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THE BUNKER comes to Oni Press

Fialkov and Infurnari's digital series will get a physical release in 2014.

THE BUNKER, written by Josh Fialkov and art by Joe Infurnari, is the story of a group of friends who discover letters from their future selves stating that the world is coming to an end. These characters struggle with knowing the future and whether or not they think they have the power to change it. This intriguing and emotional tale has had a fantastic run on Comixology with their first four chapters, and now, THE BUNKER is moving into the world of physical comics.

It was announced today that Oni Press will be printing out this series starting in February of 2014.

“This book has been a passion project for Joe and I from the start, and we took the decision of a publishing partner extremely seriously,” says writer Joshua Hale Fialkov, best known for his Eisner-nominated graphic novel Tumor as well as work on The Ultimates, and I, Vampire. “We had such a great experience doing it on our own, with ComiXology’s support, that we wanted to continue that journey. In Oni Press, we’ve found a group of the hardest working folk in comics, who want our vision delivered to as big an audience as possible. We could not be happier.”

The first issue will collect the digital chapters #1-5. It will be 48 pages and will cost $3.99.

In addition to collecting it all the chapters in one issue, Infurnari will also be enhancing some of the color while remastering the books to fit in this format. Once again, printed copies will be at your LCS in February 2014.

For more on THE BUNKER, check out our interview with Josh Fialkov at NYCC 13 and our review of the first chapter.

Posted by AllStarSuperman

I might check this out

Posted by inferiorego

I might check this out

you should. it's ::expletive deleted:: awesome.

Posted by AllStarSuperman
Posted by G-Man

I concur. Great series.

Posted by GrenadeFlow

I can't wait for this. Fialkov is great on the ultimates

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Looks interesting.

Posted by AllStarSuperman
Posted by CitizenJP

Exactly what I was waiting for. Yes.

Posted by longbowhunter

I read the first chapter sometime back. Really liked it, just never got around to reading the rest. May go ahead and pick this up in print.

Posted by jstarzyk

Awesome, congrats guys! First issue was very interesting, and I think I'll like the rest once I catch up.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

holy crap #1 to #5 for 3.99 awesome

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Glad its being printed so I can check it out.

Posted by HolySerpent
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