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'The Dragon's Secret' Means Trouble For Scooby & the Gang

An exchange student comes to down and of course she's got a lot of baggage...

It's time for your look at the next all-new episode of Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated. I get the impression that some people have been avoiding the show because they feel they've outgrown Scooby-Doo or refuse to give this latest incarnation a chance. If you have been watching, you know there's been an ongoing mystery intertwined each individual episode. Last week's was quite a doosey.

This week's episode, "The Dragon's Secret" might not be part of that bigger picture but there is some crazy stuff going on. The new episode premieres Tuesday, May 31, 2011, at 7:30 pm ET/PT on Cartoon Network. After an exchange student named Mai Lee shows up to stay with Velma, strange Kung Fu wizards begin attacking the town trying to get her. Why? Check out this first clip to get an idea.

It turns out Mai Lee has a ring they are after. The gang decides to help but friction arises when Shaggy develops a crush on Mai Lee that really gets under Velma's skin and Fred inadvertently trashes Daphne's home when the wizards attack there. Fortunately, they find an ally in Crystal Coves Tea Shop owner Chen, who reveals to them that the wizards are after the "Dragon's Heart," a mythical jewel that he just happens to be guarding. Now it's up to the gang to solve the mystery before they lose the Dragon's Heart, and Mai Lee...forever.

Here's another clip and images for the episode courtesy of Warner Bros. Television and Cartoon Network.

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Shaggy is just asking for trouble.

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Edited by NightFang

OMG, was that a Gremlins at (00:12) and they finally put death in the series!?  
Didn't know Shaggy had some much luck with the ladies.

Posted by The Impersonator


Posted by WolfMonkey

who's the guy that voiced chen? seems anytime anyone needs the voice of an asian they call him in

Posted by The Poet


Posted by Fantasgasmic
@NightFang: technically it was a Mogwai. They only become Gremlins if you feed them after midnight.
Posted by B'Town

I will never outgrow Scooby-Doo!

Posted by NightFang
@Fantasgasmic: I thought Mogwai was the Japanese/Chinese name for them.
Edited by Fantasgasmic
@NightFang: well the movie opens in Hong Kong, and the word mogwai is chinese for monster according to wikipedia, but they call it that a ton of times in the movie.
Posted by NightFang
@Fantasgasmic: I guess thats what they wanted to call the monsters in the 1st movie, but in the  
squeal there never called by name.  
Posted by warmonked

you're not suppose to show that ring to anyone... THEN WHY IS IT OUT IN THE OPEN?!

Posted by Eyz

A new episode! Awesome :)
I just love this modern take on Scooby (a thousand times more than any of the previous modern cartoons or the live movies)

Posted by Out_of_Space

Cool !

Posted by Doctor!!!!!

This is why I will always watch cartoons till the day I die!