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The Darkness RAW Edition Review and 1st issue Preview

The Darkness RAW Edition

Read The Darkness #1 in a RAW format

Top Cow has sent us a preview to the entire first issue of The Darkness #1 (Raw Edition).  This book is in stores today.

Here's my review:

I'm torn between the beauty of colored comics versus the "raw" nature of the black and white comics.  I've usually preferred colored comics but from an artist's point of view, there's really something about seeing a penciled version.  I have already reviewed these issues.  Phil Hester and Michael Broussard have won me over and converted me into becoming a Darkness fan.  The issues reprinted here offer a new direction for Jackie that takes him out of his element.  He's not in the typical mob setting that we've seen him in over and over.  It was a bold decision and move.

What makes this edition worth buying, even if you already own the individual issues, is the chance to see Michael Broussard's work untouched by others.  It's like being invited into his studio to see a work in progress.  Sometimes it just becomes too easy to take the art for granted.  Presented like this, there's nothing to hide behind.  Michael Broussard is an artist whose work should not be ignored.

If you haven't already purchased these issues, this is a good (and cheap) way to get caught up.  I'm not one for usually buying comics twice but I like the idea of being able to see RAW artwork.   4.5 out of 5.

The Darkness #1-3 Raw Edition
(W) Phil Hester          (A) Michael Broussard          (Cov) Michael Broussard

Now you can see The Darkness in a whole new light in this pristine, black-and-white presentation of artist Michael Broussard’s pencil work. No inking, no coloring. Broussard’s work is laid bare in this unique collection of the first three issues of this new volume.

Jackie Estacado, the current wielder of The Darkness power, joins forces with a brilliant scientist, who teaches the former Mob boss how to turn his curse into a blessing. Together, the duo overthrow a small South American country and turn its people into addicts of Nightfall, a synthetic drug made from The Darkness. But what Jackie doesn’t know is that the professor has a sinister, ulterior motive that will turn The Darkness powers against him, and he’ll be lucky if he gets out of this alive!

Even if you’ve read these issues before you’ll appreciate how Broussard, under Marc Silvestri’s guidance, has matured into a talented penciler in his own right.

72 pages          $3.99           Ongoing Series


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