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The First 90 Seconds of the New Futurama Premiere

And it's traveling down the comedy central channel.

 They've returned to comics, and now they're returning to TV.

So you might recall the teaser the new season of FUTURAMA that we posted here a while back. It was making some coy “meta” references to the show getting a new home on space's “comedy central channel."   Seeing as how this new season’s premiering on Comedy Central on the 24, a scant ten days away, it’d make sense that the first ninety seconds would pop up online as a preview, right? It would make a lot of sense, and we’ve got said 90-sec preview for your viewing pleasure, below.   

Just in case the player isn’t working for you (or if the clip gets taken down), here’s a breakdown of the clip.

== TEASER ==
It’s been more than ten years since FUTURAMA started on Fox and it’s been pleasantly surprising to see the show revived this many times thanks to such a passionate fanbase. I’ve always enjoyed the show on a number of levels. It can make you laugh, but its visuals are surprisingly artistic given how often prime time animated sitcoms opt for no-frills art direction.  This clip is no exception. 


Anyway, I’m probably going to go set my DVR to record the premiere next Thursday, but how about you Comic Vine maniacs? Does this clip make you want to hop on the Planet Express once more, or do you want to tell the crew to bite your shiny metal…

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no player!!! i am so excited for ithe start of new series
nevermind its here now lol

Posted by Calvin

Yes! Futurama!

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Wheres the clip? Taken down already?
nevermind ha ha its here now

Posted by Asymmetrical

aren't they show two episodes on the premiere day? I know I've been waiting for my DVR to be able to see that far into the future, I think it should work today, I'm so excited!

Posted by mimschkin

It got a chuckle out of me so it's good enough. When's it coming to the UK though?

Posted by CaptainUseless

Can't wait!

Posted by hdorman1


Posted by EdwardWindsor
@mimschkin:  same day if you have comedy central i believe
Posted by ComicMan24

It looks good.

Posted by DH69

hahahaha YES!!! wish i got comedy central...OH GOD NOOOOO!

Posted by InnerVenom123


Posted by jamdown

hahahahahaha nice the video is on youtube also
Posted by mimschkin
@lazystudent: Really? That would be so great.
Posted by EdwardWindsor
@mimschkin:  should do i have seen premiers on comdey central here in uk before when they came out in U.S
Posted by Decept-O

Great!  Futurama grew on me over time, and I'm glad it's returning, a unique and enjoyable animaed series. 
Posted by Ms. Omega


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Posted by longbowhunter

Ha, magic marker penises! They won me over.
Posted by ArtisticNeedham

the 24th.  I will DVR it.  Thanks.  I can't wait.
On one of the podcasts someone mentioned how the shows work better as a 30 min show and not so much as a long movie.  I agree, so I can't wait for the show to return.

Posted by mistrx75

Ha!  Oh, Amy.

Posted by Theodore

lol it's sort of like a comedy central channel.. and were on it!

Posted by Cosmic Sentinel

Awesome news. Hopefully UK's Comedy Central will have it too.

Posted by NightFang

Their Back baby! 

Posted by Comiclove5

I Can't wait for this show to return.
Posted by ninjadude853


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Posted by Nionel

Nice, I can't wait to see it. I don't currently have cable, so I hope it gets streamed somewhere after it airs...

Posted by ComicCrazy

Ha hah SWEEET!
Posted by pentagram