotdog:   If by stupid you mean AWESOME, then, yes sir, you are correct.  
The sheer originality of these videos, let alone the comic, which is awesomer than these videos by the way, although not by much, makes supporting the book/the creators pretty much mandatory in my book.  
Seriously, if you want a great time, give these guys a chance instead of just judging them prematurely.
@katiecrimespree_III_jr_MD:   No problem, sorry if I caused confusion, I got more than a little excited when I saw the announcement and the extra prize, that was megasuperultrawicked of you guys and way too generous.
Posted by Anderson: Agent of SMITH

Why be winner when you can be RUNNER-UP, huh?! YEAH!
Fantastic video by the way!
"This guy loved it!" 
"Loved it." 
"... He's DEAD!"
Lovin' "the Underfang"

Posted by daveydavey
@katiecrimespree_III_jr_MD said:
"@Sunfell Yep, everyone who submitted a bastard gets an OG piece of page art from the series! This wasn't the original plan, but you guys blew Tom and I away so we didn't want anyone walking away  empty-handed. Congrats to the winners,  Grandcongrats to Fresh03--Mailinda is now burned into my retinas,  and I hope you like your drawing! "

I didnt win, but I get OG piece of page art...!! AWSOME !! Thanks a bunch!!!!
Posted by Archetype

Yes! I haven't prepared a speech but I'd like to start by thanking the Academy...oops wrong award.
No seriously I'm being super sincere It is an honor to be chosen and congratulations to all the winners.It is hard for me to contain my excitement, I couldn't even finish the video I had to go tell somebody before I started punching myself in the face.I am really happy that you guys liked my idea...
I love the drawing! to see one of my ideas interpreted and drawn so awesomely by an artist as talented as you are Kate is something I have never experienced and I feel like I'm on top of the world.If this is what it feels like to be a part of the creative process on a book,as insignificant as my contribution was, then I may have to pursue such opportunities in the future.
what else can I say...
Thanks Tom and the whole crew! very entertaining video as to be expected.If I had half the creativity that you all have I think well I'd have a hell of a lot of creativity I suppose.Now I'm off to bask in this feeling for a bit...
Thank You! 

Edited by textbasedadvent

 This is bullshit! I should have won you hear me?! ME! Then I could have taken over Pinchuk's position as writer, then Archaia, then most of Florida! AHAHAHAHA!  JUST KIDDING TO THE MAX.
Ok, seriously, big ups to everyone. I'm really glad everyone who entered is getting a prize because, quite frankly, every entry I read deserved to win. I laughed, I cried, I vomited uncontrollably. I am beyond honored to be a runner up and then even be mentioned in such a hilarious, and dare I say, Troma-esque video such as this. I think that in feudal Japan, Samurai who were ever "beyond honored" had to commit ritualistic suicide. So... I guess I have to get on that.     
(Oh hey, look at that. An edit button.)

Posted by No_name_here
I forgot something important...
Edited by katiecrimespree_III_jr_MD

Good, good, glad to hear it. You're a natural--Jose was a contendor, too ! 
Bask away!
Oh, and remember guys, if you submitted Bastards, get at Tom with your mailing info!.

Posted by Archetype
@Tom Pinchuk:@katiecrimespree_III_jr_MD: 
I wish I could give you guys bear hugs...lift you off the ground squeezing you to within an inch of your life bear hugs but alas my limbs are only standard human. Oh! If only I could shuffle off these mortal bounds and stretch my arms to unnatural limits by god how I would bear hug you.
Thanks Tom for the image in a digital format.
Posted by Red L.A.M.P.

Did I not win simply cause I am staff? Bah, hogwash!  I'm gonna just steal everyone's prize, moohahahaha

Posted by Tyler Starke

@Red L.A.M.P.:  :P I did enjoy your bastard preston, EVEN though I thought of it in the car and raced home to be sorely crushed when I read you already created him.

Posted by katiecrimespree_III_jr_MD

Okay everyone, the art has shipped!
All pages shipped 1st class, which I've had arrive as quickly as two days, and take as long 
as two weeks,  so please be aware of that window.  
Thanks again to all you contestants for your participation, and thanks a lot Comic Vine for hosting!

Posted by katiecrimespree_III_jr_MD

 Also, if anyone knows Sunfell and The Sanguine Psychotic  
pass it on that we're still waiting on their addresses to send them some art!

Posted by Tyler Starke
@katiecrimespree_III_jr_MD:  Hey thanks a bunch Kate I just got my art in the mail tonight, am I still getting a random graphic novel from archaia 
 Here's the art I received!!
Posted by katiecrimespree_III_jr_MD

Hey Tyler,
Awesome! Glad it made to you safe and sound.
Yep,  the books are shipping out from the opposite coast which is why they were not shipped together.  
They should be shipping after the holidays are over.

Happy Holidaze everyone!

Posted by Tyler Starke
@katiecrimespree_III_jr_MD:  Thats great news, Merry Christmas!