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The Future Of Terminator Will Be Decided On February 1, 2010

"No fate but what the stockholders make."

As you may recall, last month we heard that the rights to the Terminator franchise would be auctioned off.  Halcyon, the previous holder of the rights had to file for Chapter 11.  Even Joss Whedon showed interest by mentioning he'd place a bid for $10,000.  What will be the future of the franchise?  And I'm not talking about whether or not Skynet will rule the planet.
Deadline Hollywood reported on a press release by the Halcyon Holding Group clarifying when we could expect to find out the fate of the franchise. 

“When Halcyon announced the bidding process for the Terminator franchise last month, we indicated that in addition to an outright sale of the property, we would also consider other strategic options, including a recapitalization of the company. Over the past few weeks Halcyon and its professionals have engaged in in-depth discussions and negotiations with numerous serious potential buyers, including several major movie studios. In addition, a number of attractive refinancing alternatives have also been presented. In order to maximize the value of a transaction for all of the company’s creditors and stakeholders, we are fully analyzing all these options. As a result, we will not be committing to a 'stalking horse' bid at this time. Nonetheless, given the significant positive interest in the Terminator franchise, we expect to be in a position to announce a successful sale or recapitalization no later than February 1, 2010.”

It still remains to be seen what affect this will have on McG's vision of having Terminator 5 take place in modern day London.  If you're a fan of the franchise, start hoping that it'll end up in some good hands or the Terminator might not "be back" anytime soon.
Posted by PrinceIMC

Joss Whedon just wants it cuz Summer Glau was in the TV show. That way retroactively she would have been working for him again, heh.

Posted by Dr. Detfink

Posted by Moomin123

Love the Rowan Atkinson T-800. Classic! 
Who ever buys the Terminator rights, it better be someone good.
Posted by They Killed Cap!

I got 10 bucks. 
 All joking aside. This is a great series the third movie considered to be a low point by most I thought was really good. Salvation was amazing. They better not screw this up. 
Posted by Kid_Zombie

Leave it be! one and two were great but the next two were horrible. Time to come up with some new ideas hollywood!
@Dr. Detfink:
NO! ha ha no more reboots, that seems to be everyones solution when they should just come up with something new. Do the same movie only crapy!

Posted by InnerVenom123

How about we get NEW ideas instead of beating the old ones with the "This used to be good" stick?
Posted by Media_Master

Salvation was alright, but James Cameron should direct if he wants to. Which is obviously no since he made the first two rad!

Posted by crazed_h3ro
second that motion
Posted by goldenkey

Terminator just equals money.  Someone is gonna grab and make a boat load of money
Posted by GreenGriffin

I liked Salvation more so then the first one.
Posted by Marshal Victory

now if got it an they have predator an alien as well we could see dark horse earth in film! if not in comics as well!an since disney is tied up with the marvel deal litle to no chance of a mickynator.

Posted by Grim

i think Joss would have done wonderful things with the terminator franchise.... sigh. oh well.

Posted by Cauldron Boy

the terminator franchise should be retired, or do a matrix terminator cross over thing see wich mechine wins.
Posted by Sparda

I refuse to allow the Terminator franchise to be retired until they actually show us the end of the war.
Somebody buy the damn franchise already and save it.

Posted by Cauldron Boy

didnt they end the war in the last movie i cant remeber the ending.
Posted by Sparda

I actually haven't seen the latest movie yet, but I thought that they were planning to make two more sequels for the rest of the war?

Posted by crazywolf

I liked the Terminator movies but it doesn't matter to me if the franchise ends

Posted by danhimself

what's everyone's problem with reboots?

Posted by loveNwar
@Cauldron Boy said:
" didnt they end the war in the last movie i cant remeber the ending. "
Didn't seem like so, for me. The idea was more like: you can't change fate. So, the War should go on... 

But here's a crazy question: where will human's and machine's bases of operations be located?? THINK... In war, enemie headquarters are never that close to each other (obviously, duh) but in the last movies, whenever the good and bad time traveller arrived, it was always around the same city. Could they be fighting a "neighbourish war" in the future??? LOL.
Posted by drawme

Cool picture.

Posted by DH69

eww whedon hasnt he sucked enough for now