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The Darkness/Pitt #1 REVIEWED!

G-Man reviews the 'first Pitt comic in a decade'!

Pitt is back!  Not only that, he's going to mix it up with the Darkness.  To make things even better, this mini series is written by Paul Jenkins and drawn by (Pitt creator) Dale Keown
Simply put, this was a fun comic.  I've said it before, Top Cow really does a great job with the crossovers.  They're not forced confrontations that has two characters fighting against each other.  It's going to be really interesting to see how Jackie carries himself in Pitt's world against the Creed.  I can't tell you how long I've waited to read more about Pitt.  Having Jackie join him is just going to make the trip that much more enjoyable.  
Posted by samver1

Wow. I haven't read a Dale Keown comic since he first came out with The Pitt and when he was drawing the Incredible Hulk back in the 90's. He was always a great artist. He never really got as huge as some of the other guys but I thought his work was better then most of them.

Posted by #1ElderScrollsFan

Wow. Awesome I love Pitt!!!

Posted by jefprice

Not a Pitt fan, but it's cool he's back for his fans. 

Posted by MJ Styles

Dale keOWNS!

Posted by Nahero

thats so funny

Posted by Media_Master

 A premire issue with fantastic art gets my hard earned $$$

Posted by Decept-O

Dale Keown rocks my face off.
Posted by Obsurity

I didn't know he was doing the interior art, one of my favorite artist. Picking this mini-series up
Posted by pixelized

i thought this was Pitt from Super Smash Brothers... =[ disappointment has set in.

Posted by TheDrifter


Posted by NightFang

Don't know the Pitt but I like the story, Jackie/Darkness and the artwork.

Posted by Bruce Vain

Great review glad Pitt is back . Love to see Maxx return as well and have him come on this issue as well. Also , so Pitt and Maxx can get a round 2!! lol
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Posted by KillerZ

Love the Witchblade/Darkness/Alien/Predator crossover hint there.