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The Comic Vine 2013 Superhero Championship - PLAYOFFS!

It's now down to the final 2! Come support your favorite team to make sure they win!

HUZZAH FOR SPORTS! Plenty of people here in the United States are excited for the Super Bowl this Sunday (though I'm sure many just want to see the commercials), but truthfully, I'm not that big of a fan of the sport. Because of this, I thought we comic book fans deserved something similar. After some contemplation, the first ever Comic Vine Superhero Championship was born! Since there was so little time before the Big Game, I had to keep the bracket small -- 4 teams from Marvel, 4 teams from DC. However, next year it will definitely be a bigger bracket!

The first two rounds of voting have come and gone and now only 2 teams remain... THE AVENGERS AND THE BAT FAMILY!

I know many of you will overlook this anyway, but I need to remind you THIS ISN'T A PHYSICAL CONTEST. It's simply voting for the team you like more!

Click the follow link to vote:

Batman Family vs. Avengers

This is the big game, people. Root for your team and be sure to spread the word to bring in more votes!

Voting will be open until Saturday night!


And the winner of the first Comic Vine Superhero Championships is...


The Batman Family defeated the Avengers and took 57.9% of the votes in the final round.

Next year I'll be sure to set this up sooner so I can make a bigger bracket. Thanks for voting!

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Posted by Z3RO180


Posted by RedOwl_1

Watched it coming... now we're like back in the summer with the epic battle between Batman and The Avengers......

Posted by dcfox

How long has this been going on and why was X-Men eliminated in the first round?!!

Posted by Bobsjonjon

I like the Bat fam!

Posted by growup

I just cannot deal with the preposterous obsession with Batman anymore. Yes he is awesome, but some people treat like a quasi-religous figure who must be worshipped.

Edited by k4tzm4n

@dcfox said:

How long has this been going on and why was X-Men eliminated in the first round?!!

The first round started Monday and the X-Men narrowly lost against the Batman Family.

Staff Online
Posted by junu

It is naturally bat family!

Posted by powerhouse1122

My heart is simply divided by this so im gonna pick who's powerful...... The bat family may be stronger together but none of w/c can surpass the powers of the avenger powerhouses so..... Avengers it is...

Posted by SpitfireINK

Sorry Bats but you can be darn sure you'll be AVENGED!

Posted by blackcobalt

To quote Psylocke: "The Avengers can go **** themselves." Bat Family.

Posted by Cavemold

hmm ill go batman

Posted by frandj


Posted by Saren
Posted by xxxddd

@Decoy Elite said:

Kill the Bats. Kill them all.

Thank you.

Posted by Zeeguy91

Go Batman Family!! Get revenge on the Avengers for what they did to your Green Lantern brethren!

Posted by papad1992

Batman and company wins this one for sure!

Posted by k4tzm4n


Staff Online
Posted by akbogert


That's what you get for hosting an Arena, Avengers.

Posted by The_Lunact_And_Manic

@akbogert said:


That's what you get for hosting an Arena, Avengers.


Posted by Decoy Elite

Congrats Bats fan.

I hate you all, especially @CitizenBane:


Posted by Clark_EL

It's obvious these teams would be in the championship...the avengers movie made everyone jump on that band wagon, and everyone loves batman.

Posted by Kangaxx_54

This is how it's done :D Batclan über alles!

Posted by mcbean


Posted by Saren
Posted by ComicStooge


I can't help but feel some of the votes were won (on the Avengers side) because of the Avengers movie.

Posted by k4tzm4n
@CitizenBane said:
Staff Online
Posted by Bestostero

no surprise here lol

Posted by Bobsjonjon

Nice Bat fam!

Posted by Cavemold

@mcbean said:



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