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The Comic Vine 2012 Movie Awards Winners

And the winners are...

Voting for the Comic Vine Movie Awards is over and the results are in! First and foremost, thank you to everyone who voted and helped make this (hopefully) annual feature a hit!

2012 was an astonishingly good year for comic book movies. Marvel's heroes joined forces, Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy came to an end, Dredd laid down the law, Spider-Man swung back into theaters, John Carter had a fun adventure, and a select few of you enjoyed seeing Johnny Blaze's return.

We posted ten categories and you helped determine which movies will get the most love!

And the winners are...

Best Actor in a Lead Role

With 28.9% of 643 votes cast, Robert Downey Jr. wins for his perfromance as Tony Stark!

Best Actress in a Lead Role

With 51.6% of 610 votes cast, Anne Hathaway wins for her performance as Selina Kyle!

Best Villain

With 50.4% of 631 votes cast, Tom Hardy wins for his performance as Bane!

Best Director

With 54.4% of 579 votes cast, Joss Whedon (The Avengers) wins!

Best Supporting Character

With 35.8% of 592 votes cast, Clark Gregg wins for his performance as Agent Phil Coulson!

Best Fight

With 42% of 610 votes cast, The Avengers vs The Chitauri wins!

Best Special Effects

With 79.1% of 546 votes cast, The Avengers wins!

Best Script

With 39.9% of 557 votes cast, The Dark Knight Rises wins!

Best Animated Movie

With 49.4% of 502 votes cast, The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1 wins!

Best Movie

With 54.1% of 638 votes cast, The Avengers wins!

Taking 6 out of 10 categories, The Avengers wins the most awards. Thanks to everyone for voting and hopefully The Wolverine, Man of Steel and Iron Man 3 will make 2013's movie awards just as fun!

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Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

This s back when everybody had Avengers blindness