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The First Real Poster For The Avengers Movie? [Updated]

Plus, how will Favreau still be involved in Iron Man 3?

Looks almost exactly like what I pictured.

Everybody remember those early, early months of THOR and CAPTAIN AMERICA’s advertising? Long before any actual photos were released, we got some highly-rendered conceptual art of the heroes in costume - - and they wound up being quite representative of the end product. THE AVENGERS movie is still a year away, but CBM’s got a pic of the team that’ll start this whole process all over again. Reportedly, this is a poster being hung at the Licensing International Expo and, true to Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner’s respective comments, Cap’s costume is slightly altered from its appearance in THE FIRST AVENGER and Hawkeye’s outfit’s reminiscent of the iteration in THE ULTIMATES.

In other Marvel movie news, Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr. spoke at the LA Times Hero Complex Film Festival recently and dropped some tidbits regarding Favreau’s involvement in IRON MAN 3. For one, he’s offering some aide to the new writer/director, Shane Black, in a return-of-favor for Black's help with the previous movie. Also, Downey’s adamant about making sure that Favreau gets to reprise his role of Happy Hogan. So, even as the guy goes on to direct MAGIC KINGDOM, it looks like he’ll still be visibly involved in IM3. You can see see the transcript at Slash Film.

We got a little update from a source that asked to remain anonymous.

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Check out this higher-res image.

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Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Oh man...

Posted by johnny_spam

Merchandise image not a movie poster I hope people pay attention to that.

Posted by shawn87

Something about it I don't like. I'm sure the official one will be better

Posted by SC

Needs more XX chromosomes.  
Plus looks like Hawkeye is trying to shoot Cap and Hulk is trying to pound Thor. 0_0

Posted by dorsk188

Looks fine to me, but needs more Wasp and Pym...  *sigh* 
Although they're both pretty well done in the Avengers cartoon, so at least there's that, I guess.

Posted by Bestostero

Looks real....or a really good fan art... either way, I like!

Posted by xscarletkittie
@SC said:
Needs more XX chromosomes.
That's what I was going to say. Need more butt-kicking females, Marvel!
Posted by Cafeterialoca
@xscarletkittie: Too bad Marvel is scared poopless to make a female lead superhero movie.
Edited by EnSabahNurX
@Cafeterialoca said:

@xscarletkittie: Too bad Marvel is scared poopless to make a female lead superhero movie.

lol I blame the Elektra movie but they are planning a Black Widow movie
Posted by joshmightbe
@Cafeterialoca: What about DC they have the most recognizable female hero on Earth and they seem utterly terrified of giving her a real shot at a movie 
Posted by NandoStevens

I don't buy it. Isn't Iron Man's chest icon trianguar now?

Posted by lastdrag0n89
@Cafeterialoca: Yea bc Elektra and Catwoman did oh so well in the boxoffice. not to mention the loads of positive criticism
Posted by Deranged Midget

That's a pretty good poster.

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt


Posted by ArtisticNeedham

I LOVE Captain America's redesign.  Looks like the Avengers to me, despite the lack of Giant Man or Wasp.  Love it.

Posted by SC
@Cafeterialoca said:
@xscarletkittie: Too bad Marvel is scared poopless to make a female lead superhero movie.
To be fair, all movie people ever, are too scared to make a female lead movie, and Marvel and DC are scared when it comes to making comic based hero movies. The reason this is, is because of profit. You know, they sorta don't want to throw money away lol. Now, in one sense, the more money you throw at a movie, the better in theory... it should be. Of course in execution, we know thats not the case. Not only that, but quite a few movies by Marvel, depending on who you are, weren't that good. Elektra comes to mind. So they have tried, ideally they could have tried with better people. Marvel also rather hesitant to bring Thor to the big screen as well. The potential fail there is huge. Anyway, it ended up being good, which is great, and its made profit. I always forget the Elektra numbers but I can't recall it doing to well.  As an Elektra fan that makes me sad, sad. Then it sucks, because its just another example of a female led movie not doing that well. Surely if they could a good Thor movie, they can make a good Elektra movie... but there is risk, and there is doubt and there is fear. For good substantial reasons. This applies to male lead movies as well, but there is this gap that exists. 
Now a team movie? Avengers movie? Eh, I think they could be a tiny bit riskier, because there is no lead character. Black Widow is great, but it would be awesome to have Janet or Ms Marvel in there. Then again, they are probably just playing things as safe as they can.  
My hope is that Avengers movie might introduce Carol Danvers and that Pym and Wasp will be involved in any future projects. I sort of want Scarlet Witch to appear in First Class 2 more as well lol
Posted by Tempest55
@SC said:
Needs more XX chromosomes.
hahaha win! 
Mrs. Marvel?!
Posted by SC
@Tempest55 said:
@SC said:
Needs more XX chromosomes.
hahaha win!   Mrs. Marvel?!
Yeah that would be great! She is a bit risky to maybe introduce her in her own movie, but in a project like Avengers she could be given a real decent chance to shine. Its not like she has to carry the movie either. Thats why it was quite a good move to have Black Widow in Iron Man 2.  
Hell, Sif was pretty cool in Thor movie. If I had my way I would make her an Avenger! Would be great *smile* 
Posted by theicon

the reboot will be 
                                   Avengers: Grade O.N.E.  
 then we'll see pym wasp, quick silver, scarlettwitch

Posted by Emperormeister734

its a start..lets hope it goes far

Posted by Man of Lengend

love it 

Posted by Mercy_

I'm really hoping they go for the Ultimate verse look with Hawkeye. I don't think his 616 costume will translate well.

Posted by mark5

Looks REALLLY Lame.

Posted by Blindside002

I love all of it, just hope Hawkeye puts a mask on. Something about him without one just rubs me the wrong way.

Posted by Undeadpool

Is it just me or is Hawkeye's fist HUUUUGE? Maybe that's just a tiny bow...

Seriously though, whether this is legit or not it looks damned cool.

Posted by goldenkey

to bad Quick Silver and Scarlet Witch are not in the movie, then it would be a total Ultimates movie and that isn't a bad thing.  Where's Wasp, I thought she was in this.

Posted by War Killer

This Looks EPIC!!!! ^___^

Posted by Osiris1428

Looks like the cast of "The Whitest Super Heros You Know."

Posted by TheBuck

No,no,no and no. It looks to silly. I'm sure they're going to redo it.

Posted by RalfvdH

looks like an poster for an toy collection

Posted by Coxon9

looks both bad AND legit.

Posted by King Quisling

No Pym or Van Dyne? That's a little upsetting. I hope at very least they make cameos. Being co-founders they deserve at least that much.

Posted by TDK_1997

not a good one
Posted by fitchy101

Quite clever marketing to those who don't follow the comics. You liked Iron man? Watch this. You liked Thor? Watch this. You liked the Hul.... I can't type that with a straight face.

Posted by fitchy101
@Osiris1428: I see your point, but at least the Hulk is green.
Posted by jubilee042

where is wasp

Posted by xscarletkittie

@goldenkey: I would love to have Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in the movie just, uh, without that whole twin incest thing they added. I thought Wasp and Ant-Man were going to make an appearance as well, but I guess not. At least, they don't seem to be appearing in a major role. Too bad, though, they could have made Wasp Asian like in the Ultimates and had a small bit of diversity!

Posted by Wonder Princess

This looks great!
Posted by fitchy101
@SC: Ah, Teamwork....
Posted by fitchy101
@xscarletkittie: Apparently, due to licensing, as Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are 'mutants' you won't be seeing them with the avengers any time soon :(
Posted by SC
@fitchy101 said:
@SC: Ah, Teamwork....
lol *smile*  
Possibly its symbolic. I do expect Thor and Hulk and Steve and Hawkeye will be a little bit brisk with each other at first just like their comic original interactions. 
Edited by Loki9876

I see a bit purple in hawkeye's suit yippppppy
and iron man got another suit

Posted by Eyz

Woah! Now, I'm starting to believe we'll actually gonna see the Avengers, live!

Posted by uroboros

that poster looks like trash..send it back to the early 90's

Posted by NightFang

This looks like a game poster.

Posted by lord_canti

that's pretty bad it took me a moment to realize that it wasn't drawn ... and thor kinda looks like jack black :|

Posted by xscarletkittie

@fitchy101: Stupid licensing ruining everything!

Posted by SirSparkington

It's a poster for the toys. I highly doubt they'd use that for the actual movie.

Posted by thecheckeredman

While I agree I would like to see at least Wasp involved to add some more women to the group (the Avengers have always had some great female characters in their roster) and "yes" I know its just a mech/licensing poster--I gotta say this looks pretty sweet! =o) 
Even if Janet and Hank are little more than cameo roles...maybe scientists involved w/ SHIELD somehow--I'd be cool with that...

Posted by BiteMe-Fanboy

I dont like the way Hawkeye looks.