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The Graysons, Pre-Robin TV Show?

Will the Flying Graysons appear?

Holy Crazy Ideas, Batman!

It seems with the end of Smallville in sight, the CW has plans for a TV show on the life of Richard John Grayson (or DJ has he'll go by) before he became the Boy Wonder.


According to Variety:
"Smallville" exec producers Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson, as well as "Supernatural" exec producer McG, are behind "The Graysons," which has landed a put pilot commitment at the netlet.

In the one-hour "Graysons," which will be set in modern times, young DJ will face challenges involving first loves, young rivals and his family as he grows up. Souders and Peterson have come up with an original take on the character.

I'm really not sure what to think of this.  It actually makes me a little sick in the stomach.   There hasn't been a firm decision on whether or not Smalliville will last beyond this current season.  The signs are pointing to it being the last.  It's been successful for the network so it makes sense that they'd want to try to reproduce the formula.  I just don't know how a show about the Graysons would be.  I do think a young Bruce Wayne story would work better but I'm sure that property is off limits.  I just have a really bad feeling about this.
Posted by inferiorego

Who do I have to punch? Who's the idiot who came up with this malarkey?

Posted by Dr. Victor von Doom

Now i know why Batman wasn't included into smallville, i think this run will be a very similar one to smallville

Posted by SilverZeo

And the idea of making a new Wonder owman show never crossed the executives' minds

Posted by NightFang

Who know's it could make a good show.

Posted by Booster Gold Prime

Dammit man! It's almost as if WB/DC are just deliberately looking for new ways to flop. Who the hell cares about Robin's coming of age story. WTF do I have to look forward to every episode? A new tripple summersault with no net. I mean, come on! At least on Smalleville the anticipation of whether or not Clark will use his powers keeps me coming back. Nothing to keep me coming back here. Man I hope I'm wrong. I hope this show is so effing awesome it wins 90 Emmies. Until then, I give 5 episodes.